Kisii High School gate

List of county schools in Kisii County

What is a County School? County schools in Kenya fall below extra-county schools in the national school ranking. There are hundreds of extra county schools in Kenya. County school institutions are part of the four-tier secondary school system in the country. This article lists the county schools in Kisii county in no particular order.

Some of these schools are the best performing county schools in the Gusii region.

School  Code School Name Category Type County
40711102 GAKERO ELCK SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40711105 NYAMONYO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40711108 TENDERE SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Kisii
40716107 IRUMA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40716109 GESERO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40716110  ISAMWERA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40716112  BOTORO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40716115    KIABUSURA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40719107 NDURU GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40723102 NYAKEIRI SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Kisii
40727104 RIOKINDO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40727105 MOKUBO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40727107 NYABIORE SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40727116 MOTEIRIBE SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40727127 NYAKOIBA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40727202 MAGENA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Kisii
40727211 MAGENA GIRL’S SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40732103 SUGUTA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40732105 GIONSERI SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40732207 RIGENA P.A.G SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40735203 IBACHO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40745102 KIOGE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL County Girls Kisii
40747103 NYANGWETA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40747301 MONIANKU SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii
40747302 IKOBA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Kisii

All the county schools in Kenya admit students majorly from within the County they are located in. Admission of form ones is done through the Education Ministry’s Portal and the admission letters to these schools are downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

Rigoma Secondary School

List of secondary schools in Nyamira County

This article contains a list of all the secondary schools in Nyamira County, public, private, and harambee schools. Schools in Nyamira counties fall into four-tier ranking system established by the Ministry of Education.

Some of these schools in Nyamira County produce excellent resulsts in national examinations.

Nyamira County produced the best school in 2022 overall KCSE performance, Nyambaria High School. In general, schools in Gusii region performed better in 2022 KCSE.

In no particular order, below is a list of all the schools in Nyamira County.

1. Nyansabakwa Secondary – Boys Boarding – 43706101
2. Our Lady of Mercy Rangenyo Girls Secondary School – Girls Boarding – 43706102
3. Nyamaiya Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706103
4. Bonyunyu Sec School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 3706104
5. Embonga Sec School – Mixed Day – 43706105
6. St Peter’s Nyaisa – Mixed Day – 43706106
7. Marindi Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706107
8. Sironga Girls High School – Girls Boarding – 43706108
9. Nyamira technical Secondary School – Boys Boarding – 43706109
10. Gesiaga Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706110
11. Nyachogochogo Sec. School – Mixed Day – 43706111
12. Motaraga Girls Secondary School – Girls Day & Boarding – 43706112
13. St. Mary’s Mongorisi Sec Sch– Mixed Day – 43706113
14. Kenyenya Mixed Day and Boarding – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706114
15. Kebirigo High School – Boys Boarding – 43706115
16. Bosiango S.D.A Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706116
17. St. Peter’s Nyakemincha Sec Sch – Mixed Day – 43706117
18. Getaari Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706118
19. Senator Kebaso Sec School – Mixed Day – 43706119
20. Riamandere Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706120
21. St. Joseph’s Etono Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706121
22. Masosa Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706122
23. Kianungu Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706123
24. Gianchore PAG Mixed Sec Sch – Mixed Day – 43706124
25. Bomorito Sec School – Mixed Day – 43706125
26. Kiang’inda Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706126
27. St. Patrice Nyantaro Sec Sch – Mixed Day – 43706127
28. St. Joseph’s Kemasare Mixed Secondary School– Mixed Day – 43706128
29. Marani P.A.G Girls Sec Sch – Girls Boarding – 43706129
30. Gucha SDA Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706130
31. Nyameru Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706131
32. Nyachururu P.A.G Mixed Secondary – Mixed Day – 43706132
33. Nyakeore Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706133
34. Rirumi Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706134
35. Gekomoni Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43706135
36. St Philip’s Rateti Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706136
37. St. Joseph’s Enchoro Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706137
38. Ekenyoro Technical Secondary – Mixed Day – 43706139
39. Nami Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706140
40. Geta PAG Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706141
41. Nyagachi DEB Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706142
42. Kuura Mixed Secondary – Mixed Day – 43706143
43. NyabisimbaSecondary School – Mixed Day – 43706144
44. Makairo Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43706145
45. Gesore P.A.G Secondary – Mixed Day – 43706146
46. Esani Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43715101
47. Kebirichi Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715102
48. Riyabe Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715103
49. St. Anatole Nyanchori – Mixed Day – 43715104
50. St. Cyprian Biticha – Mixed Day – 43715105
51. Nyankoba SDA Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715106
52. Mongoni Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715107
53. Rigoma Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43715108
54. Mochenwa Sec Sch – Mixed Day – 43715109
55. St’ Danes Eronge Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715110
56. Metamaywa Sec. School – Mixed Day – 43715111
57. Nyakongo High School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43715112
58. Riamoni Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715113
59. Omoyo Mixed Secondary School – Mixed Day & Boarding – 43715114
60. Riakworo Sec. School – Mixed Day – 43715115
61. Matutu PAG Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715116
62. St. Don Bosco Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715117
63. Kerongeta Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715120
64. St. Francis Matieko Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715121
65. Machururiati Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715122
66. Sungututa Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715123
67. Nyariacho Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715124
68. St. Yuvinalis Nyamakoroto Sec. School – Mixed Day – 43715125
69. Riosiago Sec. School – Mixed Day – 43715126
70. Riooga Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715127
71. Karantini SDA Secondary School – Mixed Day – 43715128

Rigoma Secondary School

List of county schools in Nyamira County

What is a County School? County schools in Kenya fall below extra-county schools in the national school ranking. There are hundreds of extra county schools in Kenya. County school institutions are part of the four-tier secondary school system in the country. This article lists the county schools in Nyamira county in no particular order.

Some of these schools are the best performing county schools in the region.

School  Code School Name Category Type County
43706103 NYAMAIYA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43706112 MOTAGARA  GIRLS  SECONDARY  SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43706122 MASOSA MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43706129 MARANI P.A.G GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43706135 GEKOMONI SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43715101 ESANI SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43715108 RIGOMA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43715114 OMOYO GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43720101 MECHEO SDA MIXED SECONDARY County Mixed Nyamira
43720103 MANGA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43720104 ST. THOMAS MOORE County Mixed Nyamira
43720108 ST. GONZAGAGONZA ISOGE County Mixed Nyamira
43720117  ERONGE SDA SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43722132 MANGA GIRLS MODEL SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43728102 GEKENDO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Nyamira
43728106 IKONGE P A G SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43728107 IKONGE BOYS SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Nyamira
43728111 ST. JOSEPH’S BIEGO SECONDARY SCHOOL County Mixed Nyamira
43728114 KIABONYORU SECONDARY SCHOOL County Boys Nyamira
43728207 NYAMUSI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira
43728209 MOGONGO GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL County Girls Nyamira

All the county schools in Kenya admit students majorly from within the County they are located in. Admission of form ones is done through the Education Ministry’s Portal and the admission letters to these schools are downloaded from the Ministry’s website.

Ruto’s daughter June Ruto biography, age, net worth

June Ruto is among William Ruto’s children, who has two daughters and five sons.

