Kenyan celebrities with over a million Instagram followers

Eric Omondi

Being famous is all about the number of followers you can pull to your corner. That is the reason why many people would do all manners of thing to gain clout. As rapper Cardi B put it, “anything for clout”. Most Kenyan celebrities have applied the principles to pull a huge following. Some have done […]

Celebrity couples who make us believe in love

Bahati wife

We love to see our fave celebrity couples as they show us their lives on social media, however being a celebrity is not the easiest thing at all. They are in the public with so many who look up to them and wish to emulate their lives. Keeping a private life for these celebrities is […]

Celebs who snatched other people’s partners

You know the old adage, “If you want something, go get it,” which means “don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way of what you desire.” Or something similar to that? These celebs, on the other hand, took this saying to heart and grabbed someone else’s lover. We look at some celebrities that have […]

Kenyan celebs Brown Mauzo has dated

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika

Fredrick Kilonzo aka Brown Mauzo has gained a lot of clout in 2020 ever since his relationship with Vera Sidika. The two who got together a few months after Vera’s separation with her ex Otile Brown gave many a lot to gossip about. However, Vera is not the first famous lady to be bedded by […]

Hottest exes: Vera vs Amber Ray

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Among the things Amber Ray and Vera Sidika have in common, is the fact they have dated alot of prominent and powerful men. But beyond that, everything about them is pretty similar. They both come from very impoverished backgrounds. They both have had to claw their way up to prominence and have had to use […]

Throwback couples that were #goals

Nameless and wife Wahu

Anyone who existed during the days of Nameless and Amani’s ‘Ninanoki’ would understand that love was a different thing then, it wasn’t commanded by social media, and the standards weren’t peddled by those on top, rather love came from the heart, no likes attached. These celebs always kept the tabloids talking about them, and though […]

Kenyan celebrities who co-parent

Tanasha Donna baby

When a relationship comes to an end and there was a child or children involved, the situation turns tricky as co-parenting is really difficult, especially when the termination of the relationship occurred in ugly ways. That is why we celebrate those that have been through it all yet still managed to co-parent well, especially for […]

Willy Paul biography: age, career, real name, net worth, relationships, education

It’s either you adore Willy Paul or you dislike him. It’s difficult to be on the fence about him. He has been at the centre of many controversies but one thing remains clear. He has mastered his musical craft really well. From his days singing Sitolia to now releasing secular music, here’s how Willy Paul […]