Willis Raburu biography: age, career, cars, net worth, relationships

Known for his catchphrase “Wabebe”, Willis Raburu has proven his versatility in the media business. His ability to switch from a serious news anchor to a bubbly entertainer has seen him create a niche for himself and climb to the top of his profession. Willis Raburu biography.

Also known as: Bazu
Real name: Willis Raburu
Occupation: Journalist, Entertainer
Birthday: 1 April 1987
Nationality: Kenyan
Star sign: Aries
Birth place: Kisumu, Kenya
Height: N/A
Children: 2
Net Worth: Ksh 15 million to Ksh 30 million

Willis Raburu was born on 1 April 1987 in Kisumu County. He has two siblings; his sister Joy Raburu and his brother Kevin Raburu.

Willis Raburu’s father Peter Otieno Raburu was a provisional commissioner. His mother’s occupation is not known but her name is Ruth.

Willis Raburu’s Schooling

Willis Raburu went to Agha Khan Primary School in Kisumu. He then attended Chemilil Sugar Academy for his secondary education.

From there, he proceeded to Moi University Eldoret where he graduated with a degree in information science with a major in publishing and media.

Willis Raburu’s Career

Willis Raburu on Citizen TV | Source: Instagram
Willis Raburu on Citizen TV | Source: Instagram

Willis Raburu’s journey in media began when he was on campus where he worked for the school’s radio station and newspaper.

He then went on and joined Royal Media Services Limited’s Citizen TV as an intern. So impressive was he that after his three months, he was retained and went on to become an employee at the station. He has since built his reputation as a news anchor, reporter and radio host.

Willis Raburu on 10 Over 10
Willis Raburu on 10 Over 10 | Source: Instagram

After anchoring for roughly seven years, Wilis Raburu decided to drop the role and focus on entertainment. He loves the freedom that comes with presenting “10 over 10”. 

He also opined that Citizen TV has a lineup of stellar news anchors who execute that role perfectly.

Willis Raburu Quits Citizen TV 

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu in Citizen TV | Source: Instagram

Journalists swapping stations is not a new thing and those who bring in the numbers are the most sought after in the business.

Over the years as his stature within the industry has grown, Willis Raburu has been linked with moves to rival television stations.

In 2018, he was rumoured to be moving to Nation Media Group’s NTV but the move did not materialise.

Willis confirmed that he was approached but turned down the offer as it failed to match his vision.

With the demand for his services, Willis Raburu commands a high salary at Citizen TV. Reports indicate that he earns close to Ksh 700,000 per month.

Willis Raburu’s music

Willis Raburu has so far tried his luck in the music industry. Willis said that he might launch a full-blown music career if his songs do well and by the looks of it, he is probably headed there.

His song “Jeshi” has over 480,000 views while “Kalale” has over 7 million hits on YouTube.

Willis Raburu’s Relationships

One regret that Willis Raburu has is publicising his love life. Both of his relationships, first with a former colleague Sally Mbilu and his first wife Marya Prude were in the public domain.

Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

When Willis Raburu dated his former colleague Sally Mbilu, they were on their way to becoming the perfect celebrity couple everyone admires. Willis proposed to her with a Ksh 100,000 engagement ring only for them to break up unexpectedly.

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude | Source: The Standard

Willis Raburu’s next public relationship was with Mary Irungu alias Marya Prude. The two are said to have met at the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) and began dating a year after as Willis was in a relationship.

The two kept things under wraps and even held a low-key wedding ceremony in 2017 attended only by close family and friends. It was only after they exchanged vows that they invited their online in-laws.

Willis Raburu’s divorce

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude divorced after three years of marriage on grounds of infidelity.

Willis was accused of having an affair with a Ugandan woman whilst Willis said Marya got pregnant by another man even before they tied the knot.

As details emerged, reports indicate that the two lived separately before they officially ended things in 2020.

Willis Raburu’s new girlfriend

Willis Raburu and Ivy Namu
Willis Raburu and Ivy Namu | Source: Instagram

After his divorce, Willis Raburu went public with his new Ugandan girlfriend Ivy “Namu” Namulindwa with whom he sired a son. Willis is said to have started dating Ivy while he was still married to Marya Prude.

The two came clean about their relationship after pictures of their baby shower surfaced online.

Ivy “Namu” Namulindwa and Willis Raburu came across one another at Royal Media Services Limited.

Willis Raburu’s Family

Willis Raburu and his son
Willis Raburu and his son | Source: Instagram

Willis Raburu and his soon-to-be wife Ivy Namulindwa are parents to two children, a boy and a girl. The couple welcomed their second child in September, a few years after their son.

These are not the only children Willis Raburu has. In 2021, he lost his firstborn child whom he sired with his ex-wife Marya Prude.

Weight loss

It’s not always easy for anyone to admit that they need help with their weight. Well, that’s what Willis Raburu did.

After he ditched his initial attempt to lose excess weight which he documented alongside his now ex-wife Marya Prude, the media personality hit the gym again at the beginning of 2021.

This time, he did a six-month weight loss programme which saw him shed 20 kilos, from 150 to 129 kilos.

Willis has previously been ridiculed for his weight and said that he’s received warnings from doctors about the same.

Those warnings hit true to the journalist cum entertainer and he eventually decided to go for surgery to remove the excess weight.

He was vocal about the process and said that he wanted to debunk the myth of surgical weight loss.

Willis Raburu’s Controversy 

Willis Raburu’s cheating

In the lead-up to his divorce from Marya Prude, Willis Raburu was accused of cheating on his then-wife with a Ugandan woman. Reports indicated that Willis and Marya left their matrimonial home in Lang’ata.

Marya Prude moved to Thindigua whilst Willis moved in with his lover at Kileleshwa. The two eventually got divorced in 2020.

Thereafter, Willis moved on with his new Ugandan girlfriend now identified as Ivy Namulindwa. The pair welcomed a new baby boy in 2021.

Willis Raburu’s viagra scandal

The media personality was rushed to MP Shah hospital in early 2020 after he overdosed on a sex stimulant believed to be Levitra.

It was reported that Willis wanted to impress his girlfriend. His penis was said to be inflamed but recovered well.

Further, the doctors warmed people from taking sex stimulants without prescriptions.

Willis Raburu’s Car

Willis Raburu's car
Willis Raburu’s car | Source: Instagram

Willis Raburu drives a Mercedez Benz Flex and previously moved around in a Range Rover Sports.

Willis Raburu’s House

Willis Raburu might join other media personalities and celebrities who have built their own houses. In 2020, he shared videos of a house that was under construction.

Willis Raburu’s Net Worth

Willis Raburu is now one of the best journalists and entertainers in the country. He definitely attracts a high pay considering his vast experience in media. Willis Raburu’s net worth is estimated to be Ksh 15 million to Ksh 30 million.

Awards & Recognition

Willis Raburu has won a few accolades in his career.

The Road Saftey Award for “Killer Drivers’ Series

Maji Awards for his series “Deadly Waters”

The Children Rights Awards for a Rwanda series on the journey of resilient children.

Social Media

Willis Raburu Instagram: @WillisRaburu 

Willis Raburu Twitter: @WillisRaburu

Willis Raburu Facebook: Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu YouTube: Willis Raburu


Who is Willis Raburu?

Willis Raburu is a celebrated television and radio news anchor and presenter. He hosts the popular 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV.

How old is Willis Raburu?

Born on 1 April 1987, Willis Raburu’s age is 35.

Is Willis Raburu still married?

Willis Raburu divorced his wife of three years Marya Prude in 2020 after he was accused of cheating on her with a Ugandan woman now identified as Ivy Namulindwa.