Name June Ruto
Gender Female
Nationality Kenyan
Parents William Ruto (father)
Rachel Chebet (mother)
Paternal Grandparents Daniel Cheruiyot (grandfather)
Sarah Cheruiyot (grandmother)
Brother Nick Ruto
Siblings 6
Education International Communication
Profession Diplomat
Position Chargee D’Affaires

William Ruto is the son of Daniel Cheruiyot and Sarah Cheruiyot. June Ruto’s  father is a political heavyweight famous for being the Deputy President of Kenya between 2013 and 2022 and Kenyan President since August 2022.

June Ruto education background

June Ruto has pursued her academics in prestigious primary and secondary school. After graduating she enrolled at a recognized higher institution. She studied for a degree in International Communication. She is also knowledgeable on matters concerning international relations and has worked as a diplomat.

June Ruto marriage and wedding to Nigerian husband

June Ruto wedding to Nigerian
June Ruto wedding to Nigerian lover

June Ruto, who is shy from the public, is married to Nigerian national Alexander Ezenagu. June Ruto’s husband works as an assistant professor of taxation and commercial law at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

According to Tuko, June Ruto said ‘I do’ on Thursday, May 27, Ezenagu at Ruto’s posh Karen residence. The couple exchanged vows after Ezenagu visited Ruto in Karen together on Saturday, May 8, with his friends and family for dowry negotiations.

Among those in attendance were former Soy MP Caleb Kositany, Water CS nominee Alice Wahome, senators Kipchumba Murkomen( Elgeyo Marakwet), Aaron Cheruiyot( Kericho) and Nandi governor Stephen Sang, among others.

June Ruto career

June Ruto with Monica Juma
June Ruto with Monica Juma

President William Ruto’s second-born, June Ruto, holds a prestigious job as Kenya’s Chargé d’affaires (CDA) in Warsaw, Poland She represents Kenya in Poland in the absence of an ambassador and helps maintain diplomatic relations between Nairobi and Warsaw June rose to prominence in February 2019 when the then Foreign Affairs Cabinet secretary (CS) Monica Juma visited Poland.

June Ruto is a dimplomat. In the absence of the ambassador, a Chargee D’Affaires becomes the head of an embassy.

June entered the diplomatic service in 2014. She has served in several capacities including as second counsel in the Kenyan embassy of Rome, Italy.

June Ruto net worth and salary

June receives a high salary as a diplomat. Her net worth is not in the public domain but she enjoys the expansive wealth his father has.

Kimani Wamatangi biography, offices, career, age

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi also serves as the Senate Majority Whip, a position he was elected to in February 2021.

He replaced Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata who was ousted after a Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting.

According to Standing Order No 2, the Majority Whip is expected to ensure Jubilee Senators attend to House business, particularly when there is the contentious business to be transacted, with a view to ensuring that each party’s policy stance/agenda is passed; select senators from their respective parties to serve in various committees and enforce party discipline among senators as well as disciplining errant members.

Kimani Wamatagi Paul biography in brief

Full Name: Kimani Wamatangi
Born: 6 August 1965 (age 56 years)
Place of birth: Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Education: St. Pauls University (2012-2013)
Bombay University (1980-1989)
Tred. P. College (1983-1984)
Nyandarua High School (1978-1982)
Kibiku Primary School (1972–1978)
Race • Ethnicity: Black • African Kikuyu tribe
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Occupation: Entrepreneur, politician
Wife: Dorothy Jepkurui
Net worth: Ksh 5000000 – Ksh 10000000
Source of wealth: Politician, Businessman

Kimani Wamatangi career

In 2019, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanity in recognition and appreciation of service rendered to communities in an effort to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods through Wamatangi Foundation,

He is a businessman and Founder member and former vice-chair Auto-bazaar Association of Kenya (AAK)

Wamatangi holds a Masters in Business Administration as well as Diploma in Leadership and Corporate Governance

As a senator he has served in the following senate committees, Transport and Infrastructure Committee-chairman, County Public Accounts Committee -Vice-Chair, Finance, Commerce and Budget- Member, The Powers and Privileges Committee-Member, The liaison committee-Member

Among other achievements in the senate is the coming up with the “Assumption of Office of Governor bill” that later became an act of parliament which provides for an orderly transition from an outgoing governor to the incoming one.

Kimani Wamatangi served as the Senator for Kiambu County and started to carry out his senatorial responsibilities on 10 March 2013. He became a Coalition Member of the Jubilee Alliance Party on 13 February 2013. On 8 February 2013, he became a member of The National Alliance (TNA). He was an Aspirant Senator for Kiambu of Republic of Kenya and started on 8 February 2013.

Former Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi is the new governor-elect in the county after he trounced six opponents in a landslide victory in the just concluded August 9th General Election.
Wamatangi’s victory was officially announced on Saturday night by Kiambu County IEBC Returning Officer Arnold Muturi.

Wamatangi, who was running on a UDA party ticket garnered 348,371 votes flooring the other candidates in the titanic battle involving political bigwigs from the region among them two former governors.

Among those in the race included Mwende Gatabaki, former governors William Kabogo (TWP) and the outgoing James Nyoro (Jubilee), MP Moses Kuria (CCK), Juliet Kimemia (KANU) as well as Thika Town ex-MP Patrick Wainaina ‘Wa Jungle'(Independent).

Speaking after receiving the nomination certificate, Wamatangi appreciated the electorates for giving him the chance to lead the second richest county in the nation.

“It has been an exceptional journey… The reason why we ran is that we wanted to make real change, the wish and desire that the county can start to see new leadership. Our focus is unchanged,” he stated. “We will be walking with tools to change this county.”

Career outside politics

He was the Chief Executive Officer of King Group Limited (2010 – 2012). He served as Managing Director of Auto Bass Limited (2004 – 2012).

From 2008, he worked as Director at Total Assurance until 2012. During the same time, he worked as Director of Kings Construction (2008 – 2012).

In 2010, he became the Director of Apex Security and worked until 2012. He was also the Director of Lub Plus Trading (2009 – 2012).

Kimani Wamatangi wife tribe

Kimani Wamatangi is married to a certified fashion designer Dorothy Jepkirui. His beautiful wife is a Kalenjin woman. He is proud to reveal his beautiful wife and they’ve appeared together in notable events like campaigns among others.

Why you should never wash your hair in the bath

The day is coming to an end, the energy level is down. The empty batteries can be recharged in a hot bath. So that you don’t have to stress yourself again afterwards, it’s best to keep your head above water.

Throwing yourself into a warm, fragrant bath tub after a stressful day is like taking a short vacation. The pressure drops, the body suddenly feels light. A quick dip with your head – then all your worries will really be washed away.

And if your hair is wet, why not wash it right away? Mentally, this is arguably one of the most satisfying self-care moments ever. In terms of hair care, however, it is a no-go. What a lot of people don’t know: is that bath water damages the quality of the hair in your head immensely.

High water temperature strains the hair

When you slide into the tub, you want to feel the warm, sometimes almost hot water on your skin. For the hair, however, the high temperature is quite dangerous. After some time in the bath water, the hair follicles open. This makes the mane vulnerable. A state that lasts even longer after the bath. Blow-drying or other heat styling is now particularly harmful.

Bath products dry out the hair

It doesn’t matter whether it’s bath salts, balls or oil: products that really sweeten our bathing pleasure often contain chemical agents and dyes. A nightmare for the hair.

