From mini to maxi: the denim skirt trends for 2023

Denim Skirt

The denim skirt is a prime example of how fashion trends can last for decades. Whether cut short or long: the denim classic is reinvented again and again – also in 2023. We present three new trends.
Admittedly, the denim skirt trends are not really new this year. At least as far as the length of the popular items of clothing is concerned: From mini to midi to maxi, well-known styles are again included. But what exactly characterizes the it-piece? It’s the colors and cuts that breathe new life into the denim classic in 2023 – and make it an absolute must-have for fashionistas. Whether A-line, high waist or pencil skirt: In the following we present three popular looks that you can easily recreate at home.

Denim maxi skirts

This year, maxi denim skirts are making a big comeback. It doesn’t matter if you go for a straight cut, an A-lineor a layered lookdecide – as long as the skirt reaches at least to the ankles, you are right on trend in 2023. An old acquaintance is particularly popular this year: the leg slit. It is usually found on the front and can vary in length; the long one stand out. And what is the best way to combine this outfit? Depending on whether you prefer to dress sportily or smartly, we recommend sneakers and boots or even ballerinas and boots as suitable footwear. As for outerwear, you can choose a blouse or a crop top, paired with a denim jacket or blazer. Incidentally, the denim skirt with a maxi length is just as suitable for curvy women.

Denim midi skirts

Midi-length denim skirts also prove that leg slits are very popular again this year. Most models reach down to the calf, which gives them their typical look. In terms of color palette, the 2023 washes vary from classic shades of blue to darker nuances like black or grey. Small eye-catchers such as button strips (besides the slits) are particularly noticeable in this fashion season, geometric proximity , belt or inlaid pleats. And of course there are also midi denim skirts for plus sizes. The cut ensures even more comfort if you opt for a model with an elastic waistband – here you can choose between a completely gathered version choose or a half page. The cuts in 2023 are often combined with sneakers, loafers or pumps.

Denim mini skirts

Another denim classic that shouldn’t be missing from the denim skirt trends for 2023 is the mini skirt. Since the 1960s, the world’s wardrobes would be unimaginable without this popular it-piece. For this reason, the narrow piece of fabric no longer has to reinvent itself – instead, the fashion favorite this year comes up with fine refinements. Mini pleated skirts are particularly popular, gathered cuffs, button plackets or side pockets. The cool to rocking look is rounded off by rough boots, sporty sneakers and, on top, in combination with a leather jacket. And what about the color palette? Also there is of blue to black everything included again. So summer can come, until the time comes, mini skirts can be combined with leggings or tights.

Five current fashion trends for your wardrobe

Leather jacket

Fashion is fun, because the right piece of clothing always goes hand in hand with an attitude towards life. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you radiate it. Read here which five fashion trends will make fashion hearts beat faster in 2023.

Fashion trends are always changing and that’s a good thing. The focus is on variety and the joy of new ideas, because clothing not only influences the appearance, but also the attitude towards life and well-being. Read here which five trends you should not miss this year.

Fashion trend: leather

Leather is trendy in 2023, whether it’s a skirt, dress or coat, the material can be used in many ways. Whether it’s smooth leather or suede, it doesn’t matter, you can combine the material in different ways depending on your look. For the look it is not important whether it is real leather or imitation leather. The latter is in no way inferior to the original and protects animals and the environment. It is best to wear leather garments in combination with more reserved materials so that the outfit does not appear overloaded. For example, you could wear a light-colored, fine-knit sweater with a black leather-look dress.

Fashion trend: ruffles and flounces

Ruffles and flounces look beautiful in every season, they are used on blouses, T-shirts, sweaters or dresses and give the look something romantic and playful. Ruffles and ruffles are not the same thing, because ruffles usually appear more voluminous, while ruffles fall more smoothly. Flounces are currently adorning many summer dresses and skirts, and this applies in particular to beautiful wrap-around garments

Fashion trend: paperbag trousers

The paperbag trousers are not new, but these beautiful high-waisted trousers are currently everywhere. The fashion trend owes its name to the look of the waistband, because with a little imagination it looks like a crumpled up paper bag. If you want to conjure up a narrow waist, you are well advised to wear paperbag pants, because the beautiful high-waist cut flatters the figure and conceals the stomach. The trendy pants are available in many different materials, from fabric pants to jeans.

Fashion trend: sunglasses

The sunglasses are a trend now. 2023 reminds of the early 2000s, because the glasses are getting smaller and more colorful. Narrow cat eye sunglasses that only cover the eyes and leave as much of the face exposed as possible are particularly popular. Matching eyewear chains are practical and stylish at the same time and can be attached to the sunglasses so that they cannot get lost.

Fashion trend: bright colors

When it comes to color, things can really pop up in 2023, because beautiful bright colors are among the trend shades. This not only applies to colorful summer fashion, but also to statement pieces of clothing in autumn and winter.

How to download KRA PIN certificate, reprint procedure from KRA portal

Most times when you have applied for a KRA PIN, you will most likely get the PIN certificate sent directly to your email. However, along the way, you may lose access to your email or delete your emails. In this case, what do you do when you need to get your KRA PIN certificate through the KRA portal? Most definitely you will have to know how to download KRA PIN certificate and retrieve from the KRA online portal.

