Celebs who are not from the tribes you thought

KRG the don range rover
KRG the don range rover

We have seen actors and actresses play major roles in different adverts and movies. Some of them have been made famous by their accents. Below are a few celebs who are not from the tribes you thought.

KRG the don

Many people wrongly think KRG the don is a Kisii, which is not the case. KRG the don is of mixed race: Indian and Kikuyu.

Eric Omondi

Most people think that Eric Omondi is entirely luo. However, that is not the case. Apart from his luo accent, there has always been a debate that the comedian doesn’t look luo. For all those who thought that he is not entirely luo, you were right!

A few months back, the comedian revealed to Amina Abdi that he is not entirely luo. In the interview, Amina asked about his controversial show, Wife Material and what his mother thought about it. As he was answering, he went on ahead to discuss his mother and his aunts.

He revealed that one of his mother’s sister, his aunt, called him to talk about the show.

David Mwabili (Mwala)

Mwala is among the veteran actors that we have in the country. He started acting way back in the 90s and he made a name out of it. In the past, he starred in Vitimbi that was in KBC channel.

Today, he acts as an inspector in Inspector Mwala that airs on Citizen TV. Since then, the actor has been a role model to many young Kenyans.

One mistake that a lot of Kenyans make is that they tend to think that Mwala hails from the Kamba region. This is because every time he acts, he depicts a Kamba accent. In 2017, Mwala in an interview with Jeff and Jalas revealed that he is actually Taita.

Eunice Wambui (Nyasuguta)

As her name suggests, Eunice Wambui is Kikuyu. But from her role as Nyasuguta, many people think that she is Kisii. She played Nyasuguta in Vitimbi as Mogaka’s wife.

Sande Bush (Dr. Ofweneke)

Sande Bush, AKA, Dr. Ofweneke has been mistaken for being a Nigerian. Dr. Ofweneke is a show host and Mc. In most of his events, he speaks like a Nigerian.

Something that has made many think that he is an oga from one of the West African countries. However, he also did an interview and revealed that he has never stepped his foot in any West African country. He is Luhya and comes from Western Kenya.

Hiram Mungai (Ondiek Nyuka Quarter)

Hiram Mungai AKA, Ondiek Nyuka Quarter is also a veteran when it comes to the entertainment industry. For the longest time ever, many think that Ondiek is from Kisumu County, but that is not the case.

He is actually from Central Kenya. He was always getting in trouble in the popular show Vioja Mahakamani.

Joseph Kinuthia (Omosh)

Joseph Kinuthia AKA, Omosh has been making headlines lately after publicly asking for help from Kenyans. He used to act in Tahidi High on Citizen TV. Because of the name Omosh, many thought that he is luo. As the name Kinuthia suggests, Omosh comes from Central Kenya.

Kazungu Matano

Many know Kazungu Matano as Captain Otoyo Sibuor. Kazungu comes from one of the nine Mijikenda tribes. He is a comedian, MC, and radio host. He has a role in Churchill Show and Papa Shirandula.