The best conference venues in Nyeri County

This is a list of the best conference venues in Nyeri County. Nyeri County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya. The county is found in the former Central Province. Nyeri County is known for its close proximity to Mt. Kenya.

If you are looking to host a small or large conference meeting, Nyeri County could be one of your best bet among the best conference facilities in Kenya.

In this article we list, in no particular order, the some of the best conference venues in Nyeri County.

1. Le Pristine Hotel

Located in Nyeri Town, Le Pristine is a common destination for executives intending to hold conferences within Nyeri County. It is sometimes referred to as the Jewel of Nyeri.

Location: Nyeri Town.

Contacts: 0701 966 937/ 0731 100 201.

2. The White Rhino Hotel

Another conference venue in Nyeri County is The White Rhino Hotel. The hotel offers a luxury meeting experience for its customers.

Location: Kenyatta Road, Nyeri Town.

Contacts: 0726 967 315/ 0736 046 784.

3. The FK Resort

The FK Resort is another conference venue in Nyeri County. It has the capacity to accommodate even the largest events and conferences in the country. The hotel promises utmost privacy and security to its clients.

Location: Nyeri-Nanyuki Junction.

Contact: 0757 553 257.

4. Outspan Hotel

Outspan Hotel is another conference venue in one of the best hotels in Nyeri County. You will expect to find exquisite conference facilities, luxury dining and accommodation in this hotel. It has very spacious and well-furnished rooms.

Location: Along Baden Powell Road.

Contact: 0722 207 762.

5. Golden Gate Hotel

Golden Gate Hotel is a conference facility in Nyeri County, located on the outskirts of Nyeri Town. The facility prides itself in its modern conference rooms that are designed to make delightful experiences for their customers, whether for business or family getaways.

Location: Outskirts of Nyeri Town

Contact: 0707 029 292.

6. Legacy Gardens

Legacy Gardens is a popular conference venue in Nyeri County. It is located in a quiet and peaceful place, making it ideal for conferences, retreats, and chama meetings. Visitors can also perform team building and bonding activities.

Contacts: 0720 687 886/ 0736 687 886.

7. Davis Court

Davis Court is an excellent conference facility and business center in Nyeri County. It is available free of charge for in-house guests with prior booking. The conference venue has a capacity of 20-30 people.

Location: Off Mumbi Road, Within Nyeri CBD.

Contacts: 0702 578 864/ 0770 544 555.

8. The Ark Lodge

The Ark Lodge is a conference venue in Nyeri county, located in the heart of Aberdare National Park. It is a perfect getaway for holding conferences away from the hustle and bustle of towns.

Location: Aberdare National Park

Contacts: 020 210 1333/ 0737 799 990.

These are only some of the best conference facilities in Nyeri County. There are so many options you can pick from depending on price and capacity.


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