You might be wondering “How do I print my KRA PIN certificate?” or “How can I get KRA PIN certificate by email?”.

This simple guide is meant to help you get through this simple procedure of accessing your KRA PIN certificate, download it to your laptop and maybe print it.

Requirements for downloading KRA PIN Certificate

To begin with, a Kenyan taxpayer must have access to items before they can retrieve their KRA PIN certificate.

The process on how to download KRA PIN Certificate is pretty simple but you need:

  1. KRA PIN Number
  2. iTax Password

In other words, you will need your KRA PIN number and also your iTax Password to enable you login to your iTax account. If you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, you can request for a password reset from the KRA portal, which will then be sent to your email. You will then proceed and use the new password to reset your password, which must adhere to the KRA password guidelines.

To reset your password, go to iTax Portal, enter your PIN and click on Forgot Password/Unlock Account. Your new password will be sent to your registered email address

How to Download KRA PIN Certificate

Step 1: Visit iTax Portal

The first thing you need to do is to visit the iTax Portal using the link:

Step 2: Enter your KRA PIN number

The next step is to enter your KRA PIN Number. The KRA PIN Number has eleven digits and starts and ends with an alphabetic letter.

Step 3: Enter your iTax Password and Solve the Arithmetic Question

The third step is to input your iTax Password. This is the password that you set when you changed the first initial password.

The system may ask you to reset the password from time to time if you have not changed for a period. Upon entering the password, you will need to solve the arithmetic question to enable you login.

Step 4: iTax Account iPage

Once logged in successfully, you will be able to see your iTax iPage account dashboard.

Step 5: Click on the Registration tab then Reprint PIN Certificate

The next step will be to click on the Registration tab, followed by Reprint PIN Certificate tab. It will load a new page where you will have to select applicant type as taxpayer and it will auto-populate the other two fields i.e. Taxpayer PIN and Taxpayer Name. Click on the submit button.

Step 6: Download the KRA PIN Certificate

The last step on this guide on how to download KRA PIN certificate will involve you downloading the PDF file KRA will provide (It will be your KRA PIN Certificate). You need to ensure that you have the latest Adobe Reader (PDF Reader).

Once you have downloaded your KRA PIN Certificate, you can be able to use it anywhere when needed. Now you know how to download KRA PIN Certificate.

Other methods to download the KRA PIN certificate include the email method and the option to visit KRA offices or Huduma Center. If you remember the email address you used to register for your itax kra, log in to this email address and search all all emails from KRA (admin. itax2) and see if it’s still there. The very first email probably contains your KRA PIN, download it.


Costa Titch biography, life story, career, and death at 27!

A rising music star of South Africa, Costa Titch, collapsed and died at a music festival in Johannesburg. His death hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but several celebrities and politicians have expressed their condolences on his death.

Costa Titch

How and why did Coast Titch die?

The South African rapper and songwriter Costa Titch collapsed and died at a music festival in Johannesburg. Coast Titch was performing on stage in at the Jozi Ultra Fest before he fell down and rose up again to continue. However, the talented music artist fell down again before he was forced out of stage. Later, his friend confirmed that he had passed on.

Fellow musician Junior Da Rocka and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema are among those to seemingly reference the rapper’s passing.

The news of Costa Titch’s death was confirmed by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela on Twitter just before midnight and was followed by a string of sombre reactions from industry colleagues.

Latest reports suggest that the Big Flexa star allegedly had a history of epilepsy. it’s feared strobing lights on the stage triggered seizure that led to his collapse.

Who was Costa Titch?

Costa, who is also a dancer, was born in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga in 1995 and is known for several hits, including Nkalakatha and Activate.

Costa Titch was a successful music artist in the South African entertainment space, and the world at large because his music and genre had gained some world penetration. He came to popularity from his song Big Flexa.

South Africa’s rising star was originally known as Costa Tsobanoglou. Fondly called as Costa Titch, he originally belonged to Mbombela, a city located near the border with Swatini and Mozambique. He recently launched a remix song that featured US singer Akon. His most successful single, Big Flexa, received over 45 million views on YouTube. His other songs such as Nkalakaatha and Phezulu were also viral.

During his recent interviews, Costa Titch had shared how his mother impacted his music career. He gained international recognition after he stood at 14th position in an international Hip Hop Dance competition. Use of Izizulu lines in his songs made his songs even more popular in the public.

Costa Titch songs and success in music and dance career

Per Briefly, Costa was a successful rapper with significant acceptance in the entertainment industry. After he developed an interest in entertainment when he was younger, he chose the dance path and did it as a hobby. Later, he began to take it seriously with his best friend, Benny Chill, when he was about 15. He later relocated to Johannesburg in 2014 after matric to pick up dancing as a career. He joined the New Age Steez dance crew, with Tumi Tladi and Phantom Steeze as team members. He went international, and during the Hip Hop International Dance Competition, he took the 14th position with his team.