The residues from the water form a stubborn coat around the individual strands, which cannot be washed out even when shampooing afterwards. The result: a dull, dry and stressed surface, which is particularly fatal for colored hair.

How to correctly wash your hair in the bathtub

Below are steps you can follow in order to safely wash your hair in the bath tub. You don’t have to give up bathing completely.

  • In the tub, it is best to tie your locks together on your head so that no strands dangle in the water for too long.
  • Then pull out the shower head after your bathing pleasure. Running, clear, lukewarm water is best for hair follicles and cuticles. Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and rinse out until the water runs clear.
  • Wrap the wet lengths in a towel and wear them on your head like a turban for a few minutes.
  • Then brush your hair, spritz on a leave-in conditioner and air dry or blow dry on the medium setting.

Who is blogger Pauline Njoroge? biography, age, education, career, husband, boyfriend, arrest,

Pauline Njoroge is a famous Kenyan blogger on socio economic issues in Kenya. She was an ardent supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta and even received an award from him in 2017.

Pauline Njoroge age and date of birth

She is youthful about 35 years old.

Pauline Njoroge education background

Pauline Njoroge education

Pauline is a communication expert and his education reflects the same. Below are the schools she attended:

  • Secondary School: Moi Girls Kamangu
  • University: Catholic University, Mt. Kenya University, University of Nairobi (Institute of Diplomacy and International studies)-Masters in International Studies

Pauline Njoroge political interests

Pauline Njoroge fiercely supported former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime and is now a great critic of President Ruto. She supported the Azimio demonstrations, updating Kenyans on what was happening around the country.

Due to the online criticism President Ruto faced from Pauline Njoroge, he invited her to support him in exchange for a Kes 500,000 monthly salary. She refused.

She was then trailed by police and arrested. Police reported that her car had substances suspected to be narcotics; however, Kenyans strongly believe she was framed for her stance in politics.

Pauline Njoroge career

In 2010, she founded and became the executive director of Eagles Leadership Foundation. The foundation works towards promoting the voices of the youths in policy making and governance affairs.

In 2013, she was an active campaigner for The National Alliance (TNA) party where she also worked as a communications manager. She was also a very strong supporter of the Jubilee party in 2017.

Pauline Njoroge photos

Pauline Njoroge

Pauline Njoroge

Pauline Njoroge

Pauline Njoroge

Irungu Kang’ata biography, age, wife, family, net worth, photos, contacts

This article is about the biography of Kenya’s most consistent politician, Irungu Kang’ata. His political star began when he won the Vice Chair of the Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU). He has risen the ranks of politics from Councillor, to MP to Senator and now Governor.

The early life of Irungu Kang’ata: age, date and place of birth

Irungu Kang’ata was born in 1980, making him 43 years old today.

Irungu Kang’ata family, wife and children

Irungu Kang’ata has one wife. He is married to Mary Wambu and they are blessed with two children.

Irungu Kang’ata education background

Irungu Kang’ata has a PhD in law.

Irungu Kang’ata went to Murang’a Township Primary School between 1986 to 1993 and later joined Thika High School in 1994 to 1997. He proceeded to the University of Nairobi to study law and graduated in 2005. He went to the Kenya School of Law in 2006 and was admitted to the bar in 2007.

He also has a Masters of Law degree and PhD in Law from the University of Nairobi.

Irungu Kang’ata career

Irungu Kang’ata runs a law firm Irungu Kang’ata  & Company Advocates which specialized in corporate law.

Irungu Kang’ata political career

Irungu Kang’ata is the current Governor for Murang’a County.  Irungu Kangáta also served as the Senator for Murang’a County, and the former Senate Majority Chief Whip. He was a beneficiary of the Jubilee purge in 2020 when he replaced Susan Kihika as the Senate Majority Chief Whip of The Jubilee Party. He would later file a motion to oust Kithure Kindiki as the deputy speaker in the Senate on Tuesday, May 19. The motion was supported by 48 senators.

Irungu Kangáta also got dewhipped from his position as the Senate Majority Leader after he penned a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta to inform him of the alleged unpopularity of BBI in Mt Kenya region. This he hoped would help him secure the gubernatorial race in 2022. It did.

The letter that leaked to the media attracted mixed reactions in the political arena. In the letter, which he at first disowned but later acknowledged to have originated from his office, Kang’ata highlighted issues he thought made the BBI unpopular in the region.

He called for proper research methodology to be employed but urged the pro-BBI team to change tact to avoid embarrassment in case the reforms were subjected to a vote.

Further, the senator stated that the BBI contains many benefits for the region which may be lost forever especially in a situation where ‘their son’ is not in the driving seat.

“We had a meeting where we invited Senator Kang’ata but he refused to come, he joined online and later discussed what was discussed to the media. If after talking, you expose what was discussed, then that is not acceptable and that is a big failure as a leader,” Tuju explained on why he was ousted from his position.

Kang’ata was replaced by Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi as Senate Majority Chief Whip.

Irungu Kang’ata net worth

IrunguKang’ata has not made his net worth public. However, we know he is a rich man from his politics and legal career.

Irungu Kang’ata photos

Anne Waiguru biography, husband, children, education, age, career, net worth, contacts, photos

Anne Waiguru is the current Governor of Kirinyaga County. She was  born in 1972. Forbes Africa says that she is loved and feared along the corridors of power.

Ann Waiguru age and place of birth

How old is Anne Waiguru now? Born in 1971 in Kirinyaga, Anne Waiguru is currently 52 years as of 2023. She celebrates her birth on April 16 every year.

Profile summary:

  • Full Name Anne Waiguru
  • Profession Politician
  • Age 56
  • Date of Birth April 16, 1967
  • Birthplace Nyeri Kenya
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Height Under review (Under review)
  • Weight Under review (Under review)
  • Birth Sign Aries
  • Ethnicity Kikuyu
  • Marital Status Married
  • Religion Unknown
  • Net Worth Total 100,000 – $1M
  • Annual Earnings Pending
  • Source of Money Politician and Businesses
  • Cars Mercedez Benz

Ann Waiguru education

Ann Waiguru joined Nairobi River Primary School before heading to Precious Blood Girls Secondary School, Riruta.

She moved to Egerton University where she graduated with a Degree in Agriculture and Home Economics.

She holds a Masters degree in Economic Policy from the University of Nairobi, and has specialized experience in public finance, financial management systems, public service reform and capacity building, and governance.

It is at the University of Nairobi that she got her nickname Honey, per Mpasho.

“Waiguru is just my political moniker. Even my friends at home don’t call me that. I have a nickname and it’s ‘Hunny’ which I got from university. Some of them also just use my first name instead,”

Ann Waiguru career life

Ann Waiguru career started when she joined public service as the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head of Governance at the National Treasury.

In 2011, she was honoured by the Business Daily as one of the Top 40 under 40 women in the country, she was the only person from public service.

In 2020, Waiguru survived her second impeachment after an 11 member-committee cleared her after 10 days of hearings investigating charges levelled against Waiguru by members of the Kirinyaga County Assembly. The charges included abuse of office.

In January 2021, she achieved another milestone after releasing Ksh 110 million to benefit 40,000 learners, the highest ever amount released by an individual county.

In terms of her career life Ann Waiguru revealed: “… I worked at the World Bank and as the assistant vice president at Citi Group before joining government so the things I own were acquired legally.”

