Celebrities whose body transformation left us in awe

Not every celebrity was as skinny or chunky as they look right now. Surprisingly, most Kenyan celebrities started off as being overweight while some were skinny.

But as days go by, some decide to cut off some weight while some try to gain a few kilos-you know-in the right places.

A while back, there was a certain challenge in which where people were posting their throwback pics with the caption, ‘I wish I met you earlier’ and honestly, these pics should be put back, ASAP! Celebrities look so different! Below are a few celebrities with the most amazing body transformation that we love to see.

Tanasha Donna

Of course, mama Naseeb had to top this list. I mean, have you seen Tanasha’s latest pics? Clearly, baby girl is really working hard to achieve that perfect body! Tanasha is one celebrity who goes for anything that she wants. She revealed that she doesn’t give up unless she achieves her goals and truth be told- She is not stopping.

Lately, she has been serving body goals that have left both men and women drooling. Have you seen her tummy? You wouldn’t believe she is a mother. Goals!

Risper Faith

City socialite Risper Faith once said that after delivering her son she did not like her body. She underwent liposuction surgery to remove excess fat from her body and that is how she bid all her weight struggle goodbye.

Not all netizens agreed with her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery but honestly, we are happy for her. We should only care about how we feel about ourselves- Not other people’s opinions.

If Risper Faith felt like she wanted to shed off some weight, let her be. In case you didn’t know, her hubby sponsored the procedure.

Kalekye Mumo

Former radio queen Kalekye Mumo lost 40 kgs in less than one year. Talk about determination, resilience, and hard work. Today she stops time every time she steps into a room.

We are not saying that she didn’t look great before, all we are doing is celebrating her weight loss journey. If she is happy about it, then Kelebrity is happy about it.

Willis Raburu

In May 2021, the media personality had already lost more than 10 kgs in just a few months after he started his weight loss journey. On an Instagram post, he revealed that consistency is such a hard thing, however, he didn’t lose hope. He went from 153 kgs to 137 kgs.

He received a lot of congratulatory comments from his friends and colleagues.

Annerlisa Muigai

Annerlisa had a dramatic weight loss journey. Looking at her social media and all I can say is Whew! Even with a banging body, that hasn’t stopped her from going to the gym.

There is a lot of pressure to lose weight and to have a certain body type. Also, a lot of people go to the gym, only to take selfies and post on social media. Remember you are only fooling yourself.

All I can say is, do what makes you happy- Eat that burger if you have to, after all, si mlisema mbinguni tunapewa mwili mpya?