His songs include the following:

  • 2022 Goat
  • 2022 Just Do It
  • 2022 Bula Sekele
  • 2022 Maitama
  • 2022 Kamo Mphela
  • 2022 Superstar
  • 2022 TBH
  • 2022 Bula Boot
  • 2022 Inside
  • 2022 Out Like A Light
  • 2022 NGITHI LO
  • 2022 Big Flexa
  • 2022 Azul ’22
  • 2022 Ma Gang
  • 2021 Super Soft
  • 2021 Work
  • 2021 Nomakanjani
  • 2021 Uthini
  • 2021 Big Deal
  • 2021 Static
  • 2021 Yizo Yizo
  • 2021 Monate C
  • 2020 Areyeng
  • 2020 Nkalakatha
  • 2020 Blessings
  • 2020 Wag ‘N Bietjie
  • 2020 Durban Poison
  • 2020 Made in Africa
  • 2020 Great

Costa Titch’s Performance and Presence

Costa Titch has performed at festivals and shows in South Africa. In fact, he died while performing on stage. The singer has also had appearances on TV and Radio stations in South Africa. He has also performed at major clubs in the Country.

Costa Titch‘s Girlfriend and relationship status

Costa Titch is not in any relationship of public knowledge at the time of this writing. Like any other artists, the rapper likes to keep this aspect of his life private.

What was Costa Titch’s net worth?

Costa Titch’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. His major source of income is from producing music, writing songs and entertaining fans during events. Costa Titch was one of the fast-rising artists in South Africa today. He successfully transitioned from dancing to rapping.

Sad state

The South African music industry has been hit hard in the recent times with deaths of rising starts such as musician Rikhado Makhado, also known as Riky Rick was found dead from an apparent suicide in February 2022 and AKA’s murder just recently. The passing of Costa Titch comes as music fans are still mourning the loss of fellow rapper AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes. He was shot outside of a restaurant in Durban by unknown hitmen and the South African Police Service (SAPS) are still investigating the case. Interestingly, both Costa Titch and AKA have collaborated on a song called Super Soft.


Nikita Kering biography, age, tribe, education, songs, career, boyfriend, net worth

Nikita Kering is one of the youngest Kenyan musical artists who have shaken up the entertainment space. Nikita Kering rose to stardom from her song ‘Tragedy’, which was an effective means of creating awareness amongst listeners regarding violence in romantic relationships. Indeed, she has defied odds to win  several awards at her tender age. This article explores the biography of Nikita Kering.

Nikita Kering age, parents, and place of birth

Nikita Kering was born on February 26th, 2002 in Nairobi, Kenya. The 21 year old star is the only daughter in a family, with 3 brothers. Nikita Kering family comprises her parents Anne and Joseph Kering, who have always been extremely supportive of their children’s talents and education, and her three brothers.

Nikita Kering education background

Nikita Kering has attended the best schools in Kenya. She has gone to Riara Springs Academy, Kilimani Junior Academy, Nairobi Academy and then to Brookhouse International School where she pursued a Business in Technology Course specializing in Music Performance, Business, Marketing and Production. Talk of a “group of schools” product.

Nikita Kering music career journey

Nikita Kering started singing at a very young age singing along to artists such as Emmy Kosgey. In 2012, she had a debut stage performance during an album launch by Emmy Kosgey where she got to perform to a huge audience and impressed them immensely. This was the beginning which gave her the confidence and push to greater heights in her career.

She then spent a lot of time working on her music while juggling with school and made a name for herself. She is also an actress having performed at several plays and school productions.

In 2015, Nikita Kering met with Larry Madowo, who was then a host at The Trend TV show on NTV. The two took a photo together and Larry Madowo was amazed at the transformation that has happened between the two since then.

Nikita Kering and Larry Madowo
Nikita Kering and Larry Madowo

Nikita Kering signed up for Mr. Eazi’s initiative titled EmPawa Africa and was impressively one of the top 10 finalists who were to undergo finer training and grooming for the international stage. This Initiative was one that Mr. Eazi set up to improve the African talent exposure to global levels. Nikita became a finalist though could not proceed with the program as she was still too young. This opportunity also opened up more doors for her as they promised to support and mentor her in her endeavors.

Nikita Kering songs

Nikita Kering songs have received much admiration and accolades and she attributes this to hard work and the guidance of established artists such as Eric Wainaina who has sang several top songs such as ‘Okay’ and a popular ‘uzalendo’ song titled ‘Daima Mkenya’.

Nikita Kering bagged two awards at the 2019 AFRIMMA Awards and made history as the youngest female Kenyan to make it to such heights.

Nikita Kering personal life: boyfriend, relationship, husband?

Information on Nikita Kering’s personal life is unavailable as she maintains that part of her life private. She does not overshare her information and uses her social media platforms to share musical work, promote projects and share information involving her music.

Bantu has seen different sources linking Nikita Kering to Lil Maina. It’s possible the two are dating and in a serious romantic relationship.

Nikita has never revealed whether she was dating or not, a little revelation left us confused. It turns out Nikita had a thing with Genge tone musician Little Maina and it turns out she was not the only girl he was seeing.

Lil Maina collaborated with major Kenyan artists such as Ndovu Kuu on his hit song ‘Kishash,’ which became a party anthem.

Nikita Kering net worth and assets

Nikita’s net worth has not yet been established at the time of this article’s publication nor the details on the assets under her name been made available to the public yet. The musical work earns her some income and a few brand endorsements.

Nikita Kering Instagram and contacts, phone number

To get in touch with Nikita Kering, you can reach her through her social media accounts.

You can also visit Nikita Kering’s website at

However, Nikita Kering’s phone number is not so much in the public domain.

