Celebs who’ve openly expressed crushes on fellow celebs

Having a crush on someone is both beautiful and nerve-wracking. You’re not sure if the other person likes you and if you should approach them. And let’s not forget the heartbreaking moment when you finally gather enough strength and approach them, but they end up shutting you down! Ouch!

Well, history can confirm that even some of your biggest and most adored celebrities aren’t immune to having huge crushes. After all, they’re still human, right? Here is a list of celebrities who’ve admitted to having a crush on their fellow celebrities and how that turned out.

Were they turned down or did they live happily ever after? We’ve got all the details!

Maina Kageni and Sanaipei Tande

There was a time Maina had completely fallen for Sanaipei to the extent where he even offered to pay her to have his baby. In 2008, the classic 105 presenter gave Sanaipei an offer of paying her half a million shillings every month if she stopped working and had his child. However, the musician turned down the offer.

The two then met again in the studio in 2021 and this time Maina confessed that he had had a huge crush on Sanaipei. When Maina brought up the offer again, Sanaipei told him that while it was a good offer, she was the working type and would have been bored to death just sitting at home doing nothing.

Edgar Obare and Joanna Kinuthia

These two bloggers have some of the wildest on-social media chemistry and their fans have been closely following it. Edgar has had a crush on Joanna for a long time and many of his followers have had their suspicions.

He even admitted it once on his Instagram stories. When a fan disclosed to him that Joanna was dating, he was clearly heartbroken.

The two have been known to repost each other’s work on their Instagram stories, clearly supporting each other. And believe it or not, when Edgar’s students were able to uncover who Joanna was dating, Edgar did not expose her and chose to protect her! That is so unlike Edgar!

Masterpiece and Huddah Monroe

Gospel musician, Masterpiece is not shy when it comes to expressing his love for what he wants and in this case, the woman he was head over heels for. In an interview, the singer expressed that he had a crush on the socialite stating that Huddah represented what every man wants in a woman.

He maintained that he liked her and would love to take her to church to seek salvation.

Many of his fans were actually amused and some were of the opinion that the two didn’t match as a couple. Huddah later responded to the confession saying that he only saw the singer as a boy and not a man. Ouch! If we were Masterpiece we would never show our face in the public again.

Maina Kageni and Kamene Goro

We’re not sure what’s going on between these two but lately, there has been some serious flirting going on between them.

In 2020, the two were caught showing each other love publicly on Kamene’s Instagram feed. The exchange caused quite the stir online with many speculating that they were dating because, at the time, they were both single.

Then again, on Maina’s birthday this year, the two were pictured with Kamene kissing Maina and raising eyebrows especially because Kamene had just gone public that she and Joe Muchiiri were dating.

And then to add salt to injury, yesterday, Maina posted Kamene on his Instagram feed and captioned it WCW. Okay, these two should just open up and start dating because there’s clearly some sexual tension between them!