Popular hospitals in Kisii

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Health is an important amenity within a locality. For Kisii County, there are many hospitals and dispensaries. Some of these are private hospitals while others are government health centres. Because there are so many hospitals and health facilities, this article will only cover a few, providing some few facts about the hospitals, contacts, and more. […]

How is depression treated?

Depression is generally considered to be curable. However, this does not mean that all patiens will get rid of their depression or not have a recurrence (recurrent depression). Since the suffering of those affected is often great, it is important that depression is treated promptly and professionally. In addition, the therapy becomes more difficult after […]

How is depression diagnosed?

If you are concerned that you are suffering from depression, you should urgently contact your family doctor or a psychiatrist or psychotherapist directly. The doctor will first talk to you in detail in order to take your medical history ( anamnesis ). The following questions, aimed at typical symptoms of depression, are often part of […]

What types of depression are there?

There are different forms of depression. They differ, among other things, in the type and frequency of the symptoms, the cause and personality-specific characteristics: Unipolar Depression Unipolar depression is considered the “classic version”: Typical depression symptoms such as sadness and listlessness occur over a period of several weeks or months. Such a depressive episode often […]

What is power yoga?

Yoga is mostly spiritual, yoga leads to enlightenment, so the cliché. Power yoga is very different. Find out why here Power Yoga completely frees itself from the cliché that yoga is a place of spirituality that is visited by almost holy yogis in order to achieve enlightenment. This relies less on meditation and mantras and […]