Celeb couples who’ve stood the test of time

Nameless and wife Wahu

Celebrities have to live a life of excess and luxury, but that life comes with an effort to meet certain beauty standards. Many think this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to men but it, in fact, does. In this case, what do they do? find themselves a real beauty to distract the masses of course!

Here, we’ve made a short list of the most mismatched celebrities enjoying the limelight and having blissful romances while at it!

Philip Karanja and Kate actress

Kate and Philip have had close to five years of marriage as of now and they appear to be even more blissful than before! while they don’t have drama and don’t center their social media account on their marriage, it’s evident that they still love each other and have a blessed union!

Even so, though, it’s obvious who lucked out in the relationship when it comes to physical attractiveness, with Phil standing next to his stunning queen!

Mr Seed and Nimo

The two have also been in the midst of controversy when Mr seed was accused of cheating on Nimo and even siring a child with another woman.

In spite of all this, it seems that their union will prevail after all! the two have been together for years and so has their engagement.

While there is no news of their engagement going anywhere, Mr seed may be quick to bag his beauty queen girlfriend this time before she gets snatched!

Bahati And Diana Marua

The two have made the Christian gospel tabloids ever since they met at the beginning of it all. throughout Bahatis’ growth, Diana had been stuck with him in thick and thin and she herself has benefitted from it.

Bahati bagged himself a ten for the win and while he doesn’t match her in terms of looks, his high status more than makes up for it.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus

Kabi and Milly Wajesus have been in many Kenyans negative limelight ever since he confirmed that he was indeed the father to his coins child.

Before the flack, they were almost the cutest couple in the block, and their relationship emulated that of a loving Christian couple who upheld their relationship.

Even then, it was obvious to see that Milly took the trophy it came to stunning looks and bring a beautiful smile, which Kabi never seemed to mind!

Nameless and Wahu

Nameless and Wahu are a well-known celebrity couple in Kenya. They are both successful musicians in their own right and have been married for many years. Their relationship has been an inspiration to many people, as they’ve been vocal about their love and support for each other through various challenges. They’ve often shared aspects of their relationship, including raising their children and navigating the entertainment industry together, which has endeared them to their fans. They seem to have a strong bond and have been seen as a power couple in the Kenyan entertainment scene.