Zahara Totto

Zahara Toto biography: age, career, education, family, net worth

Zahara Toto is a prominent Ugandan media personality known for her work in the entertainment industry. She gained recognition through her role as a presenter on various television shows, notably on “Uncut Kalakata” aired on Spark TV in Uganda. Her outspoken nature and ability to discuss controversial topics related to Ugandan celebrities and the entertainment scene have contributed to her popularity.

Zahara Toto, known for her outspoken nature, hosts two shows, “Uncut” on NBS TV and Sanyuka TV, and “The Lounge” on Next Radio. Her rise to fame began during her tenure at Spark TV, particularly on “Live Wire” alongside colleague Annatalia Ozzy. In 2018, they both moved to Next Media, which includes NBS, Sanyuka, and Next Radio.

Born in 1985 at Nsambya Hospital to Mr. Oman, a truck driver, and Mrs. Betty Mbabazi, a businesswoman in Kampala City, Zahara is the second of five siblings.

Zahara Toto education background

Her family relocated from Katwe to Makindye early in her life, where her educational journey commenced. Zahara attended Makindye Nursery School before completing her primary education at Kibuli Police Children School.

Zahara’s family moved to her grandmother’s in Kibuli because her mother, a traveling businesswoman, required support in looking after the children while away. After primary school, she briefly attended Muyega High School before transitioning to Kisubi High School for boarding education. Post her Senior Four, Zahara took on the role of a housewife after an introduction by her then-boyfriend.

Later, she pursued adult education, completing her A-levels. Subsequently, Zahara embarked on a Diploma in Marketing, a qualification that greatly assisted her in her later career endeavors.

Zahara Toto’s career: work and experience

Zahara Toto
Zahara Toto working on next radio

Zahara Toto’s journey in the media industry began during her primary school days when she read the Kids’ news show on WBS TV during vacations. This opportunity led her to form a friendship with the late Rose Mary Nankabirwa, a news anchor at WBS TV. In her senior two, she joined the Obsessions girl group, which included members like Sheeba, Jackie O, Daisy, and Sharon O, but left due to management issues. Subsequently, Zahara ventured into television presenting, starting with the T-nation program on NTV. Her stint there was brief due to personal reasons after she got married and became a mother.

She later joined various groups, including the Chille Girls singing group created by Universal Entertainment, but left due to management issues. Zahara also became part of the Maisha Dancers, featuring in music videos for artists like Jamal and Bobi Wine. Her career diversified further when she worked as a public relations officer for East Africa Media before transitioning to club marketing and PR roles at venues like Club Venom and Club Play. Zahara eventually joined Spark TV in 2015 and became a presenter for the show “Live Wire,” later moving to Next Media Services with co-host Annatalia Ozzy. At Next Media, they joined “Uncut Kalakata,” aired on NBS TV and Sanyuka TV, and Zahara also began her radio career with “The Lounge” show on Next Radio.

Zahara Toto’s family and relationships

Zahara Toto is a mother of three children and is divorced. Recent reports have linked her romantically with someone she refers to as “Big Papa,” who gifted her a BMW.


Throughout her career, Zahara Toto has faced controversies, notably concerning her dress code. Her choice of attire on “Live Wire” at Spark TV sparked debates about professionalism. She later altered her style after criticism from viewers. Additionally, she has been involved in public spats with individuals like socialite Sheila Don Zella and Record TV’s Luzze Anderson, resulting in heated exchanges and public confrontations.

Zahara Toto’s Other Endeavors: Apart from her television work, Zahara also hosts “The Lounge” show on Next Radio, showcasing her diverse talents in both TV and radio presenting. However, her career has occasionally been marred by clashes with fellow media personalities and public figures, contributing to her polarizing reputation in the entertainment industry.