Akothee in a gym session

Short-haired female celebs in Kenya

You know it, I know it –Kenya is full of beauties.

And what’s most incredible about this is that they come in all shapes, sizes, even tribes.

This applies even better when it comes to pop culture. Our celebrities are as diverse as they come –and they are all stunning. Some of them, however, choose to keep shorter hair and embrace some of their other hot qualities!

Here are some of the most beautiful celebrities with short hair. Pro tip –they’re drop-dead gorgeous!

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka took over the internet years back and she hasn’t let go of it just yet! The bootylicious beauty keeps her hair short, and her looks nice and natural.

She is well known for her big behind but more than that she experiments on her shorter hair, and from the looks of it, her fiancé Frankie Just Gym It loves it all the same.

Corazon has said that she prefers to keep her hair short just because she doesn’t like hair all over her face and we get it too. She just became a new mom and is expecting a second child soon, so it’s even more obvious why she’s probably about to chop it all off again!

Fun fact: there’s s stereotype that goes with Box cuts and women that have ample figures and it sorta fits, no? Either way, she’s gorgeous and killing it!


Akothee keeps her hair short and has been known to always be that way.

This doesn’t mean that a woman with shorter hair cannot experiment with wigs and other beautiful hairstyles. An example is when Akothee had the celebrations to the first anniversary of her charity organization, “The Akothee Foundation”, at Kempinski and she graced the event rocking a gorgeous wig unit that was totally different from her normal style and she looked incredible!

The only other kind of wig she wears regularly is the afro wig that she wears quite often. Otherwise, the mom of six frequently shows off her short dresses and is not afraid to show out!

Makena Njeri

Just because she’s lesbian does not mean she is not absolutely beautiful!

Makena Njeri has always kept shorter hair, but her beautiful smile and flawless skin complement her look perfectly!

Makena takes many photos of herself and oddly enough, she has never done any creative styles on her glorious hair. She keeps it short, neat and classy 24/7 and it looks great on her.

Even so, give us some cute cuts, Makena, were curious to see!

Terry Anne Chebet

Ever since she left the newsroom, Terryanne has been rocking her natural shorter hair left and right!

She seems to be stuck between keeping slightly longer short and cutting it to half an inch short but always tries to get creative with her crown.

Of late she has been going ham with the wigs (side note: have you noticed a kind of wig-mania on Nairobi lately?), spending heavy coins on them but it has been paying off because she looks just as adorable!

Terry is proud of her shorter locks and we couldn’t help but be jealous of her amazing confidence!

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