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The most stylish celebrity couples in Kenya

Let’s face it. Fashion is more than just a statement in Kenya -it’s a lifestyle. And no one takes it more seriously than our celebrities. And for sure, we love to see our celebs clad in the latest wear, ready to set the standards on these social media streets.

But when fashion meets love, it’s a whole
different ball game.

Here are the most fashionable celebrity couples that we can’t get enough of!

The Wajesus Family

They have faced their equal share of controversy, but one thing you must admit is that their look hit the nail on the head every time it needs to!

They do not have daily stylists either. Their look has always been a mash of traditional mom and dad and the modern slay queen and king. Powerful.

The Wajesus however, always get their makeup done and when the entire family is together, they make sure to dress to kill. And who would blame them either? With a wife as beautiful as Milly and a husband as handsome as Kabi, not to mention their adorable son Taji –the Wajesus are bound to stun the audience in every single look they give.

The Dufandas.

When it comes to matching outfits –the Dufandas, Gee Dufanda and his wife Sara Kamy knock it out of the park every single time. It’s literally why they became famous in the first place. Glam is all they exude.

Not only are they one of the most handsome couples in celeb culture, but the Dufandas also seem to be a match made in heaven that just can’t stop giving us goals from all angles.

They make it a point to match every outfit they step out with, and always add a little razzle-dazzle with it. And have you seen their beautiful twins? You best believe they match as well and when they leave the house, it becomes a family affair!

They also get an extra point for being the most wholesome couple in Kenya’s celeb culture. Kenya’s Bey and Jay, if you will.

Notiflow and Armaan

While they have gotten into it a few times on social media, even making it to the trending list, Notiflow and her girlfriend Armaan are sure to bring it when they need to.

Their look brings that hot combo we need when it comes to swag and street fashion.

Notiflow brings on the glam sometimes but whenever she takes pics with Armaan, that gangster vibe will always come to the table!

Armaan recently said that she will marry Notiflow and we just wonder how that wedding is going to look like.

Bahati and Diana.

One thing about this couple, is that they will live their slay queen and slay king vibes to the front of the line when it needs to be done, you hear?

Bahati has been on the hot seat a few times now for his outlandish fashion looks but every time he is with Diana, it somehow always looks cohesive and impressive.

Their system seems to be –Bahati tones it up, and Diana balances it out with her effortless shine. Nonetheless, they both always look amazing, and even better as a pair.

Do an exercise. The next time you step out with your partner, take some inspo from one of these pairs and do it with style!