Nikita Kering controversies

Nikita Kering does not have many controversies at the moment. But we have noticed that since she turned 21 she has been doing adult stuff. She recently shares some steamy pictures of herself. She also entered a coffin in a music video of her song On Yah.  She had this to say about it: “Everybody asks why I entered this damn coffin. I think, right now the music and the video don’t make sense together because they’re not supposed to. At least for now, until my EP ‘The Other Side comes out. This video was a total explanation of what goes on in the EP. It’s a journey of, you know uhm, killing the old… let me not say ‘killing’, but letting go of the past and embracing this bold future for me.”

Cartoon Comedian relationship with Noriega Donself

Cartoon Comedian seems to be ready for the dating world. After informing her fans that she had been heartbroken, she has now debuted a brand new relationship with Otile Brown’s manager, Noriega Donself.

The two celebrities are now dating after Cartoon Comedian’s short break from her previous relationship. Kenyans had speculated that Cartoon Comedian split from her long-time boyfriend and collaborator Mbagiruh. However, in an interview with Eve Mungai, Mbagiruh said that he admired her but they have never had an intimate relationship.

Therefore, the identity of the man that broke Cartoon Comedian’s heart remains a mystery.

According to Kelebrity, Cartoon introduced the relationship on her Instagram and Noriega reposted in on his own.

Cartoon Comedian and crushie

Seems Cartoon Comedian has the looks to attract them men. Recently, she had a crushie from a South Sudanese musician who said he could giver his car. “There is this comedian, Cartoon Comedian, I would give her my car, I have a crush on her,” the musician expressed to Mzazi Willy M Tuva on his Citizen Tv show, Mseto East Africa. If this could happen, Cartoon Comedian would be a proud owner of a Range Rover.

Bantu wishes the Cartoon Comedian and Noriega Donself (Otile Brown’s manager) relationship all the best.

Types of whiskey in Kenya

The most important things for you summarized:

  • With whiskey varieties, different countries of origin play an important role
  • The type of production and the composition of the ingredients also distinguish different varieties from each other
  • Mild and soft whiskeys are particularly suitable for cocktails

What types of whiskey are there?

The world of whiskey varieties is huge: single maltsingle cask, bourbon, blended, peated – just to name a few.

Not to forget that the countries of origin also play an enormous role .

Whether a whiskey comes from Scotland, Japan, Germany or the USA or whether you have an Irish whiskey in your glass – each has its own character.

So where to start? We’ll enlighten you.

Here you will find an overview of 10 types of whiskey:

Single malt whisky

The single malt is a big and much imitated star.

The manufacturing process of the Scots for this king of whiskeys is a worldwide standard .

The “single” means: This is one of the whiskeys made by a single distillery and from a single grain .

It is made from malted barley (“malt”). Single malts are distilled in copper stills (“pot stills”).

After distilling, the single malt whiskey is aged in oak casks for at least three years .

This is where character really takes shape and is influenced by the barrel used.

If you want to know more about the production and properties of single malt, you should have a look here: What is single malt whiskey

single case

While the single malt comes from a single distillery, different bottlings from different casks are certainly combined (“blending”).

This step is not necessary with the single cask.

This is a whiskey that comes from a single cask .

Single refers only to the keg, not the grain.

This can also be made with other types of whiskey and come from any country.

The decisive factor is that the barrel must contain really good quality, because there is no need for a taste comparison through blending .

In addition, the good stuff is limited.

Single cask whiskeys are expensive collector ‘s items .

Blended malt whisky

The “malt” is still in it – an indication of 100 percent malted barley .

The “Blended” stands for the mixing of cask contents from different distilleries .

The origin can be international.

Is blended malt the same as blended scotch whisky?

Like blended malt, blended scotch is made from whiskeys from different distilleries.

But the starting material is different in blended Scotch: not only malted barley as in single malt, but also grain whiskey , which is made from other grains such as rye, wheat and corn.

This creates mild, velvety whiskeys.

grain whisky

“Grain” simply means corn.

Grain whiskey contains varying proportions of wheat, rye, barley and corn .

This whiskey is catchy and has a slightly sweet fruitiness.

It is therefore ideal for first-time discoverers of the whiskey varieties.

If the grain comes from a single barrel, it is called single grain whiskey – also a collector’s item.

Irish whiskey

The production method of Irish single malt whiskey does not differ much from Scottish single malt varieties.

Barrel aging in oak is not mandatory for the Irish – but most distilleries choose to do so.

In Ireland, whiskey is distilled three times in pot stills – not twice like in Scotland.

This creates a product that is one of the lighter, smoother types of whiskey – easy to drink.

Nevertheless, the good Irish whiskeys are never flat, but complex with fruity aromas and warm cask notes.

A whiskey specialty unique to Ireland is Single Pot Still Whisky .

For this, malted and unmalted barley is processed.

This was originally intended to save taxes.

Today, super soft and pure whiskeys are created in this process.

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is a whole different breed of whiskey.

Easily catchy, tending toward sweetness, with a more defined play of aromas.

An ideal entry-level whiskey.

Bourbon comes from the USA.

Strongholds here are the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Bourbon whiskey is always at least 51 percent corn.

Then there are rye, wheat and barley.

The production differs from the whisk(e)y varieties of Scotland and Ireland.

