Author: Moroti Okemwa

Okemwa is a graduate of Economics & Statistics from UoN. He works as a freelance writer and during his free time he watches movies, listens to music and follows politics.

Wahu Kagwi biography, age, education, music career, husband Nameless

Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, is professionally known by her mononym Wahu. She is a Kenyan vocalist musician, style model, entertainer, and business person. Wahu was born in 1980, making her 42 years old as of 2022. With her first single “Niangalie” she received wide accolades and became the debut beneficiary of the MTV Africa Music Awards […]

Edgar Obare biography – the no-nonsense controversial Kenyan blogger

Edgar Obare is a Kenyan blogger who relies on his followers for juicy exposes on celebrities. His approach, which includes providing evidence for what he claims has earned him an admirable following online. He has had his Instagram accounts closed more than twice and stood right up. Edgar Obare currently has no Instagram account under […]

Ferdinand Omanyala is Africa’s fastest man

Ferdinand Omanyala is Kenya’s hope for a medal in short track races in international competitions. Kenya has been, for a long time, the powerhouse for long distance races. We have won various medals and championships for races longer than 400m. However, with Omanyala’s rise, this could change. According to official records, Omanyala, who recently participated […]

Ferdinand Omanyala’s beautiful wife and cute son (Photos)

Ferdinand Omanyala has been successful in his bid to be Kenya’s short race track runner. Since his rise to stardom, the star has owned all his fortunes to his family, the wife and his son. He shared a hearty message on social media to let the world know how grateful he is to his son […]