Ann Waiguru family, husband and sons

Anne Mumbi Waiguru was born in 1971 in Kirinyaga County. The governor reportedly has three siblings; two sisters and a brother. It is reported that she, unfortunately, lost her dad at the age of 18. Waiguru is a proud mother of three sons; Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru and Wabu Waiguru.

Ann Waiguru sons
Waiguru’s sons: Ian Waiguru, Don Waiguru and Wabu Waiguru.

Ann Waiguru sons

Ann Waiguru husband
Ann Waiguru with her husband Waiganjo Kamotho

Mpasho reported four instances that Ann Waiguru praised his husband in public:

1. When collecting her certificate after being re-elected as Kirinyaga governor, Waiguru praised Waiganjo for being supportive.

“I want to thank my husband. He is the very best husband anyone can have. My pillar and my strength. Whenever you tell me that I am calm, it is mostly because of him. He carries the load and were it not for him, I would not have made it,” she said.

2. When she moved to UDA, and her husband supported her move, she said

“If you see my face, I am happy. If you compare now and when I got married I have gained weight, it means I am happy. Ndoa ni nzuri!” Waiguru said.

3. During an NTV Interview he praised him for supporting him politically behind the scenes.

“He does his work as the first gentleman. Like this weekend, first spouses had a health programme. They were launching the cancer month, he was a chief guest and other first ladies were there. He helps the County in his own way but he is not a politician, so he is not so vocal.”

4. After the Senate failed to impeach her, Waiguru, sweetly stated

“Special thanks to my Husband who has been amazingly supportive throughout this process. A friend of mine recently said that there are husbands from heaven and then there are husbands who come walking. You are definitely one from heaven.”

Anne Waiguru first husband

Ann Waiguru assumed her current surname, Waiguru when she married her first husband, Tony Waiguru Njuguna, who was also a lawyer. Ann and Tony met at the Nairobi Lighthouse Church in the 1990s.

Cracks in their marriage began between 2003 and 2004 after Ann Waiguru climbed up the ladder in her career. At the time, Waiguru was working for renowned economist David Ndii at the Kenya Leadership Institute.

Tony moved out of their posh Runda home into a servant’s quarters at his brother’s house in Ngumo estate. Ann Waiguru eventually divorced her husband after losing contact for several months.

The three sons Ann Waiguru has were fathered by Tony Waiguru.

What is the net worth of Ann Waiguru?

Ann Waiguru’s net worth has been a subject of debate for several years since she became a CS. According to Nairobi News, in 2018, Ann Waiguru’s net worth was below Kes 300 million. She said that she is not a billionaire yet despite several Kenyans linking her to the theft of more than Kes 981 million shillings from the ministry she headed.

Waiguru said that she owned homes  and land even before she was appointed to be CS, claiming that all the corruptions allegations against her are unfounded and ill-intended.

“Let’s assume I’m the most corrupt and therefore I have acquired a lot of money from government which I am now using and so my value should be several billion shillings, isn’t it?” She posed to Jeff.

She then proceeded to mention the few properties she owns:

  • “I have a small property on Mombasa –Mlolongo Road which I’ve had for a long time, half an acre in Lukenya and another acre with a rentable place in Sagana. That’s it.”
  • A house in the leafy surburb of Runda and another in Kihingo, which she owned before joining politics.
  • “I lived in Runda before I joined the government and I own a house there. I also drove a Mercedes Benz before joining government so there is no way I could have benefited from fraudulent transactions at the NYS.”

Anne Waiguru contacts

  • Instagram: Anne Waiguru
  • Facebook: Anne Mumbi Waiguru
  • Twitter: Anne Waiguru
  • Official website for Kinyinyaga County

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos

Ann Waiguru photos

Kanini Kega biography, age, real name, career, net worth, wife, education

Kanini Kega’s real name is James Mathenge Ndungú. The legislator decided to dropped his real name and have a new political brand by the name Kanini Kega. Standard Media reports that he was branded the name by his electorate in 2002 electioneering period, when he was the youngest aspirant.

Kanini Kega in Kikuyu means young and good, implying that the electorate considered him a young and promising man.

“I got the name Kanini Kega during the campaign period ahead of the 2002 General Election. I was the youngest aspirant, and most of the voters found me promising. The electorate liked me and so they called me young and good,” the lawmaker said.

In this Kanini Kega biography, the private life and political career of the Kieni legislature is explored. His net worth and sources of wealth are also discussed in this article.

Kanini Kega age and date and place of birth

Kanini Kega was born on 31st October 1972 in Wathuka Village, Kieni, Nyeri County. He is now 51 years old. His tribe is of the Kikuyu ethnic community.

Kanini Kega education background

James Kanini Kega attended Muthuini Primary School for his elementary education, which he completed in 1988. He would then join Chinga Boys High School for his secondary education, completing in 1992. Thereafter, Mathenge went to the university of Nairobi where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree.

Kanini Kega political career

He joined active politics in 1998 but it was until 2013 that he was elected as a member of parliament for Kieni Constituency. He would successfully defend his Kieni parliamentary seat in the 2017 general elections.

His predecessors to the same seat are;

  • 1988 – 1992 was Joel Muruthi Muriithi on a KANU ticket One-party system.
  • 1992 – 1997 was David Munene Kairu on a Democratic Party ticket
  • 1997 – April 1998 David Munene Kairu on a Democratic Party
  • 1998 – 2002 was Christopher Ndarathi Murungaru on a Democratic Party (Kairu died in 1998 resulting in by-elections)
  • 2002 – 2007 was Chris Murungaru on a NARC party ticket
  • 2007 -2012 was Namesyus Warugongo on a PNU ticket

Mathenge is among the members of parliament from central Kenya who strongly support President Uhuru Kenyatta. He was seen by many as the right hand man of former president Uhuru Kenyatta in Nyeri County.

Kanini Kega vied for the Kieni member of National Assembly seat twice but lost it. He was devastated emotionally and financially and vowed to never vie again but concentrate in his business ventures.

In an interview on radio, as reported by Hivi Sasa, he said: “Nilianguka mara mbili maana watu walikuwa wanajua naitwa Kanini Kega lakini kwa debe wanaona James Mathenge Ndungu, wakapigia watu wengine (I lost twice because my supporters could not find my nickname in the ballot, instead meeting my real name James Mathenge Ndungu and ended up voting for other people)”.

Kanini Kega vied for the parliamentary seat in 2013 using his new name and won with a landslide. He was reelected again in 2017.

Kanini Kega was elected to chair the powerful Budget and Appropriation Committee for a term of three years in February 2021.

Kanini Kega family, wife, marriage, and children

James Mathenge is married and has children but not much is known about his family.

James Mathenge Kanini Kega wealth, business, net worth

In 2000, Kanini Kega he was employed by Solagen. In 2005 he founded and incorporated Power Options Limited.

James Mathenge Kanini Kega started his life in Korogocho in Nairobi where he says his dreams to succeed took shape. He founded a solar energy company then, now valued at millions of shillings. His company that deals with renewable energy is now valued at millions of shillings and he employs more than 50 Kenyans.

Francis Atwoli biography, age, wives, children, career, home, net worth

Francis Atwoli is a long-serving Kenyan unionist who is also a key figure in Kenyan politics. This Francis Atwoli biography shares the private and professional life with regard to his marriage, cars owned, houses and mansions, wealth, wives, children, salary, and life story. The Secretary-General of the Central Organisation Trade Union (COTU) has been holding the position since 2001.

