Hottest millennial couples in Kenya

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy
Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy!

We can agree on one thing –the love in the air has been pretty potent of late!

From the numerous engagements, the secret and the not so secret weddings, the babies popping up and down all over social media… everybody’s getting hitched and the millennials are not to be left far behind either. In fact, it’s almost beginning to look like they have much healthier relationships that the older generations can’t seem to grasp!

Here are the cutest and the hottest millennial couples that will probably give you a run for that romance!

Robert Mbaya and Georgina Njenga

Robert Mbaya or Tyler as he refers to himself as and Georgina is that couple that will give you the couple goals if that’s what you are looking for!

The two, who have been together for over a year and are in fact already well on their way to celebrity couple status –Kabi and Milly style and we can’t get enough of it. Tyler hasn’t just proven how mature he has now grown through this relationship, he’s shows that he has a big heart and can be extremely romantic! When Tyler is not praising his beautiful woman, however, he’s hustling through gigs here and there and at such young ages, they have even moved in together and are making a cool mint as an Instagram couple.

He has said numerous times that he intends on marrying her and Georgina is of the same mind. How wonderful! Oh, remember Kagwe Mungai’s banger ‘Panties’? They gave some of that action there too!

The Dufandas

The Dufanda pair is literally the epitome of fashion couple goals because of how incredibly dedicated they are to their sense of style.

The couple, who are parents to an adorable pair of twins, are well known for their flair in matching all of the outfits they put on, even if it’s just another day in the town.

Not just that, though, they are literally the most unproblematic celebrity couple on social media with zero issues in the book! Wow!

The Watts Family

They have been together for over 5 years now, and they are looking just as in love as they were then!

Joseph Watts and Leila Watts have grown exponentially on Instagram as a couple, moving from being high school sweethearts to now literally expecting their second child, but still being as wholesome and entertaining (not to mention handsome) as ever.

Nonetheless, they keep serving us beautiful family pics and we do not mind in the least!

Nadia and Arrowbwoy

They first began as an unlikely couple but quickly turned the tide when they announced that they were going to be together, for real.

Now, even though they still get accusations of dating simply for clout because of their banger —-, the two are still very determined to make sure the internet knows their love is real. They have been rocking it out with an American tour with their last one being in Minnesota a week ago, and you better believe took a little baycay of their own too!

Clout or not, love is clearly better with money.

Maybe the millennials have some things to teach us after all…