Times Betty Kyalo let fans taste her juice

It was her Friday night show on KTN that announced her entry to the entertainment and media scene.

Betty would later go on to attract audiences with her eloquence and understanding of the language and matters of national interest.

When she left the TV channel, many thought it was over for her, but this wasn’t the case, she immediately landed a role at K24 TV where she drew viewership with her show “Upclose With Betty”, however, left after a while.

These two big achievements are however not what many Kenyans on Twitter would be interested in, mostly because they lack the juice of controversy.

Here are some of the juiciest of Betty’s highlights in the recent past.

Her Appearance On H_Art The Band’s ‘My Jaber’

The term “media personality” has often been used to describe people who are known to be attached mainly to TV or radio, these could be show hosts, news anchors, brand ambassadors who use their media platforms to promote products, and on rare occasions Socialites.

Betty is indeed all of these combined, or maybe, in a way. Towards the end of 2021, she shocked Kenyans across all divides when she made her appearance in H_Art the band’s hit song, My Jaber.

The song which made rounds across the digital space and attracted many who were drawn by its soulful lyrics featured the former news anchor among other famous Kenyans in its video.

Indeed Betty’s Presence in the song left many talking about her ability to fit into anything and make it look perfect.

Start Of Her New Relationship With Nick Ndeda

The internet was set ablaze when rumors erupted that the former KTN and K24 news anchor and show host had a thing going with Radio’s deep-voiced Nick Ndeda.

This came after a photo of the two looking cozy surfaced and Kenyans were quick to point out that the two were in a relationship.

Many took to social media to wish the two the best of luck and hoping that finally, Betty would have a man to keep seeing to it that her previous relationships have all in some way gone up in smoke.

When She Appeared On The Top 10 List With The President

Betty could not hide her joy when she appeared on the same list as the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy, William Ruto, and the leader of the opposition Raila Odinga in ranking.

According to a top 10 list released by Google, Betty was 7th overall in searches made within the country within the past 15 years.

In her captain, the media personality expressed how humbled she was to be listed among great people in the country and her gratitude to her fans.

She went on to explain that she has gone through much since she was a young professional in the media space.

The entrepreneur stated that it was like living her young and adult life at the same time, mostly because she was in the public eye ready for scrutiny.

When She Accidentally Exposed Her Nipple

In early January, a jovial Betty took to social media while on vacation in Malindi and asked her fans to photoshop her in nice clothes.

On her arrival, Betty promised that she was going to share nice Bikini photos with fans urging them to wait and see her in those classic outdoor outfits.

True to her word, Betty gave Kenyans a few photos of her in a Bikini and she truly looked nice in them.

The only problem with doing this kind of thing is the presence of fans who concentrate on detail.

In one of the photos, Betty was in a red nice-looking Bikini when she accidentally showed a little bit too much as part of her nipple showed.

This picture elicited mixed reactions, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Her Alleged Break Up With Nick Ndeda

After a fan asked her on social media to look for someone to date, Betty made headlines with her reply in which she seemed to insinuate that she thinks it would be best to concentrate on looking for money.

This seemed weird as it was already out there and everyone knew that she was dating Nick Ndeda.

What she said was, for the most part, taken as her veiled confession that things were not going so well between them.