Most bourbon is distilled in column stills – three times.

There is no minimum maturation period as with the European whiskey varieties.

However, two years of minimum cask aging in fresh American white oak are required for Straight Bourbon.

The barrels are burned out in defined degrees of strength – this intensifies the barrel aromas and color intensity.

Then there is the bottled-in-bond bourbon whiskey among the American whiskey varieties .

It has strict requirements : from a distillery, from one season, at least four years of barrel aging, no cold filtration.

And finally, the Americans have also created whiskey varieties for collectors: the single barrel bourbon .

So single cask bottling with strong limitation.

Tennessee whiskey

The Tennessee is actually one of the Bourbon Whiskey varieties .

But first, it’s a designation of origin (like “Scotch”).

And secondly, there is a one-time production step.

The composition and firing are the same as for bourbon.

However, the finished distillate is filtered through several thick layers of maple charcoal .

This makes Tennessee one of the mildest whiskeys around.

Typical of this specialty are strong vanilla aromas, caramel, maple syrup, but also spices such as allspice and pepper.

Corn Whiskey

We’re still in the US and not far from bourbon.

corn whiskey contains at least 80 percent corn .

Types of whiskey made entirely from corn are called straight corn whiskey.

No cask aging is required for the corn-based distillates .

Corn whiskeys are very pleasantly drinkable spirits.

They feel sweet, creamy and intense in the mouth and smell of popcorn, banana, cinnamon, vanilla and nuts.

The golden color of the corn whiskey is also striking .

Rye Whiskey

We’re not at the end of American whiskeys yet.

The Rye disappeared for a long time, but is now celebrating a renaissance.

This is what makes rye whiskey so special : the grain must contain at least 51 percent rye.

It is stored for at least two years in freshly charred oak barrels.

The rye is very spicy, slightly bitter and dry in taste.

Flavors such as cloves, ginger, cinnamon and orange peel are often noticeable.

Rye is one of the types of whiskey that can be enjoyed neat.

But it is also good as a cocktail ingredient – for example in the Manhattan.

Cask Strength Whiskey

If you ever need a really strong sip, go for a Cask Strength.

This is the strongest of all whiskeys . So the most alcoholic.

Normally, all types of whiskey are made with the brewery’s spring water to a
drinking strength of 40 to 46 percent.

With the Cask Strength you don’t do that.

It comes from the barrel into the bottle as it is.

Since volume percentages are lost during maturation (the Angels Share, the Scots say), there is no fixed value for these whiskeys.

A cask strength is between 50 and 68 percent by volume .

Please only try while sitting!

The barrel storage & its effect on the aromas

There’s one thing you can’t accuse the whiskey makers of: lack of imagination.

When you see what’s out there, you realize that there has always been a lot of experimentation in this area.

For example with the barrels.

Many types of whiskey are aged in used casks . This characterizes the taste:

  • Ex-Bourbon casks: fine aromas of light fruits, citrus fruits and lots of vanilla
  • Ex-Sherry casks: dark colour, complex flavors (brown sugar, dried fruit, tobacco, cinnamon)
  • Ex-port casks: dark red hue, full-bodied dried fruit aromas
  • Ex – wine barrels: multifaceted play of aromas from fruits, berries and fine spices
  • Ex – rum casks: exotic fruit aromas of mango, melon, papaya, banana, pineapple

Whiskey Types FAQ

The whiskey regions of Scotland

It’s really true: speaking of “whisky” is about as precise as “Europeans”.

The whiskey stronghold of Scotland alone produces very different types of whiskey in its regions.

An overview:

  • Lowlands: dry, mild profile; good entry into the single malt world
  • Highlands: spicy, complex, heavy, prestigious
  • Speyside: perhaps the most famous whiskey region in the world, with elegant, complex, delicate whiskeys of the highest balance
  • Campbeltown: heavy and oily
  • Islay: unique combination of peat, smoke, sea air with floral, sweet heather notes

Whiskey or whisky – what’s the difference?

This is where confusion can arise: some bottles say Whisky while others use the spelling Whiskey.

Is that just a play on words?

In fact, the spelling already gives an indication of the origin of the whisk(e)ys and thus also of its character.

In general, it can be said that only whiskey from Ireland and American bourbon are written with an e.

Scottish, Canadian, German or Japanese whiskey are used in the spelling without the e.

The difference lies in the production : Irish whiskeys use malted and unmalted barley, which is also not kilned, as is the case with Scottish single malts, for example.

In addition, whiskey is triple distilled, resulting in a higher alcohol content than whiskey.

American bourbon whiskey also has special manufacturing specifications that distinguish it from whiskey and Irish whiskey.

Which whiskey for cocktails?

You don’t pour a single malt into a cocktail.

It is best drunk straight.

Bourbon is one of the types of whiskey that goes well on ice or in a cocktail.

Probably the most well-known whiskey cocktail is the Old Fashioned.

Southern writer William Faulkner also enjoyed a mint julep.

But the whiskey sour , the original cocktail of all sours from the gold rush days, is also convincing with its sweet and sour aromas.

Where can I buy good whiskey?

You can get really good whiskey not only in well-stocked spirits shops or directly from the manufacturer.

The right floor for the children’s room

There are many coverings that can be used as floors in children’s rooms. When buying, you should note that children like to romp and play. The floor in the children’s room should also be healthy.