Francis Atwoli awards and recognitions

He is a recipient of both the Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS) and the Moran of the Burning Spear, (MBS) awards in recognition of his role in Championing for Social Justice and has an honorary in Doctor of Humane Letters (Labour Relations) from Masinde Muliro of University of Science and Technology (MMUST).

Francis Atwoli career as a trade unionist

Francis Atwoli also holds other leadership roles. He is the General Secretary of the Kenya Plantation & Agricultural Workers Union and the President of the Pan African Labour movement, the Organization of African Trade Union Unity, OATUU. Francis Atwoli also adds up as a member of the National Labour Board of Kenya and Council Member of National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya (NITA).

Atwoli has been the COTU secretary general since 2001. He came to the limelight for his aggressiveness in defending the rights of Kenyan workers. He has on numerous occasions called out the oppression of civil workers, negotiating for better reforms in the interest of a conducive working environment in Kenya.

Francis Atwoli biography in summary:

  • Real names: Francis Lumasayi Atwoli
  • Place of birth: Kakamega County
  • Date of birth: June 6, 1949
  • Gender: Male
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Francis Atwoli father: Under review
  • Francis Atwoli mother: Under review
  • Siblings: Under review
  • Occupation: COTU Secretary General
  • Twitter account: @AtwoliDza
  • Facebook account: @francis.mbs _

COTU Secretary Francis Atwoli biography

Francis Atwoli age and date of birth

Francis Lumasay Atwoli was born in 1949 6 June. He is currently 74 years old. He always celebrates his birthday on 6th June every year.

According to Nairobi Leo, Atwoli is famed for his flashy birthday parties. On June 5, 2019, rhumba musicians Evala Mbuta and Koko Nyboma immortalised the COTU sec-gen in a song dubbed Atwoli Birthday 6.6 which was followed by a huge party.

What is Francis Atwoli tribe and ethnicity?

Francis Atwoli hails from western parts of Kenya. He is of the Luhya tribe from Webuye. His a Kenyan national that has fought for labor rights for several years.

Francis Atwoli education background

Francis Atwoli attended St Mary’s School where he completed his O-level education. He proceeeded to Cavendish University in Uganda before winning a scholarship to ILO of International Labour Studies in France.

Later on, Mr. Francis Atwoli went to the United States of America and enrolled at George Mini Labor Centre in Maryland. He is also a graduate from the COTU Institute of Education in Limuru Kenya.

Francis Atwoli career background

Francis Atwoli started working in the 1960s, serving as a Senior Technician at the Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation betweenn 1967 and 1986.

He also served in the Branch Secretary, Union of Posts and Telecommunication Employees between 1971 and 1986. Later, he served as Director of the Central Organization of Trade Unions for 8 years until 1994.

Atwoli then became the General Secretary of the Kenya Plantation & Agricultural Workers Union in 1994 and is still serving in the capacity.

In 2001, he became the Secretary General for COTU and has held the position ever since.

According to Naijabiography Media, below are the posts held by Francis Atwoli over his career:

  • Senior Technician at Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation. (1967-1986)
  • Branch Secretary, Union of Posts and Telecommunication Employees. (1971-1986)
  • Director of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, Kenya. (1986-1994)
  • General Secretary of the Kenya Plantation & Agricultural Workers Union (1994-to-date)
  • Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions in Kenya (2001-date)
  • Chairman of the East Africa Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) based in Arusha, Tanzania (2005 till date)
  • Executive Board Member and now serving Vice President of the International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC, based in Brussels, Belgium (2005 to date).
  • President of Trade Union Federation Eastern Africa (TUFEA) based in Khartoum, Sudan (2005 till date)
  • Deputy President of the Organization of Africa Trade Union Unity (OATUU) based in Accra, Ghana (2005 to date)
  • Member of the National Labour Board of Kenya (2004-present)
  • Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (2003-2009)
  • Director of National Bank of Kenya (2003 till date)
  • Vice President of the former ICFTU-AFRO in Nairobi, Kenya (2001-2007)
  • Member of the National Aids Control Council of Kenya (NACC) (2001-date)
  • Council Member of the National Industrial Training Authority of Kenya (NITA) (2001 till date)
  • Member of the Board of Trustees at the National Social Security Fund Kenya (NSSF) (2001-date)
  • Board Member of the Training Center of the International Labour Organization, Turin, Italy (2001 to date)
  • Board Member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization, (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland (2008 to date)
    President of the Pan African Labour Movement, the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) (2014 till date)

In 2020, Atwoli was at the forefront of championing the rights of workers after the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted economic activities in the country. He protested against employees retrenching their staff and called for pay cuts, but asked employers to engage with labour movements before effecting the same.

He also urged landlords to offer waivers to Kenyans rather than evict tenants from their houses.

Atwoli also mediated the row between the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). KNUT had threatened to strike over teachers promotions and salaries. Atwoli also engaged the Ministry of Labour to solve the issue.

Political interests of Francis Atwoli

Francis On the political front, he pushed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) agenda and lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga for the handshake.

Francis Atwoli family life and marriage

Francis Atwoli is a polygamous man with several children.

Who are the wives of Francis Atwoli?

Francis Atwoli is the husband to three wives. The first wife of Francis Atwoli is Roselinder Simiyu, the second wife is Jenifer Khainza Atwoli, and the third wife is Mary Kilobi of KTN. Mary Kilobi first met Francis Atwoli in 2014 and they got married in 2018. There have been rumours online that Francis Atwoli married a 23 year old Muslim lady while celebrating his 71st birthday. The rumour has never been proven with some suggesting she is non-existent.

Atwoli first wife Jenifer Khainza
Atwoli first wife Jenifer Khainza at a past event
Reselinda Simiyu, Atwoli 2nd wife
Reselinda Simiyu, Atwoli 2nd wife
Francis Atwoli wife Mary Kilobi
Francis Atwoli wife Mary Kilobi

How many children does Francis Atwoli have?

It is believed that Francis Atwoli has seventeen children. Francis Atwoli sons include Lukoya Atwoli who is a professional psychiatrist and university lecturer at Moi University.

Francis Atwoli daughters include Rachael Atwoli, who is a commercial flight attendant and Malaika Atwoli.

Francis Atwoli net worth, wealth, salary, and properties owned

Francis Atwoli is a wealthy man with several properties in his name. Part of Atwoli’s net worth is stately mansions in Kenya’s major towns of Nairobi, Nakuru, and Kajiado. He also has a home in Kakamega.

Atwoli standing outside his home
Francis Atwoli wife Mary Kilobi

Some Kenyans speculate that his Kajiado home has a helipad and that the trade unionist has several helicopters.

Francis Atwoli’s net worth also includes several cars. Notably, he ownes a Mercedes Benz S300 model that retails between Kes 20 and Kes 30 million.

A Mercedes Benz S300, a car model owned by Francis Atwoli
A Mercedes Benz S300, a car model owned by Francis Atwoli

Francis Atwoli has built his wealth from his high salary of about Kes 2 million per month. This amount excludes allowances and his income from his businesses and investments. He has never declared his wealth and it is hard to estimate his net worth.

This Francis Atwoli biography tells of a story of dedicated family man, civil servant, and trade unionist in Kenya.

