Celebs who were criticized for ‘indecent’ dressing

Hollywood celebrities normally push boundaries during awards. They can wear, literally anything! Lady Gaga once stepped onto the red carpet wearing meat. They wear thigh-high slits, funny hairstyles, and shoes, not forgetting the dramatic makeup.

However, back home, here in Kenya, netizens don’t recognize thigh-high slits and claim that it is against the African culture. If celebrities step out with anything, sheer clothing, and thigh-high slits, they will be the talk of the town for weeks.

Here are a few ladies who have been trolled for dressing ‘indecently.’

Kirigo Ngarua

Former news anchor Kirigo Ngarua was once trolled for dressing indecently. At one time, while celebrating her friend Terryanne Chebet’s birthday, she had worn a black tassel dress that was a part of the theme of the birthday that took place that weekend.

On her post, fans told her to stop showing her legs, and she responded by saying that the comments were not getting to her. She said she has beautiful legs and she will flaunt them whenever she can.

“Some human commented somewhere that I should “dress decently”… Not sure what that means and to be honest I can’t be bothered…Also, I have beautiful legs so I have to show them off once in a while, add this lovely dress from @siristudio and life is complete at this moment,”


Akothee is a vocal artist. She speaks her mind and no one is going to stop her. Akothee had an event in Watamu in 2018 and wore an animal print to the show. Many thought she looked good, while others thought she looked ratchet and her dressing was indecent, so she was setting a bad example as a role model.

She is later responding in a video, saying she is no one’s role model.

, “I am dumping that name role model, my a**! Let every parent be a role model to their own children,”

Esther Passaris

In a photo, Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris’ photo surfaced online where she was wearing a maxi dress with a thigh-high slit at an event. The lower part of the dress was so sheer that you could see her skin.

From the online reactions, the Nairobi legislator stated that it was a dress from her husband and she had no apologies to make to anyone for wearing it.

Kenyan on Twitter, KOT, asked her to offer a sense of integrity to her people to which the women rep replied:
My husband bought me that dress and I have no apologies when I wear it. #MyDressMyChoice https://t.co/rwgY9cuuXq

— Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) June 11, 2019

Tanasha Donna

While dating Diamond Platnumz, Tanzanians bashed Tanasha for her dressing, claiming that she was showing too much.

But if the words of trolls online could do anything to Tanasha’s confidence, then she’d be long gone by now.

The radio presenter did not really care much about what was said about her but instead continued doing what she does best, killing it on the red carpet.

However, it would be important to note that despite her overwhelming confidence, Tanasha has on some occasions missed the mark when it comes to dressing.

Betty Kyallo

Betty unintentionally revealed her nipple when she posted a photo of her in a swimming costume. Apart from the fan noticing the slight mishap, Betty generally received positive comments on her pics as many people were impressed at the celebs courage to be able to share such pics with the public. The star has been battling with weight gain issues and she seems to be at a comfortable place with her fitness journey as she was living unapologetically.

But hey, who are we to judge?