Celeb pairs that troll each other

When it comes to trolling, it has all too often been taken a lot more seriously than it really is. A troll is someone who simply makes fun of you online.

They photoshop your pictures, they say you said things you don’t remember saying, they make memes out of you, they generally make you the butt of the joke…

And you might get a little bit hurt, yes, but never in a deeply impactful manner. Those, are bullies hiding under pseudo names.

Another thing about trolls, Celebrities can be trolls too. Oh, yes. It’s just one of the softer ends of the hardcore trolling that goes on in the entertainment in Kenya’s online sector.

Here, we’ve made a list of the celebrities that troll each other the most, warning, sometimes it turns into an all-out feud!

Akothee and Mca Tricky

Mcatricky has been caught several times trolling Akothee!

This is because he, in fact, dates her daughter Rue and has been doing so for a while now.

Some times Akothee responds, other times she trolls him back, as she is in the habit of trolling as well. He also has an independent friendship with Akothee that borders on simply homeboys and son who dearly respects his mom-in-law to be!

Bien and Khaligraph

Bien and Khaligraph have been openly trolling each other for months now. It all started when the rapper Khaligraph Jones went to have a meeting with the Vice President, attempting to initiate the Fungua Inchi Hashtag.

The Sauti Sol lead singer Bien decided to reply to the news, calling him fake; leading to an all-out war of words.

Since then, the two, though still following each other, occasionally tag each other in their social media posts, dissing each other on various topics like popularity and baldness. Hilarious.

Bahati and Willy Paul

The two were said to be in a feud that erupted when Bahati won an award that Willy Paul believed he was supposed to.

Since then, they have been attacking each other, throwing jabs here and there on social media, even photoshopping each other onto pictures, though nobody quite knew why they were such enemies.

That was until some time earlier this year when they posted a picture posing news to each other, saying that they were actually friends and people should not have believed everything they saw on social media.

Eric Omondi and Shakilla

Eric Omondi and Shakilla were for a while the very definition of internet troll apart from sparking very suspicious dating rumors, pregnancy rumors, wedding rumors, boxer selling rumors…(you get it, the list goes on) they are also in the habit of trolling each other on Social media, with one or both of them just casually dissing the other, keeping it fun and playful.