Esther Muthoni Passaris biography: age, marriage, net worth, marriage, family

Esther Muthoni Passaris is the current Nairobi County Woman Representative Kenyan parliament. She is also a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) which is in the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

She is easily one of the most popular female politicians in Kenya, prompting the making of this Esther Passaris biography to explore her private life and career in politics.

Esther Passaris age and date of birth

Esther Passaris was born in Mombasa

Esther Passaris education background

The education jounery of Esther Passaris reveals that she  studied for a degree in BSc International Business Administration. In October 2017,  she graduated from the United States International University Africa, in Nairobi.

Esther Passaris political career

Esther Passaris is a known public figure in Kenya, who has sparked some controversy by her statements about other Kenyan politicians and businessmen.

She is also a former runner-up in Miss Kenya contest and she has been actively campaigning for the rights of women in Kenya.

Her interest and fit in politics can be see by how she is very vocal about the community and human rights.

Esther Passaris interests

Esther Passaris was the CEO and the founder of “One in a Million” campaign which was operating under Driving Kenya Forward, a non-profit charitable organization, aimed at fighting development challenges in Kenya, such as poverty and unemployment, and promoting urban and rural development.

Inside the Kes 544 million Kithure Kindiki networth

Abraham Kithure Kindiki, the current CS for Interior and National Administration placed his net worth at about Kes 544 million.

“My Net worth is Ksh.544 million. At the moment I am an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, I practice law. I am also a business person running a number of SMEs and I am also a consultant for local and international organisations,” Kithure Kindiki told the vetting committee that was chaired by the National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula.

Revealing this during the vetting of CS nominees in parliament, Kithure Kindiki net worth comprises land and buildings that are worth more than Kes 165 million, bank deposits of about Kes 50 million, and investments and shares in 5 different Saccos in Kenya.

All the nominated CS are required to declare their wealth before a parliamentary committee in a vetting process stipulated by law.

Kithure Kindiki’s net worth has shown that hard work and determination can give one the wealth they would need. Kithure Kindiki is an advocate of the high court, having pursued law to doctorate level.

The net worth of other CSs is:

  • Kes 4 billion for Musalia Mudavadi
  • Kes 700 million for Justin Muturi
  • Kes 851 million for Aden Duale
  • Kes 218 million for Alice Wahome
  • Kes 430 million for Alfred Mutua

Abraham Kithure Kindiki Biography: age, net worth, career, family, CV

Abraham Kithure Kindiki is a Kenyan politician who is currently serving as the CS for Interior and Administration of National Government. The post was previously held by Dr. Fred Matiang’i in the Uhuru administration. In this Kithure Kindiki biography, I explore the personal life and career profile of Kenya’s Interior CS.

Kithure Kindiki early life: date of birth and age

Abraham Kithure Kindiki was born in Irunduni village in Mukothima Ward in Tharaka Nithi County. He was born on 17 July 1972, making him 51 years old today.

Before being appointed CS for Interior, Kithure Kindi, served as the senator for Tharaka Nithi County between 2013 and 2022.

Kithure Kindiki education background

For his secondary education, Kithure Kindiki went to two schools: Lenana School and Tharaka Boys High School. He went to Tharaka Boys High School in a bid to pass exams to join university having scored a C, which failed to guarantee him placement at university.

Between 1994 and 1998 Kindiki was at Moi University undertaking a degree in law.

In 2001, CS Kithure Kindiki obtaind a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies at the Kenya School of Law because it is a requirement for one to qualify to work as an advocate after completing their bachelor’s degree in law.

He obtained a Master of Laws (LLM) in International law at the University of Pretoria in 2002.

This was after he had undertaken his Kenya Certificate of Education in Lenana School.

Kithure Kindiki legal career

Kithure Kindiki worked as a law lecturer at Moi University before joining the University of Nairobi in 2004 until 2005. He then went back to Moi University as head of the Public Law department.

Kithure Kindiki political career

Kindiki’s entered politics as a consultant and worked for Kalonzo Musyoka’s 2007 presidential campaign.

According to Kenyans, Kithure Kindiki represented William Ruto as one of his lawyers in the ICC case. The political mileage in the case helped him vie and win the Tharaka Nithi senate seat under TNA in 2013. The soft-spoken lawyer retained his seat in 2017.

He is one of the brains that drafted the Jubilee constitution and the manifestos that the ruling party sold to the electorate to win in the 2013 and 2017 elections.

Kithure Kindiki also seved as the Senate deputy speaker before he was impeached after a successful motion where 54 senators voted supporting the motion and only 7 disapproving it. He was impeached for failing to attend a parliamentary group meeting that was sanctioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta at statehouse in Nairobi.

Prof Kindiki rejected claims that he had been disloyal to the President, insisting that he had been loyal to both the party and President since he served as majority leader between 2013 and 2017 and later as deputy speaker.

His fallout with the former president saw him become a staunch supporter of Dr. William Ruto.

He was poised to become William Ruto’s running mate in the 2022 presidential election. However Rigathi Gachagua was chosen instead.

Kithure Kindiki private life: marriage, wife, children

CS Kithure Kindiki married his wife, Joyce Gatiiria Njagi, in 2001. They are blessed with two children.

Kithure Kindiki net worth and salary

Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration, Kithure Kindiki, placed his net worth at about Sh544 million. As a CS, Kithure Kindiki earns a salary of more than Kes 1 million per month.

CS Aisha Jumwa biography, family, tribe, CV, age, education, husband, career

Aisha Jumwa is the current CS for Public Service, Affirmative Action and Gender in Kenya. She previously served as the Member of Parliament for Malindi Constituency. Her full name is Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana.

She rose to prominence for her outspoken nature in a number of issues. Indeed, Aisha Jumwa is the among the most popular female politicians if not the most popular.

CS Aisha Jumwa biography looks at this female politician who has become a household name for Kenyan politics. Aisha Juma has also served as the Kilifi County Woman Representative.

Aisha Jumwa age and date of birth

Aisha Jumwa was born in 1975 in Coast. She is currently 48 years old. Aisha Jumwa birthday is on 2 March 1975. However, Aisha Jumwa has a lovely smile and a dress code that resonates well among the youth, and makes her youthful.

Where is Aisha Jumwa from?

What tribe is Aisha Jumwa? Aisha Jumwa comes from Takaungu village and her tribe is

Aisha Jumwa education

Aisha Jumwa  attended school at Takanga Primary School for her elementary education before moving to Murray Secondary School. She also proceeded to Ganze Secondary, where she dropped out in Form Two for lack of school fees, per Kenyans.

She said: “Because my father couldn’t afford to send us to school, I was married off at a throwaway price. We were the 24 daughters of the six women my father married. I am the only one in our family who has ever seen the light.”

Some online sources have indicated that Aisha Jumwa holds a degree in Commerce from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT). Aisha Jumua educational background also includes her certificate in governance from the same institution.

In an interview, she explained how her early life was filled with hardships:

“I attended primary from 1983 to 1991 where I dropped out due to lack of school fees. I was at home and there was absolutely no prospect to expand my horizon. Early marriage awaited me with open arms, I became a mother of my firstborn. This is one of the practices that must be curbed.”

Aisha Jumwa later enrolled for KCSE in 2011 as private candidate.

