Celebs who go around town flaunting cash

Pictures of opulent mansions, videos that show these celebrities as they purchase the most expensive fast cars known to man, and even flaunting their skin off of beauty products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gram, are just some of the indicators that some Kenyan Celebrities are living lavish, some celebrities are far from embarrassed when it comes to showing off their wealth and what it can do for them!

For whichever reason, most celebrities prefer to portray themselves as relatable, humble, fun-loving people -unless they don’t.

True, some celebs do want to live life on the politically correct lane, but others want the exact opposite. If they just bought a fancy Rolls Royce for the fun of showing it off on social media and literally never drive it anywhere at all, they will do just that!

Sometimes it’s not even about the extravagant things they buy, sometimes it is for the sass, the bragging rights, the ability to say “I can and you cant”! No, we won’t judge if you feel a little bit jealous…

Huddah Monroe

Huddah left Kenya for Dubai years back and since then it has been as many would term it, pure flames on her Instagram feed.

If there is nothing else she will do, you can always count on Huddah to have the most exclusive and expensive toys to play with. From Ferraris to designer items on her fashion posts (many of which go for hundreds of thousands of thinnings…each) to her extremely curvaceous but slim body clad in skimpy bikinis sipping champagne on million-dollar Yachts Huddah is living her best like and you better act as if you know it!

Granted, For a while she has been rumoured to be involved in a case to do with money laundering (to the tune of 1.5 billion shillings) that her Ex-Boyfriend Apocalypse Bella was charged in, but she has her cosmetics line Huddahcosmetics that has been doing rather well.

Vera Sidika

Vera has most definitely cemented herself as the queen of “EXTRA” when it comes to spending that Mulla!

Of late, however, it seems like she is happier than ever to show you just how wealthy she really is, in case her haters were not mad enough.

She had been that girl with the uber interesting Instagram with the classic first-class aeroplane seats, Range Rovers for show, and a number of businesses and properties to boot.

With her newly born child vera. most certainly has made it known that she will literally give her child everything she needs to be an adorable little princess.


Akothee is a Luo woman through and through and she is extremely proud of it!

Ranked the richest woman in entertainment, Akothee has worked more than hard to get where she is now and she is reaping the benefits of her newfound confidence and is not afraid to make sure you know that.

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After making a splash on Instagram a few years back, Akothee must have decided that she was going to make the people who were jealous of her even more jealous because of her lavish properties and possessions.

From her unbelievably large mansion in Kisumu to chartering private Jets for herself and her new man Nelly Oaks, she’s determined to make haters jealous of her rich love life too!

Remember when she bought a car and organised a party worth millions for her daughter Rue’s 16th birthday party? Talk about lanes.

These girls just *love* to show off… it wouldn’t be unusual if you felt kind of salty reading that, but if it happened to them it can happen to you too!