Celebs who’ve been fat-shamed

To some, there is no such thing as fat-shaming in Kenya, to others, being heavier is even celebrated, to a smaller majority, however, fat-shaming is a very impactful part of their experience.

But to a celebrity, being ‘fat’ is not ‘it’ and never will be. Being a mom is just a competition between yourself and your haters to see whether you’ll lose weight fast enough and if that weight does not come with curves? forget about having a fanbase.

Here, we’ve organized a small list of celebrities who were healthy fat-shamed.


Avril often talked about her experience as a new mom. immediately after she gave birth to her son, Avril did not lose the weight ‘fast enough’, in fact, she gained a whole lot of weight.

She has been bullied for her new frame and had even gone to the extent of losing a bunch of it due to the bullying but got it all back when she remembered who she was!

Yummy Mummy

The yummy mummy has been the point of hilarity for many, especially when it came to Edgar Obare and his battalion.

Yummy mummy just recently released pictures showing the drastic weight loss that she had undergone over the past few months.

She had lost over 30kgs which she regained after she gave birth to her second baby Tana, firing the trolls up for a feast.

Lynda Nyangweso

Lynda Nyangweso was the bubbly radio presenter that everybody knew and loved.

Her experience with cyberbullying however began when she posted a photo of herself, her child, and her husband while on the beach.

Well, her photo went viral and she even reported that she experienced such heavy cyberbullying that it extended to her husband’s private messages.

Lynda revealed that she had struggled with her weight since she was young and was often bullied and fat-shamed so hard that she contemplated suicide multiple times.

She, however, got over it and gained the confidence to be herself again and love herself no matter what her haters said! Go, girl!

DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat first started getting shamed for gaining weight when he went on an interview on TV and his massive weight gain began trending on Twitter.

He was heavily criticized by his fanbase, he had reported even wanting to quit social media due to the fat-shaming, but later decided to go on a healthy weight loss journey and he looks good!