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Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly known as Comedian Njugush became an internet sensation due to his comic videos. He now has a huge following thanks to comic clips like Njugush ni fala (Njugush is stupid) and DR RING DING. He’s appeared on shows like Hapa Kule News and The Real House Helps of Kawangware. Learn more from Njugush biography.

Njugush whose real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa is now one of the biggest comedians in the country. He has perfected his craft and now produces his own comedy shows online. Before we look into his career trajectory, let’s roll back the years and find out who Njugush is.

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush, age 31, was born on 20 May 1991 in Meru County. He grew up in different parts of the country because of his father’s work. Blessed Njugush is the firstborn of two children. He has one sibling, a brother.

Njugush admitted that he experienced culture shock due to frequent relocation as he had to adapt to a new way of living every time.

  • Real name: Timothy Kimani Ndegwa
  • Occupation: Comedian, Actor
  • Birthday: 20 May 1991
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Star sign: Tauras
  • Birth place: Meru County
  • Height: N/A
  • Children: Blessed Tugi
  • Net Worth: $1-$2 million or Ksh 116.7 million – Ksh 233.4 million

Njugush schooling background

Now will look at the academic achievements of Njugush. Changing schools is not something new. It happens from time to time. However, doing it seven times is rare. That’s what happened to Njugush. He studied in seven different primary schools due to his fathers work.

His father, Richard Ndegwa, was a Reverend and frequently changed locations. This required Njugush to keep up hence the constant change of schools. Meru, Eldoret, and Narok are just some of the areas he schooled at.

It was not until he was in class seven that Njugush decided he wasn’t going to move anymore. He stayed with his aunt in Kikuyu until he did his national exams. He scored 371 marks.

Njugush then went to Naaro High School in Kangaru. That was his first time going to a boarding school. He says it was one of the most challenging environments he’s ever been in. But he says that those times taught him about the bluntness of life.

Njugush scored a C-, a grade below his target. That didn’t hold him back from going to university. He went to Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) where he graduated with a degree in journalism. Njugush education background is an inspiration to many Kenyans.

Njugush career

Njugush realised his love for the arts after he participated in a Drama Festival in church when he was barely ten years. His parents organised the festivals. His mother pushed him to get on stage and from then on, he was active in the arts and knew what he wanted to pursue.

After high school, Njugush went to Kenya National Theatre for auditions. Out of the six auditions he took part in, he was successful in only one. This was in playing high school set books which he did for eight months.

He kept going for rehearsals but lack of financial compensation was a hindrance despite his outstanding performance. Eventually, he took the bold decision to quit.

It was then that he decided to enroll for college. As already mentioned, he was a student at KIMC. He applied for journalism. During his time at KIMC, Njugush worked at the campus radio station, ECN.

Later on, Njugush landed an internship at Kenya Broadcasting Station (KBC). He did it for two weeks after which he quit to pursue acting. Having not done drama in high school as the club didn’t exist, Njugush could not let the opportunity slip. He was part of KIMC’s drama club and travelled with the team to Mombasa for drama festivals.

This opened doors for Njugush. Through this, big-name actors like Jeff Ayuma, Fred Indimuli, Dennis Mugo and Abel Mutua encountered him. Njugush had only three lines but he delivered them so brilliantly that Abel Mutua was impressed. In fact, Njugush won the adjudicators award. This was the turning point for Njugush.

Hapa Kule News

Towards the end of his campus life, Abel Mutua got in touch with Njugush for a role on a television show “Hapa Kule News”. The show was in its second episode and they wanted to spice it up.

Njugush was featured in the fourth episode and as usual, Njugush delivered. The show did so well as they got more viewers. Njugush went on to be “Hapa Kule News” creative director.

He was being paid Ksh 800 per episode when he started. By the time he graduated from campus, he earned Ksh 15,000 per episode after he took up the creative director role.


What followed was a role in “The Real House Helps of Kawangware” in 2014. Njugush was being paid Ksh 10,000 per episode. The idea of the show emerged from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Its first-ever concept was done for Hapa Kule News.

It then evolved to become a show of its own, The Real House Helps of Kawangware. Lupita Nyong’o voiced her support of the show after one prominent media personality trashed the show. From Lupita’s tweet, “God Bless Njugush” is where Njugush got his name Blessed Njugush.

He was part of the show until 2016 when he left television.

BBC Radio presenter

Njugush got a chance to feature on BBC Sema, a radio programme about governance. His first call as a guest didn’t go through but he got another chance. He hosted the show as a “fill-in” guest but went on to be the host of the show for one year.

Online Content

In 2017, post his one year stint at the BBC, Njugush began making online content. He already had scripts for short clips. Together with his wife Wakavinye, they began shooting films on the phone and posting on Instagram.

