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Most asked questions about new KASNEB syllabus by Kenyan students

The long-awaited KASNEB New Syllabus 2021 was launched in a colorful ceremony held on Friday, 23rd July 2021. The event was also streamed live via KASNEB social media pages and Facebook. The syllabus will be uploaded on KASNEB’s website together with the transition guidelines in due course so keep checking the website for relevant materials […]

These tricks will make you appear taller

Would you like to be a little bigger? You don’t necessarily have to wear heels for this, because there are a few tricks you can use to cheat yourself up optically by choosing your outfits. Our fashion expert explains how it works. Wearing heels all day can be quite uncomfortable. If you only wear heels […]

Concealing well-built upper arms: It works with these tricks

The upper arms are problem areas for many women, fat tends to accumulate there and the skin’s elasticity quickly decreases – this leads to unsightly “wavering arms”. But you don’t have to go to the gym every day because we’ll show you how you can easily conceal strong upper arms with a few tricks. On […]

How to emphasize your assets as an hourglass figure

Apple, pear, hourglass – there are a number of body types. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find clothes that really fit your shape – especially when you don’t know what suits you. That’s why we show you in the video how to dress perfectly with an hourglass figure to put your assets in […]

These fashion tips will conjure up long legs

Beautiful long legs – what woman doesn’t want that? Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with modeling genes, but don’t despair. Because with a few very simple tricks you can optically lengthen your legs. In the video we tell you how it works. Long legs conjure up a great silhouette. But that’s no reason […]

The best fashion tips for tall Kenyan women

Are you tall and annoyed by flood trousers, crop tops and sleeves that are too short? It’s time to do away with a few clichés and make room for some sensible fashion tips. Tall women aren’t always blessed when it comes to clothing. Many fashion trends sometimes simply fail because the fashion for tall women […]

Stripes and Plus Size? It works magic

Stripes make you fat? You probably meant: stripes make you chic! Because unlike what was previously assumed, the striped look also suits chubby women. We’ll tell you how this works here. Stripes are up to date. They are one of our absolute favorite looks of the season and they suit you even if you have […]