Celebs who were criticized for ‘indecent’ dressing

Hollywood celebrities normally push boundaries during awards. They can wear, literally anything! Lady Gaga once stepped onto the red carpet wearing meat. They wear thigh-high slits, funny hairstyles, and shoes, not forgetting the dramatic makeup. However, back home, here in Kenya, netizens don’t recognize thigh-high slits and claim that it is against the African culture. […]

International celebrities that are Kenyan

Lupita wearing peach makeup

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Najivumilia kuwa Mkenya’? The very idea that in order to prosper, (especially when it comes to talent and entertainment) you need to be out of the country? Where does that come from? Granted, we do have an entertainment industry that struggles to keep the arts alive in our […]

Hottest female artists in Kenya

To be able to combine your work, pressure from your fans, and your private life all as you keep yourself healthy and good looking is a skill that is most certainly not taught in schools. To be able to look good, contrary to popular belief, is actually a trait that needs recognition. Here are some […]

Zahara Toto biography: age, career, education, family, net worth

Zahara Totto

Zahara Toto is a prominent Ugandan media personality known for her work in the entertainment industry. She gained recognition through her role as a presenter on various television shows, notably on “Uncut Kalakata” aired on Spark TV in Uganda. Her outspoken nature and ability to discuss controversial topics related to Ugandan celebrities and the entertainment […]

Bahati biography: age, tribe, cars, photos, net worth, children, career, wife

Famous for his mtoto wa mama description, Bahati sang his way into people’s hearts right from the onset of his career. Remember the track “Siku ya Kwanza” and the even bigger hit “Mama”? He has sustained his presence in the gospel industry and even with his switch to secular, Bahati is one name that remains […]

Njugush biography, wife, relationship, family, career, net worth

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly known as Comedian Njugush became an internet sensation due to his comic videos. He now has a huge following thanks to comic clips like Njugush ni fala (Njugush is stupid) and DR RING DING. He’s appeared on shows like Hapa Kule News and The Real House Helps of Kawangware. Learn more […]

Famous Kenyans because of their bodies

Vera Sidika photo in yellow, after surgery

Celebrities gain popularity and fame for different reasons. It could be because of their music, their acting or simply because of something spectacular they have done. However, there are celebrities in Kenya and even across the world who have become famous simply because of their bodies. Take for instance Kim Kadarshian who is known for […]

Celebs who are second wives

Amber Ray

All is conquered by love. At least, that’s how it appears to the majority of people. The second wife position isn’t a problem for many ladies out here, as long as they’re married, of course. Being a second wife is considered the worst sin by some. Here are five stunning women you probably didn’t realize […]

Celebs who became parents at a young age

Akothee daughters

In the past, women could have kids as early as thirteen years. Girls were being married to men at only fifteen years. Once the white man invaded our land, everything changed. In the westernized world, it is not okay to have kids at a very tender age. Nowadays, people focus on their careers, date for […]

Celebs who go around town flaunting cash

Pictures of opulent mansions, videos that show these celebrities as they purchase the most expensive fast cars known to man, and even flaunting their skin off of beauty products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gram, are just some of the indicators that some Kenyan Celebrities are living lavish, some celebrities are far […]

Short-haired female celebs in Kenya

Akothee in a gym session

You know it, I know it –Kenya is full of beauties. And what’s most incredible about this is that they come in all shapes, sizes, even tribes. This applies even better when it comes to pop culture. Our celebrities are as diverse as they come –and they are all stunning. Some of them, however, choose […]

Kenyan celebrities when they were young {photos}

Young Brenda Wairimu

There is no doubt that you have once before wondered how celebrities looked like when they were young. Sometimes people forget that celebrities are human beings who had a childhood just like anyone else. Forget all the red carpet and glamour, here are some throwback baby pics. Would you have been able to spot them? […]

Celeb couples who’ve stood the test of time

Nameless and wife Wahu

Celebrities have to live a life of excess and luxury, but that life comes with an effort to meet certain beauty standards. Many think this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to men but it, in fact, does. In this case, what do they do? find themselves a real beauty to distract the masses of course! Here, […]

Celebs who’ve been fat-shamed

To some, there is no such thing as fat-shaming in Kenya, to others, being heavier is even celebrated, to a smaller majority, however, fat-shaming is a very impactful part of their experience. But to a celebrity, being ‘fat’ is not ‘it’ and never will be. Being a mom is just a competition between yourself and […]