Floors to romp about

Children perceive their floor with at least four senses: they can see immediately whether they like the color and structure. You can feel whether it is hard or soft, cold or warm, has a good grip or is slippery and whether it cushions your jumps. You smell when it evaporates. You hear when he makes noises. It’s best for parents to do the same before choosing a floor covering for the children’s room: listen, sniff, take off your shoes and don’t forget to jump!

The children’s room floor made of cork

Children like to jump off the table or bunk bed. A cork floor made of air-filled cells cushions, thus protecting the joints and relieving the spine. Barefooters like the good thermal insulation of cork , and people with sensitive hearing are happy that it absorbs sound and footsteps. The floor for the children’s room is available on the roll, as a tile and in many colours. Cork floors, which are glued over the entire surface, are made of one layer and made entirely of pressed cork or have two layers of veneer. By the way, this flooring grows on a tree. Cork oaks are carefully peeled by hand, their trunks remain intact. The bark grows back until it is harvested again nine years later. Cork oaks can live up to 200 years.

Cork parquet as floor

Ready-made parquet consists of cork veneer, which is usually glued to wood fiber boards with tongue and groove. If you lay the cork floor floating, i.e. without gluing it to the subfloor, you save the preparation of the subfloor and thus time. You can leave the finished parquet floor sealed ready for use and put the furniture away again straight away. Another advantage is that it can be removed again. A floor made of ready-made parquet is therefore an ideal floor for tenants. You can move from apartment to apartment with him.

Sealing and cleaning of cork floors

The cork surface is treated with oil, wax or varnish. This surface seal prevents dirt and dust from penetrating and makes the floor durable and easy to care for. Cork floors can be sanded down and resealed if they ever need a makeover – provided they aren’t too flimsy. To keep them clean, all you need is a broom or vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth.

The floor in the children’s room made of rubber

Rubber is obtained from the sap of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). As a floor covering, it is extremely hard-wearing and non-slip, has a high level of footfall sound insulation and is easy to wash off. This is particularly beneficial when the children spontaneously show an interest in painting and begin to be creative on the floor. Rubber floors are available in all colors, the surface structure ranges from nubbed to smooth.

Linoleum as a children’s room floor covering

Everyone knows linoleum flooring from gyms. The floor covering is particularly popular here because of its slip resistance and durability. However, linoleum is also used more and more in living spaces. The fabric is now also available in beautiful colors – even as ready-made parquet in plank and cassette format. Hard fiber boards have a linoleum layer about two millimeters thick, and the cork underside serves as heat and footfall sound insulation. Linoleum is obtained or cooked from natural raw materials such as linseed oil, tree resin, wood flour, limestone powder, color pigments and jute.

Wooden floor for the children’s room

Every wooden floor is unique. It creates a comfortable atmosphere, cushions the walk, is robust, regulates moisture and does not become electrostatically charged. Dust can also be easily removed from its smooth surface. Dust mites have to find another home, much to the delight of residents with allergies . Children can play all year round on a wooden floor, even without stockings. The wood stores heat and dissipates little, so the floor always feels warm to the feet.

The classics are solid floorboards or parquet floors . In the living area, they are screwed or nailed to a wooden beam ceilingor a false floor. If they are laid on concrete, you need support battens as an intermediate structure – fully bonded to screed, wooden floors are only used in public spaces with very high loads. Solid wood is extremely durable; worn floors can be sanded and resealed several times to look like new. However, this only becomes necessary after several decades. When it comes to choosing wood, the budget is also a deciding factor: Common floor woods are, for example, beech, maple and oak.

Treatment and maintenance of wood

Wood surfaces are sealed with oil and wax to keep dirt and moisture out. Alternatively, paint can also be used. For the sake of health, however, people tend to choose products without organic solvents. Oiled and waxed wooden floors have the advantage over varnished ones that annoying scratches or notches can be repairedcan be done without completely renovating the floor. Sealed wooden floors can be easily cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Pippi Longstocking pours a kettle of water on the floor, ties scrubbing brushes to her feet and slithers across the room until the floor is clean, leaving the sun to dry. Wiping is easier with a slightly damp cloth. Miss Longstocking’s amount of water would do more harm in the long run.

Ready-made wooden parquet

Ready-made parquet and other industrially manufactured flooring elements are alternatives. They cost less than solid wood floors and are quicker to install. They are considered to be dimensionally stable, but can only be sanded down once or twice. Its three-layer structure is reminiscent of a sandwich: the top layer consists of three to four millimeters thick fine wood, which lies on a middle layer and a bottom top layer made of inexpensive wood material or softwood. Due to this structure, the floor “works” less to lay parquet. They float on the screed or glue it with a parquet adhesive that is as solvent-free as possible. A glued floor is very difficult to remove. Another advantage of floating floors is that they have little room to maneuver and hardly give way. They are therefore good for the feet and the entire musculoskeletal system – ideal as a floor covering in the children’s room.

OSB panels as flooring in the children’s room

OSB panels (oriented strand boards) have an unusual visual appearance: They are made of coarse shavings (strands) aligned lengthwise, crosswise and again lengthwise, pressed and glued. Formaldehyde-free glued, sanded panels, which can be bought in specialist wood shops, are suitable for children’s rooms. Thanks to their tongue and groove profile, they can be installed floating. In order to make them barefootable and easy to care for, you should definitely paint, wax or oil OSB boards . Like floorboards, OSB panels only need to be vacuumed or swept and wiped with a damp cloth. Children find this floor covering in the children’s room as warm to their feet as other wooden floors.

