Kenyan celebs who own fashion brands worth millions

From Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, having your own fashion line has become one of the biggest trademarks of becoming a bona fide celebrity in the industry.

When it comes to making it here, having a fashion line makes you not only invincible when it comes to spreading your popularity across the lands, it’s almost become one of the few ways to make it to mega wealth as an artist or whichever other kind of celebrity you are.

Here, we’ve curated a list of the celebrities who managed to not only open and manage their own fashion lines, they have mastered the art of profiting off of beautiful patterns on T-shirts and hoodies and cosmetics, paving the way to millions and millions.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been one of the biggest stars on TV ever since she opened her store Flair By Betty.

Since then, she has been well on her way to hundreds of millions after opening her second salon store, Aftershave By Betty.

However, she may have unlocked an ever n more exclusive door to the money throne when she opened Betty Kyallo’s closet, a clothing line personal to herself and seems to function to help only the women who are classy and take their looks seriously!


Avril has been known to be a woman who chases the coin with a determination unlike many out there. Ever since she gave birth to her daughter, Avril has been actively participating in endorsement deals and is often seen taking part in everything that she believes will bring a coin for her and her son.

She is said to be co-owner at Home 254, a clothing brand that deals with the imprinting of clothes with the logo that has gained such fame that almost every celebrity is seen with it these days, how smart!

DJ Creme de la Creme

DJ Creme de la creme has been one of the few DJs to make it to retirement and earn a large sum while at it.

The DJ launched his Esko line late in 2019. now a year old, he has even made announcements stating that he is ready to retire his gig as a DJ in order to focus on his clothing line, portraying his success in the venture.


Huddah has been the lady that everybody had their eyes on ever since she got into the entertainment industry.

From scandals with large names the likes of Prezzo and beefs with other big celebrities like Vera Sidika, Huddah was determined to stay on people’s lips for as long as she could.

well, she definitely managed to do that. Huddah opened a lip cosmetics store that keeps her on top. Now a woman who spends her days traveling and enjoying, her business has clearly been successful.