“When I lost elections, I reflected and took stock. I went back to school and completed KCSE in 2011. I Proceeded to JKUAT and graduated with Governance in 2022.”

Aisha Jumwa husband and marriage

Aisha Jumwa is a currently single but she was once married to her husband. Her rather social and outgoing political nature may be the reason for her marriage’s failure. She is on record for saying that her marriage failed because of disagreements with her husband who wanted her not to join politics.

Aisha Jumwa political career

Inside the CS Aisha Jumwa biography is the story of a former councilor who turned to Women Rep and into being the strongest Party whip for any political party in the coastal region.

Aisha Jumwa
Aisha Jumwa in a hearty laughter with her former political allies and mentors, Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga.

Aisha Jumwa political career manifests her strong support for former DP and current Kenyan President William Ruto. It is through her support for Ruto that Aisha Jumwa won the favor of the president and was appointed as a CS for Gender. She has also landed in court in the past year and has several active cases.

Aisha Jumwa family, husband, children, marriage, and divorce history

Aisha Jumwa comes from a polygamous marriage with 6 wives and 28 siblings. Her parents are natives of Takaungu village in Kilifi County, Aisha Jumwa’s parents are Karisa Kata (father) and  Sidi Kazungu (mother).

Aisha Jumwa dropped in form two to get married. She has since been divorced thrice because of her interest in politics.

Aisha Jumwa met with Jomvu former Member of County Assembly, Karisa Nzai and the two tied a knot. Their marriage ended when she was elected as the Women Representative for Kilifi Country.

From her marriage, Aisha Jumwa was blessed with three children: a firstborn son and two daughters.

Aisha Jumwa with her daughters

Are there Aisha Jumwa husband photos?

Interestingly, there are not so may pictures of Aisha Jumwa with her husband.

Aisha Jumwa interests

Other than politics, this Aisha Jumwa biography shows that she has a vocal voice in  supporting the affairs of youth, women, and persons living with disabilities. This prompted her to establish the Aisha Jumwa Foundation to help the needy.

Aisha Jumwa net worth and salary

Appearing before the vetting committee, Aisha Jumwa net worth was revealed as did other nominees for positions of Cabinet Secretaries.

Aisha Jumwa said her networth is Kes 100 million.

As a CS, she currently earns more than Kes 1 million per month.


Fridah Muthoni, Babu Owino’s wife photos, kids, age, career, education, owner FNM Brand

Fridah Muthoni is the wife to controversial politician Babu Owino. Babu Owino is a former student leader at UoN and the current MP Embakasi East. This Babu Owino wife Fridah Muthoni biography looks at the early life and personal life of the wife who has kept standing at his husband’s side despite his many controversies.

Babu Owino wife Fridah Muthoni

Babu Owino married his beautiful wife Fridah Muthoni of the Kikuyu tribe and they are blessed with two children. However, like any couple, their relationship is also faced with numerous hurdles.

Babu Owino wife Fridah Muthoni biography

Babu Owino is a lucky man to have Fridah Muthoni as his spouse. The two have been together for more than 12 years and continue to prosper in politics and business, per Kisii Finest.

What is the age of Babu Owino wife?

Fridah Muthoni is in her early 30s but her birthday is not in the public domain.

Fridah Muthoni education background

Just like Babu Owino, his wife is well educated. She went to Lions Primary School in Embu and scored 443 marks in her KCPE exams. She joined Loreto High School in Limuru, which is among the prestigious national schools in Kenya. She scored an A- in her KCSE exams from the school. She proceeded to the University of Nairobi to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She has also pursued the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) course while at the university.


Babu Owino’s wife career and business

Fridah Muthoni began her employment career as an intern and later worked for I&M bank. She quit her job to follow her passion for fashion. She then started her own fashion business and is now the owner of FNB Brand.

Fridah Muthoni
Fridah Muthoni at work

According to WOK, Fridah Muthoni said: “After employment, I decided to do the things that set my soul on fire. For me, that is fashion. I don’t take it for granted. To be able to have my business and do what I love every single day, is truly a blessing.”

The FNM Brand owner is proud as she focused on women’s fashion, selling clothes and accessories.

Fridah Muthoni’s family life and marriage to Babu Owino

Fridah Muthoni is in the interest of the public by virtue of being married to Babu Owino. Babu has described his wife as a responsible mother to their two children and a loving woman. She has even stayed with him despite his controversies. She says that her husband is coconut but soft in the inside. In her words: “Babu you’re a good man, that is what I would say sums it all. You have a heart of gold and I was able to see that.”

According to Fridah Muthoni, her husband Babu Owino’s character is influenced by his background in slums. To justify why she is still with him, she said that her husband is a hard working MP and a philanthropic man.

Fridah Muthoni photos

Below are some of the beautiful photos of Babu Owino’s wife and their children.

Babu Owino wife photos
Fridah Muthoni and his hubby Babu Owino

Below is a photo of Babu and his two children with Fridah Muthoni

Babu Owino children
The family of Fridah Muthoni

Babu Owino wife Fridah Muthoni

Babu Owino wife

Maina Kageni biography, age, career profile

Maina Kageni is a Kenyan top host for radios and television programs. He has worked as a news anchor at KTN and has many years of experience in the radio broadcast category. As a popular radio presenter in Kenya, Maina Kageni is a darling amongst radio listeners.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Maina Kageni
  • Born: June 29, 1974 (age 49 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Kenya
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Education: Laiser Hill High School
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Radio host, television host, investor
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Net Worth: Kshs 250 million

Maina Kagena was born on 29 June 1974 and spent his childhood years growing up in Kenya. He has also travelled outside Kenya occasionally.

Maina Kageni education background

Maina Kageni attended Westlands Primary School for his elementary education before joing Laiser Hill High School. He went to UK for his higher education, shocking his mother who had gone for graduation but could not find her among the graduates.

Instead of focusing on studies, Maina Kageni instead spent his time searching for menial jobs and worked as a truck driver and fish distributor.

Maina Kageni career

Maina Kageni is a renowned radio personality who has has a business acumen. He has done several media jobs before he could work as a host on several media programs. Some of the include car dealership, driving, etc.

Other than his radio gigs, Maina Kageni also worked in KTN, one of the most popular TVs in Kenya. He is popular for co-hosting Maina and Kingangi on Classic 105, alongside Churchill.

As a businessman, Maina has ventured into the real estate field and owns residential properties in Kenya and in the US: Nairobi, Florida, and Miami.

He has also worked as a brand ambassador for several companies in Kenya.

Maina Kageni family, relationhip, children

Maina Kageni is currenly single and has no children. Because of his age, many have claimed that he is gay. Maina Kageni cleared the air and denied the allegations of him being gay. Maina Kagenis relatioship life is not in the limelight.

Maina Kageni net worth, cars, and properties

It is estimated that Maina Kageni’s networth is Kes 250 million. He owns residential properties, and a modeling agency in Lagos Nigeria. To prove his wealth, Maina Kageni drives luxurious cars, owning both the BMW X6 and a Hummer.

Lorna Maseko biography, age, education, marriage

Lorna Maseko is a South African presenter, chef, dancer, and choreographer. She is a very influential star in Mzansi who came from a humble background.

Lorna Maseko was born on 3 July 1983, making her 40 years old at the time of publishing this Lorna Maseko biography. Her parents raised her in a humble family: her father was a taxi driver and her mother a receptionist.

