Why you should never wash your hair in the bath

The day is coming to an end, the energy level is down. The empty batteries can be recharged in a hot bath. So that you don’t have to stress yourself again afterwards, it’s best to keep your head above water.

Throwing yourself into a warm, fragrant bath tub after a stressful day is like taking a short vacation. The pressure drops, the body suddenly feels light. A quick dip with your head – then all your worries will really be washed away.

And if your hair is wet, why not wash it right away? Mentally, this is arguably one of the most satisfying self-care moments ever. In terms of hair care, however, it is a no-go. What a lot of people don’t know: is that bath water damages the quality of the hair in your head immensely.

High water temperature strains the hair

When you slide into the tub, you want to feel the warm, sometimes almost hot water on your skin. For the hair, however, the high temperature is quite dangerous. After some time in the bath water, the hair follicles open. This makes the mane vulnerable. A state that lasts even longer after the bath. Blow-drying or other heat styling is now particularly harmful.

Bath products dry out the hair

It doesn’t matter whether it’s bath salts, balls or oil: products that really sweeten our bathing pleasure often contain chemical agents and dyes. A nightmare for the hair.

The residues from the water form a stubborn coat around the individual strands, which cannot be washed out even when shampooing afterwards. The result: a dull, dry and stressed surface, which is particularly fatal for colored hair.

How to correctly wash your hair in the bathtub

Below are steps you can follow in order to safely wash your hair in the bath tub. You don’t have to give up bathing completely.

  • In the tub, it is best to tie your locks together on your head so that no strands dangle in the water for too long.
  • Then pull out the shower head after your bathing pleasure. Running, clear, lukewarm water is best for hair follicles and cuticles. Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and rinse out until the water runs clear.
  • Wrap the wet lengths in a towel and wear them on your head like a turban for a few minutes.
  • Then brush your hair, spritz on a leave-in conditioner and air dry or blow dry on the medium setting.

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