Laminate floor in the children’s room

Laminate consists of a carrier layer (usually medium-density fibreboard), decorative laminate and a wear-resistant synthetic resin coating. Once the top layer has worn off, it cannot be restored. Laminate floors sometimes crackle when you walk on them, which can bother sensitive ears. Because they feel cool, they need a partner in the children’s room – for example, a wool rug that children can stay on the ground longer.

Carpet floor in the children’s room

Children like to go barefoot, and that’s a good thing: they can leave their slippers in the corner as long as their feet stay warm and don’t slip. Indestructible carpets that are warm, feel good and are easy to care for are suitable as flooring for the children’s room: For example, low-pile, i.e. “short-haired” carpets from the roll or in the form of tiles. The latter are particularly suitable for the children’s room, because mishaps often happen here: loosely laid carpet tiles can be easily replaced. Individual carpets made of wool also look good in the children’s room. Sometimes the child crosses the oceans as a pirate captain and sometimes it conquers the skies.

Comfortable carpets made of wool

There are also comfortable carpets made of polyacrylic, polyester and other chemical fibers, natural carpets made of coconut and sisal. Children’s room residents should be able to stay on the carpet often and for a long time, so it is best to use the material that is also good for the body, namely wool. Wool from sheep is skin-friendly, soft and warm. Wool from goats, on the other hand, feels firmer, but otherwise has the same properties as new wool. As carpeting, it can absorb a lot of moisture and release it back into the room air. Wool stores heat, insulates noise and does not become electrostatically charged. So you don’t get a knock on the doorknob, because the carpet is so conductive that it can reduce voltage differences.

New wool fibers are curled in a spiral and are therefore very elastic. Regardless of whether you stretch or compress them, they spring back to their original shape like springs. Thanks to their high elasticity, wool carpets are easy on the joints and very hard-wearing – they recover easily from furniture pressure points, for example.

Wool is naturally insensitive to dirt, as its own fat layer envelops and protects the fibres. Even spilled liquid can penetrate only slowly. Dirt particles stick to the surface until the vacuum cleaner sucks them up. Sparkling mineral water will help remove stains.

Carpet tiles

There are carpet tiles made of goat hair and new wool that are laid loose without glue – in more than 40 colors. A plastic foam coating weighs down these “self-laying” tiles (Tretford). So you can equip the children’s room with very individual mosaics. Unfortunately, loose laying is only suitable for rooms that are no larger than 20 square meters.

Looking for tenants in Kenya: tips for landlords

Private landlords in Kenya face two challenges: determining the fair market price for their property and looking for a reliable tenant. Comprehensive know-how is required to make the right decisions. We give tips!

Determine potential target group

Real estate is a good investment – ​​as long as it is successfully rented out. If possible, landlords choose the property with the desired target group in mind. Before looking for a tenant, you can then optimize the apartment for future residents. This is an accepted notion among real estate experts. Commuters, for example, are often looking for furnished apartments. Families who want to settle down like to furnish themselves. They are not put off by the lack of a fitted kitchen, for instance.

Determine the right amount of rent

How high the rent can be depends on the size, location, year of construction, condition and equipment. The easiest way to find out the local comparative rent is to check online in various platforms and see what other landlords are charging for the same property.

Usually, a place like Seasons in Kasarani will charge about Ksh18,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. All other houses in the area will fluctuate between this average, with a difference of plus or minus 2,000 in most cases. However, it all depends with the specific building and what other additional amenities are offered.

Be prepared to start looking for tenants

Before the search begins, landlords collect all relevant data and documents. This includes the energy certificate. The rental contract should also be prepared before the advertisement goes online, appears in the newspaper or is posted on bulletin boards. If you rely on word of mouth, you can reduce the effort. Have you ever had a tenant you were happy with? Ask him about a possible successor. Viewings should also be specifically arranged. Appointments during the week are usually for serious people, while more jokers can be found over the weekend.

Ask tenants politely

When inviting interested tenants, send them everything important in advance. In such a way, when you meet them, you do not have to tell them a lot on the spot. You can use the time to try and get to know the people. Of course, their financial situation is also a deciding factor. Landlords can fill out a tenant self-disclosure, check salary statements. There is additional security if the previous landlord confirms in writing that there are no rent arrears. This protects against rental nomads. Anyone looking for a tenant should have the time, know-how and knowledge of human nature.

Cost of building a house in Kenya

If you want to build a house, you have to deal with the house construction costs in detail. Not only because you could otherwise lose track of the construction costs, but also because you can save a bit on the overall costs. Below you will find a list of all the house building costs.

Whether you want to know the cost of construction in Kenyan urban areas or in rural Kenya, this guide will give you a clear picture of what you should expect to part with. Town and rural construction costs will not be the same if everything else is the same. For instance, construction materials tend to be cheaper in the city than in the rural areas but the total cost of construction in Kenya favors those in the rural areas than those building in cities. Why? In rural Kenya, labour is cheap and people tend to use some locally available resources, eliminating some of the costs.