In brief:

  • Real name: Lorna Maseko
  • Occupation: Ballet dancer, Choreographer, MC, and TV Presenter
  • Birthday: 3 July 1983
  • Nationality: South African
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Birth place: Alexandra township, Johannesburg
  • Height: N/A
  • Children: One daughter
  • Net Worth: Between $2 million and $5 million

Lorna Maseko’s humble background did not limit her aspirations. Her dreams and commitment to success have made one of the most celebrated personalities in South Africa. She is in the limelight for many reasons including for being the best black female ballet dancer in SA and for being an award-winning author.

Lorna Maseko career has inspired many other young South Africans to work hard regardless of their circumstances. The chef also hosts a cooking show, “The Hostess with Lorna Maseko.”

Chef Lorna Maseko cooking

Other than being a celebrated chef, Lorna Maseko is also a presenter. She has produced the entertainment programme “Afro Showbiz News”. Various online sources have referred her as a skilled anchor.

Lorna Maseko biography
Lorna Maseko presenting

She has featured in various popular shows, such as

  • I Love SA
  • Top Billing
  • Afternoon Express
  • Expresso
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Homegrown Taste SA

Lorna Maseko businesses, net worth, source of wealth

This Lorna Maseko biography also presents the business interests of the celebrity chef. She owns an event and lifestyle company Fabulous Production.

Lorna Maseko also has a very expensive luxury car. In 2018, she signed a one-year deal to work as the official brand ambassador for the Germany car manufacturers in South Africa. She was gifted a beautiful car as part of the deal.

Lorna Maseko car

Lorna Maseko net worth is estimated to be between 2 and 5 million US dollars. She gets most of her income from working as a presenter on TV and entertainment jobs as well as her business ventures.

Lorna Maseko award

As part of having a succesful career, Lorna Maseko receive a recognition and was awarded:

  • 2021: Nominated for “Best Food Program – Online and Streaming”, “Best Drink or Beverage Program”, “Best Social Media Short Video”
  • 2020: Her cookbook won “Best Celebrity Cookbook” and “Best International Cookbook” at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Lorna Maseko family, marriage, and relationship life

If you have been wondering whether Lorna Maseko is still married, we are sorry to reveal that she was divorced in 2016. She was married to Gcina “GC” Lukhele, who is a Johannesburg-based sales executive. They conducted a glamourous wedding in 2010. The venue was at the Memoire Wedding Venue in Muldersdrift.

Lorna Maseko wedding collapsed due to a cheating scandal, and her divorce was announced on a Twitter page.

Rumours also revealed that Lorna Maseko was dating Floyd Shivambu with whom they sired a child.

Lorna Maseko and Shivambu

Lorna Maseko gave birth to her first child in 2021, who is reportedly Floyd Shivambu.

Zalebs, a leading celebirty website says the following about Lorna Maseko’s dating and relationship life:

“Lorna Maseko was dragged into the cheating scandal that rocked fellow television presenter Katlego Maboe. The two were said to have been involved romantically. Maboe spilt the beans and admitted that he got intimate with someone he was not supposed to be intimate with but denied having knowledge of his mistress’s marital status. He also did not reveal the identity of the woman but Mzansi connected the dots.”

Babu Owino

Babu Owino biography: age, education profile, career, controversies, marriage, and children

Babu Owino is a Kenya politician who came in the limelight through his fierce participation in student politics. He was SONU chairman for four terms at the University of Nairobi.

Babu Owino’s real name is Paul Ongili Owino. He was born on 10th October, 1989, meaning that he is 33 years old at the time of publishing this article. He was born and raised in Nyalenda in Kisumu County, per Pulse Live.

MP Babu Owino

Babu Owino education background

Babu Owino attended Kisumu Township Primary School from 1995 to 2002. He proceeded to Kisumu Boys Secondary School from 2003 to 2006. He scored an A- (78 points).

Egerton University invited him to student a Business Management degree but he declined it because it was not his passion. Instead, he joined the University of Nairobi in 2008 to pursue actuarial science. He graduated in 2012 with a First Class Honors. in 2013, Babu Owino went back to the same university to pursue a degree in law and completed it in 2017.

He is considered by some as the most educated politicians in the country. Babu Owino has revealed that he helped his mother sell changáa in order to raise school fees.

Babu Owino education profile boasts:

  • 2 Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 1 Master’s Degree
  • Six Diplomas in Pure Maths, Mechanics, Law, Accounting, Chemistry, and Statistics. Babu Owino acquired these diplomas after a scholarship to further his studies through Cambridge systems, where he pursed A levels and graduated with the diplomas.

Babu Owino family, wife, and children

Babu Owino and his wife
Babu Owino and his wife

Babu Owino is married to Fridah Muthoni Owino. As his wife, she has bore him two children.

Not much is known about Babu Owino’s father because he passed on when he was young. Babu grew up with his mother. He has two other siblings.

Babu Owino and his wife

Babu Owino political career

Babu Owino has always been a leader throughout his life, serving as a head boy at primary school, prefect in high school and students head at Millenium Academy. He also became SONU chairman in 2011.

Babu Owino in a political gathering

He first joined national politics in 2012 when he contested for Westlands Member of Parliament. He failed to make it past the nomination stage. He went back to UoN and became the SONU Chairman for three years, laying the perfect foundation for his resounding victory as MP for Embakasi East Constituency in 2017. He resigned as SONU chairman.

Controversies linked to Babu Owino

Babu Owino is a controversial person. The most common is his gun incidence in a popular entertainment join in Nairobi where he allegedly shot at DJ Evolve. CCTV surveillance cameras have also shown him shooting the DJ. He was arrested for the crime but was released.

Babu Owino in handcuffs
Babu Owino arraigned in court

He has also been linked to numerous assault cases, hate speech, threats, and insults. In September 2017, Babu Owino was arrested for insulting the then President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. He was arrested and charged with hate speech. Several reports, per Nairobi News, Kenyans, and K24 TV) have also indicated that Babu Owino has called to intimidate and threaten journalists.

According to Citizen Digital, the controversial Babu Owino was arrested by Flying Squad officers outside Parliament buildings for allegedly assaulting a parking attendant in Westlands.

Babu Owino net worth

Babu Owino has not declared his net worth publicly. However, it is in the public domain that he is one of the richest young politicians in Kenya. As an MP, he takes home a salary of more than Kes 710,000.

Recover your password: How to reset TSC password

How do I recover my forgotten TSC password ? This is one of the most common questions asked by TSC teachers online. It happens, we forget passwords and that is why the password reset process exists to save such situations.

If you want to reset your TSC password, try to remember the secret question and reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page. By so doing, the password rest process begins effectively.

Enter your TSC number in the Username field, then click on Reset Password button.

Enter TSC number to reset TSC password

You should then fill the form that appears below. All the necessary fields are marked with an asterisk(*); they include your TSC number, secret answer to secret question, phone number, etc.

Reset TSC password


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If you have forgotten your TSC T-Pay login password then you can reset by;

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Your password will be changed

How to change TSC TPAD password and finalize user registration

Changing the TSC TPAD password is one of the processes that all teacher must know as it saves time and reduces website jamming due to several requests. To change your TSC TPAD password, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to the system and provide your TSC number as the username as as the password as well.
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