The videos he made got viewership. Their format for filming, where Njugush was in front of the camera and Wakavinye behind. It became popular to the point they started getting endorsement deals from brands like Safaricom and Bountiful Safaris.

Njugush has gone on to premiere his own show, Through Thick and Thin.

Now, Blessed Njugush IG has over 2 million views, his Facebook over one million and over 500,000 YouTube subscribers.

Njugush relationships

Blessed Njugush is a married man. Celestine Ndinda popularly known as Wakavinye is Njugush’s wife. Njugush and Wakavinye got married in 2016 at PCEA Evergreen in Runda.

Comedian Njugush’s wedding was attended by industry colleagues. The likes of Abel Mutua and Phillip Karanja. Njugush wedding photos can be found online. He is in a grey suit Abel Mutua.

Njugush and Celestine met at the Power House drama club at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). They started off as friends. In fact, Njugush was pursuing Celestine’s friend but because both were in the drama club, they spent a lot of time together.

Njugush revealed that other women looked down on him because he was broke. Unlike them, Celestine stood by him and was always available to help. You can see Njugush’s wife photos online.

Both started dating before he graduated.

Njugush’s son

Njugush and Wakavinye have a son named Tugi. He was born in 2018 and already has his own YouTube channel, Blessed Tugi. He already has over 130,000 followers.

Njugush family

Njugush comes from a religious background. His father, Richard Ndegwa, is a Reverend and his mother, Jane Njambi, was an evangelist. He has one brother. Njugush says the family was very close. His parents were strict.


Internet comes to the rescue

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush found himself caught in a tussle with travel agency Bonfire Adventures. Njugush was at the Maasai Mara courtesy of another travel agency Bountiful Safaris.

During his visit, he posted a video on Instagram pushing a Bonfire Adventures van alongside Abel Mutua. He went further stating that Bonfire Adventures should pay them for it.

Bonfire Managing Director Sarah Kabu didn’t take this kindly and threatened to sue Njugush. She further asked people to report the video. However, Kenyans rallied behind Njugush.

Sexual violence 

Njugush rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after he posted a video on his Instagram page that insinuated that women have to accept men’s advances after going out on a date. The woman in his clip refused his advances but he kept holding on to her insisting she should go with him as he’s paid for the outing. Kenyans said that Njugush clip glorified sexual violence.

Njugush explained that the video was meant for educational purposes, pulled down the post and apologised.

Njugush bounced back from a troll

When he was just starting out, trying to make his way to the comedy scene, Njugush’s efforts were not appreciated by everyone. He revealed that one of the biggest presenters in the country, now identified to be Xtian Dela, trashed him for acting in “The Real House Helps of Kawangware”, whose concept was born from the world-famous Housewives of Atlanta.

In a now-deleted Twitter post, Xtian Dela called the show disgusting and pointed out that they wouldn’t be able to get to Lupita’s level. To Njugush’s surprise, Lupita acknowledged the show and wished him well. She used the hashtag God Bless Njugush. It’s from this that Njugush got his current name Blessed Njugush.

Njugush said that he’s saved a screenshot of Lupita’s post. He also shared that Xtian Dela had the guts to applaud him when they later met.


It’s all about humble beginnings. Njugush first drove a Vitz but today, Njugush new car is a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It is estimated to have cost him Ksh 8 million.


When Njugush came to Nairobi for the first time, he used to live in a bedsitter. He’s put those days behind him. In 2019, Njugush announced that he was building a house. Comedian Njugush’s wife, Wakavinye, updated fans on her Instagram. By then, Njugush’s mansion was nearly completed. We cannot independently verify the location of Njugush’s house.

Net Worth

Njugush’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 to $2 million. He makes his money through comedy and brand endorsements.

Awards & Recognition


Digital Influencer of the Year

Named amongst the 100 most influential young Africans

Content Creator of the Year

2014 & 2015

Comic of the Year at Xtreem Awards

Social Media 

Njugush Instagram: @BlessedNjugush

Njugush YouTube Channel: Njugush 

Njugush Twitter: @BlessedNjugush 

Njugush Facebook: Njugush


Who is Njugush wife?

Njugush is a comedian, actor, MC and social media influencer.

How old is blessed Njugush?

Born on 20 May 1981, Njugush is 41 years old.

How old is Tugi?

Tugi is 3 years old.

Who is Celestine Ndinda?

She is the wife of comedian Njugush.

Is Njugush married?

Yes, Njugush is married to Celestine Ndinda.

What is Njugush real name?

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa is the real name of Njugush.

What is the name of Njugush son?

Njugush son is called Tugi.

Is Wakavinye Njugush wife?

Yes. Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye is Njugush’s wife.