In the year 2022, the construction costs in Kenya average from Ksh34,650 per square metre to Ksh77,500 per square metre. You should also note that a simple mabati house structure will cost you around Ksh 350,000.

Costs for a new building in Kenya: overview and comparison

Anyone dreaming of owning their own property inevitably asks themselves: How much house can I afford? Because the cost of building a house can quickly shatter the dream. The answer to that depends on many factors. One of the most important is and will always be the type of house you want to build. And it’s not just about the question of whether you want a modern or a classic house – it’s more important to look at the shell and the construction. Also because certain types of house can only be built on certain plots of land, possibly only with a basement, at least a partial basement, and therefore cost more than others that stand on a floor slab. The home classics are still solid houses, architect houses or developer houses. Container houses are still the exception – and they in particular create a more cost-effective alternative to conventional living situations. Also because they can be built on small plots of land, for example in vacant lots. Since both wood and sand, insulating materials, mineral oil products and reinforcing steel have risen sharply in price in the recent past, information on house construction costs can only be snapshots at the moment. Prices are likely to rise even faster in the coming months, making it more and more expensive to build a house . Or do you want to build an apartment building?

If you are planning and building a prefab house, you will quickly notice that the house construction costs for a prefab house are not much lower than for a stone house, because both in terms of quality and the degree of possible individualization, the prefab house manufacturers have in the past ten years caught up.

Cost of a tiny house in Kenya

Overall, a tiny house is cheaper than a regular house – but the construction costs per square meter are comparatively high. The main reason for this is that a tiny house has significantly less square meters than an average single-family house: namely only between 17 and 50 square meters. In this case, you also need a smaller plot of land or, if you want a mobile home and don’t want to bother with the building permit for tiny houses, you don’t need your own plot of land at all. But the total cost of building a house is divided by fewer square meters for a tiny house. And when it comes to interior design, a tiny house can of course also become a stylish space miracle by installing high-quality equipment or space-saving custom-made products. For around 1,000,000 euros you get a tiny house kit that you can assemble and set up yourself. Ready to move in cheap tiny houses are usually between Ksh3,500,000 and Ksh8,000,000 with an average of 28 square meters – i.e. between 125,000 and 200,000 Kenyan shillings per square meter.

What do house building costs in Kenya depend on?

The cost of building a house in Kenya depends on many factors and no two houses are the same. Therefore, it is always very difficult to give precise information about house construction costs. Some of the cost items are obvious, such as the property, the type of home, the roof, the basement, the size and amenities of your dream home, and the quality of the materials used. Others are less obvious and builders tend to forget them. We therefore recommend that you roughly calculate the costs of building a house well in advance: the house building costs also include the excavation work , the outdoor facilities and the ancillary construction costs. The costs also vary depending on the number of windows and doors, the heating.

When building a house in Kenya, costs also depend very much on the region in which you want to build. Starting with property prices and the associated follow-up prices for the property through to wages of the craftsmen you employ on your construction site. If you are flexible in terms of work, you can save tens of thousands of shillings in house construction costs with the location alone. Builders can also save some costs by doing their own work when building a house. The less you can do yourself, the more expensive your house will be.

Ancillary construction costs in Kenya are not insignificant

Calculating ancillary construction costs correctly is not an easy task, also because you have to keep an overview of all expenses – after all, around 22 percent of the house construction costs flow into the ancillary construction costs. They include the costs for the notary, possibly a broker’s commission, the land transfer tax, the measurement of the property, any tree felling work, the building surveyor, the building permit, the development costs, the construction site equipment, various insurances for builders, the layout of the garden, the garden paths as well as the construction of the terrace , the carport or the garage and the paving of the driveway. Not to forget the costs to move to the new home and housewarming party.

financing costs

For most homeowners, owning a house is the most expensive purchase of their life. But you can also save a few euros when it comes to construction financing . If you carefully plan your own contributions, you can include a so-called muscle mortgage in the loan negotiations. Low interest rates on loans and high repayment flexibility are two other ways to save on building construction costs. One thing is clear: the more equity you have, the less money you have to borrow and the cheaper it is to build a house. But even those who want to take out a higher loan can save interest by carefully comparing. The LBS mortgage lending calculator provides you with further information .

Brokerage fees are tax -deductible as income-related expenses if you bought your building plot through a brokerage agency. The purchase of the property and the construction of the house should be split into two contracts – because this way real estate transfer tax can be saved . If you have already officially moved into the house and then have work done by craftsmen, you can deduct the wage portion of the bills for tax purposes and get back up to 120,000 shillings a year.

Personal contribution as a savings option

Skilled craftsmen, together with their family and friends who help with the construction, can reduce the costs of building a house by doing their own work and thus build a little more cheaply. But be careful: You should only do this after consulting the professionals and only for things that you really trust yourself and your helpers to do. Shoddy construction will later cost you dearly as the builder and you will live in a nightmare house instead of your dream house. In principle, you should choose simple activities and think carefully about how much time you have to work on the construction site. Insulating heating pipes, painting, wallpapering, laying tiles, laying laminate, plastering – these are the classic jobs that builders use to reduce house building costs through their own work. The attic conversion, especially if you do not need the room immediately, and the garden can be done as a personal contribution to reduce the costs of building the house in Kenya.