Best time to exercise, morning or evening?

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A gym session of Omanyala and his wife, Laventa. Love is a beautiful thing!

Would you rather get the exercise schedule over with in the morning or do a workout in the evening after work? A study has examined the optimal time to exercise – with surprising results.

The opinions of fitness enthusiasts differ on many questions – on the choice of sport or exercise, the frequency of training and last but not least on the right time for it. There are people who prefer to start their workout as soon as they wake up so that they can forget about it for the rest of the day. If you are not a lark and only reach your energy high later in the day, you usually prefer to exercise in the afternoon, in the afternoon or in the evening . But what time is the best time for the workout, is it the morning or the evening?

Study on best time to exercise: large differences in women and men

A research team from various US universities investigated this question as part of a study. To do this, they sampled 30 healthy women and 26 healthy men who exercise regularly for a total of twelve weeks during their training and examined them.

However, there is no clear answer to the question of the optimal time, because it depends on what form of training you want to complete and what effect you want to achieve. Gender also plays a role in when to roll out the fitness mat.

The optimal time for exercise depends on your goals

  • According to the study, women who want to fight abdominal fat and reduce their blood pressure should start exercising in the morning.
  • If a man wants to regulate his blood pressure, he should plan his exercising in the evening.
  • According to the study results, evening training also counteracts exhaustion.
  • Women who primarily want to strengthen their muscles get better results in the evening.

However, the scientists do not have a clear explanation for these study results. The best time to exercise is the best time for you and for your schedule. Basically, exercise is good for your health – regardless of the time at which we do it.

The study situation on the subject is not clear

Another study on the subject suggests that regular morning exercise can change our circadian rhythm, which is our natural sleep-wake cycle. Even night owls should be fitter in the morning if they exercise for a while right after getting up.

Still other studies suggest that workouts in the evening have more positive effects than in the morning: Both muscle strength and flexibility and endurance are said to benefit from exercising in the evening.

The study situation on the optimal time for our workout is not clear. The most important thing is and remains that we should exercise regularly. At what time we achieve the best results, we probably have to try it out individually. And ultimately it’s not always about delivering the best possible performance, but about doing something good for our mental and physical health. And we definitely do that with regular exercise.