Fashionable male celebrities in Kenya

When it comes to fashion, let’s admit it, for the most part, it is mostly women-centered.

Here, however, we’ve created a list of five of the different hot styles we currently have going in Kenya.

Who’s do you love the most?

Eric Omondi

Say what you will but Eric Omondi has been setting the Fashion industry ablaze for the past month or so, with some of his outfits so outrageous that they even go viral!

The comedian said that his new fashion style will be happening a lot more than we think we might as well get used to it, and, well, we might!

Fashion isn’t always so straightforward; sometimes it has squiggly colored lines moving in all directions.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligrph is that celebrity that when it comes to fashion, if it isn’t designer, then he is not wearing it!

He has perfected the art of the fashion logo so well in fact, that he has been associated with several cases of fraud in fashion just because.

His Bad-guy rich-guy acts look good on him so we are not complaining.


Octopizzo believes he is the most fashionable celebrity in the country and we’re inclined to believe so as well.

The superstar musician is the ultimate master of ‘UK Boy’ fixed with an air of casualness that only serves to make him the ultimate king.

His rough matter-of-fact personality only does well to serve him as he pairs all his looks to what seems to be his current mood.

He is also arguably the most versatile in the industry and it’s obvious with how seriously he takes his image, he dresses himself.

King Kaka

King Kaka clearly made it a point to perfect the intellectual-artist-in-a-suit trope when he began getting famous in the industry and it paid off!

The Wajinga Nyinyi creator has been making moves in the industry for his sleek and top-notch fitted suits that make him look dashing and well put together.
Alongside his show host girlfriend Nana Owiti who he just celebrated 10 years with!

Willy Paul

Willy Paul has near perfected the ultimate Playboy that never wants to be tied down image that seems to work well on him.

Frequently donning college jackets, beanies for smooth, casual yet chic looks, he is arguably the most fashion-conscious of them all because for this look to be pulled off so seamlessly yet as effortlessly as he does it, he must have a very keen eye for fashion and cool looks!

Otile Brown

Otile Brown has a fashion sense that often combines modern urban styles with an infusion of African and contemporary trends. His fashion choices tend to be versatile, adapting to different occasions, from casual streetwear to more sophisticated and stylish outfits for performances or events.

He’s often seen in trendy streetwear, embracing bold colors, statement pieces, and designer brands. Otile Brown has a penchant for well-fitted outfits that accentuate his physique, including fitted jeans or trousers paired with fashionable shirts or jackets. He’s also known for accessorizing smartly, whether with chains, watches, or sunglasses that complement his attire.

On-stage, his style tends to lean towards fashionable and sleek ensembles, which often include tailored suits or jackets paired with unique accessories. During performances or music videos, he’s seen wearing fashionable, eye-catching outfits that align with the mood or theme of the song.

Otile Brown’s fashion choices resonate with his music persona, projecting confidence and a contemporary edge. He often shares glimpses of his style on social media, showcasing his outfit choices and occasionally collaborating with fashion brands or designers, adding his own flair to the fashion scene in Kenya and beyond.