Celebrities who have made their HIV status public

HIV/AIDS is one of the world’s most feared diseases. Being infected with HIV may seem like a death sentence to some, and this, for the most part, makes them choose to keep it to themselves.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have made their HIV status public.

Avril Ex-Lover Muga and Avril

Leslie Mugadza aka Muga went on to perform his test and share it on social media after he separated with Avril. He confirmed the negative result based on his postings.

Avril also revealed her negative HIV status on social media.

Joji Baro

The gospel singer surprised his followers when he revealed that he was HIV positive.

Joji had a love affair with a Catholic priest while attending St Paul’s Miluki high school, where he was the priest’s girlfriend.

Joji was contacted by two Journalists from a local newspaper and compelled to confess his relationship with the priest at gunpoint not long after the two fell in love. A day later, Baro made national headlines in newspapers across the country.

He tested positive for the virus on March 11, 2011, and his family abandoned him after that.

Vera Sidika

She was obliged to undergo a public VCT and share the results online after rumors that she got infected while on a ‘call girl’ trip went viral.

Huddah Monroe

After her appearance on Big Brother Africa and her never-ending feud with Vera Sidika, Kenya’s top socialite Huddah Monroe, now based in Dubai, rose to stardom in December 2015. However, on World Aids Day, she made her HIV status public in an effort to support and encourage other Kenyans to be tested and stop stigmatizing individuals who are sick. She took a photo of herself doing the test and then released the results on Snapchat, and she’s negative!

Richard Amuok

He is a well-known rapper who is most known for his group Ukoo Flani. He has even revealed the woman who infected him.

Doreen Moraa

Doreen Moraa, 24, has been living with HIV and AIDS her entire life. She was born to two opposing parents, one of whom was positive and the other negative. She became extremely unwell at some time in her life and was rushed to the intensive care unit. Doctors discovered she had AIDS after she had been treated.

She started her journey with ARVs and acceptance, and she has since lived a healthy life. “Hello, HIV.” I am the host and you are the visitor in my body. We both need to make it out alive, so I’ll take my ARVs to suppress you in my bloodstream and live a positive life. Be polite, and I’ll take care of you. PS: I am greater than you, Your Host, Doreen Moraa Moracha.


Controversial rapper Jackson Makini Ngechu, better known as CMB Prezzo, a while back opted to reveal his HIV status.

Prezzo, who had previously shared images of his excursion with Noti Flow, surprised his admirers when he revealed the results of his HIV test.

He also took advantage of the moment to silence all of his haters who had been questioning his dramatic weight reduction, fearing he was ill. With the results of his HIV test at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, the controversial musician obviously made his point.