List of all the 47 counties in Kenya and their codes (table and map)

Kenya has a total of 47 counties, which were created by the 2010 constitution. Each county is headed by a County Governor elected by the residents of the County. The county is also subdivided into constituencies which are further subdivided into wars, represented by the MP and MCA respectively. Since the implementation of the new […]

CS vs CAS vs PS in Kenya

The 2010 Constitution of Kenya allows a maximum of 22 ministries. After an election, the president is tasked with appointing members of the cabinet (cabinet secretaries) after they have been vetted by a parliamentary committee. This is contrary to the previous constitution where ministers could be appointed by the president without vetting. Ministers also used […]

Kenya’s former 8 provinces & current 290 constituencies, 47 counties

Kenya is one of the most advanced democracies in Africa. It lies to the east of Africa (Uganda), west of the Indian Ocean, north of Tanzania, south west of Somalia, south of Ethiopia, and south east of South Sudan. Formerly, Kenya was divided to eight provinces that were under the Provincial Commissioner. These regions were […]