Vera Sidika photo in yellow, after surgery

Famous Kenyans because of their bodies

Celebrities gain popularity and fame for different reasons. It could be because of their music, their acting or simply because of something spectacular they have done.

However, there are celebrities in Kenya and even across the world who have become famous simply because of their bodies.

Take for instance Kim Kadarshian who is known for her huge butt! Well, in Kenya, it’s no different because there are celebrities who are famous just because of their bodies! Here is a list of these celebrities:

Vera Sidika

Queen Vee was among the first Kenyan celebrities to be known for their huge behind. Before becoming a socialite, Vera had been a plus-size model since she was 17 but her big break came in 2012 when she featured as a video vixen in P-Unit’s song “You Guy”.

At the time, Vera was still a student at Kenyatta University pursuing art and design. After that, she was featured in Prezzo’s music video, “My Gal” and further making her one of the most famous video vixens.

Amber Ray

This socialite is yet another one who’s known for her big butt and tiny waist. This Kamba bae has left many men salivating for her while women envy her for her killer body.

Amber Ray gained popularity when Bouart, a renowned Kenyan photographer posted her pictures on his page where she was scantily dressed. It is then that she gained a massive following.

Amber is known for her lavish lifestyle which she shares on her Instagram with her followers. She currently has over 2 Million followers on Instagram!

Huddah Monroe

Even though Huddah started off as a video vixen and model, her big break came when nude photos were leaked online.

People, both men and women marvelled at her tiny waist and round hips and butt. She went on to be one of the most popular socialites in Kenya and even starred in Big Brother Africa in South Africa.

She is an entrepreneur and owns a beauty line, Huddah Cosmetics.

Corazon Kwamboka

Born in 1993, Corazon Kwamboka became popular when she would post photos of her curves and huge butt on social media. She became really famous when she shot pictures of her nude self and posted them to her social media accounts.

And with Kenyans being Kenyans, many took those pictures and set the internet ablaze. It was then that socialite Corazon Kwamboka was created. She has been known to date white men but eventually settled down with fitness coach, Frankie Just GymIt and have a son together.

Risper Faith

The socialite and actor also grew famous for having a bootylicious body making her one of the most sought after socialites in East Africa. She was also featured in Nairobi diaries where her fame even grew bigger.

Risper is, however, now happily married and has a son. She recently lit the internet when she underwent cosmetic surgery to help restore her body to how it looked before she got pregnant.