Celebrities that quit alcohol

Did you know that getting sober after struggling with alcoholism is in fact the single form of drug rehabilitation that kills the most people?

For these celebrities, it was quite literally a matter of life and death when it came to quitting the liquor -making these feats all that much more phenomenal.

Debilitating fevers and chills, anxiety, depression, tremors, hallucinations, high blood pressure -these are just but some of the deadly effects of withdrawal from consuming alcohol.

It’s no easy thing, having to deal with a life-altering addiction, but dealing with a life-threatening decision to actually change said life? That is a whole other thing altogether. Adding on the pressures of being a celebrity and having to fulfill societal standards and pressures and you, my good sir, might have your work cut out for you.

Here are the celebrities that took the step to change their alcoholic ways for sobriety.


Frasha is actually well known for making several attempts at quitting alcohol with his infamed 40-day sobriety challenges that he partakes in every year.
However, as of the last ear, the P-Unit member decided that he was going to finally go cold turkey on the drink because he felt it was about time.

He decided to take a leap of faith in himself in August of last year, saying that the main motivator for his sobriety was his brother who had revealed had his own struggles with alcoholism that Frasha deeply regretted watching, adding that he lost everything due to alcoholism. His sobriety was also in partnership with an initiative called DetoxAfrica that worked hand in hand with his HIV Frasha Foundation under a campaign dubbed Jitambue.

Frasha has been mentioned in some allegations that raised eyebrows over the last month, but it seems like he is doing well for himself.

Njoro The Comedian

Njoro has never made his struggles with alcohol a secret to his fans. He has openly admitted that he struggled with alcohol abuse for so long, that he had to be admitted into rehab twice.

Whilst also battling depression caused by said alcohol, Njoro even revealed that he lost literal millions to alcohol to the tune of KES 4 million when he made the money, revealing he never thought it would end but alas. In heartfelt attempts to explain the reasons why he needed to attend rehab, he told his fans that when he got drunk he became so mean and violent that his wife would hide dangerous items around the house left he found them until she ultimately left him. Scary! Njoro however, has made a huge comeback over the past year, even landing lucrative gigs at KTN and Flamingo Radio. Kudos, Njoro!

Kabi Wajesus

Kabi Wajesus has one of those stories that could make you shudder. Before his fame and fortune, Kabi has been more than open in sharing the story of his journey to the top, one that was riddled with drugs and alcohol… plenty of alcohol.

Before his Bonoko come up, he opened up to his fans, telling them of how he was a matatu conductor that made money only to spend it all on drugs, liquor, marijuana, and other nefarious activities. His new daughter may have been a result of this life as well. He admitted that it took for him to ail from TB to change his ways and try to become a better man, even getting saved in the process.

He is currently one of the biggest names in social media influencing his wife Milly Wajesus, and we are very happy to see that!


The former Tahidi High actor has been out of the limelight for a while, that is since he was pranked by popular comedian sleepy David who sent people to pose as buyers of his new home.

Omosh who had vowed to lead a different better life has kept it on the down low for a while and it is unclear what he is currently upto.

The fact that he has not resurfaced to ask for money from Kenyans could be a hint that he is currently leading a sobber life, who knows?