The hottest single celeb mums

Fashion in Kenya’s pop culture has always been one of its highlighted features. From fast fashion to causal wear to Ankara, Kenya’s fashion scene has always revolved around the lady moving around doing things, but often with the connotation that they’re childless.

But what about the single mums? the ladies juggling public life, work-life, and children?

Here, we curated a lovely list of celebrity single mums who are not only killing in the fashion game, they’re killing it as single mums as well.


Avril could arguably be in line for one of the celebs who are doing it for the love and the love alone.

The singer, though could be classified as a veteran in the industry, has been diligent in both staying put as a top-charting singer in the country but as a business owner and mother of one.

She is often seen wearing hip but comfortable ensembles (as is expected) looking chic when she needs to, often fully glamming down when she needs to surprise someone.

The singer does not show her child’s face for fear that she would violate his privacy from the limelight, as would a caring and concerned mother in her position would.

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda is the single mum who fell in love with an unlikely match because she was so daring and adventurous, an event that gave her the best gift yet.
She is the epitome of the girl who really grows up and glows up but never looks it.

Her style has often revolved around matching her career but of late she has been embracing her sexy and showing out her more confident side!
Now that her daughter with Juliani is a little grown-up, she is often by mummy’s side, strutting her stuff!

Betty Kyallo

Betty is the one wonder woman who never fails to make her audience wonder while making them glee.

She is smart, business savvy, and an absolute joy to be around, especially when she is with her daughter, not to mention, extremely wealthy.

She recently opened her Betty Closet fashion line has been killing it in the market.

Betty often makes trips and videos with her daughter, often spoiling her, treating her like the princess she is.

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Tanasha must have surprised everyone when she got pregnant and not only started working harder, she started looking better too!

She is the definition of the sleek and modern mom (who not only doesn’t look like a mom) but is on-trend, creating trends, breaking boundaries, and bringing her son along too.

She has proven to be an amazing mom who is willing to do anything for the vibe and for her son.