Eric Omondi

Kenyan celebrities with over a million Instagram followers

Being famous is all about the number of followers you can pull to your corner. That is the reason why many people would do all manners of thing to gain clout.

As rapper Cardi B put it, “anything for clout”. Most Kenyan celebrities have applied the principles to pull a huge following. Some have done it through their talents while others through controversies.

Devoid of how they became famous, below are some of the celebrities who have garnered a million and over followers on Instagram.

Eric Omondi (3.7 million)

Eric Omondi

It is no surprise comedian Eric Omondi has accrued over three million followers on Instagram only. Eric Omondi is not only famous in Kenya but Africa as a whole. He is even known as the president of comedy Africa.

The funnyman has also gained some following through his controversial show, Wife Material that features contesters across the East African region.

Betty Kyallo (2.9 million)

Betty Kyallo spa and salon
Betty Kyallo spa and salon

The TV queen comes second on our list thanks to her famous TV shows. Betty also has several online shows that have also helped her garner some good following.

Apart from her personal official Instagram account, she also has several Instagram accounts associated with her businesses and daughter.

Akothee (3 million)

Madam boss made it through the million mark due to her controversies and music career.

The mother of five gained popularity after doing several hit songs with international collabos with other international music artists such as Diamond Platnumz and Mr. Flavour.

Other than her music career, Akothee is known for her tough-talking personality. She can pick a fight with anybody anytime who crosses her line.

Akothee has also gained popularity through her charity works.

Jalas (2.5 million)


Jalang’o is one of the most popular radio personalities in the country today thanks to his radio shows blended with comedy. He has also featured in several TV shows as well as adverts that have made him known among Kenyans.

Churchill (2.3 million)


Churchill has become a household name among Kenyans thanks to his comedy show, Churchill Show.

Vera Sidika (2.1 million)

Vera Sidika came into the limelight after featuring as a vixen in rapper Prezzo’s song, My Gal.

She is also known for her curvy body and expensive lifestyle. Vera has also dated music stars as well as linked with some international stars that have also helped pull the crown behind her.

MC Jessy (1.8 million)

MC Jessy

The Churchill Raw host is also one of the most popular MCs in the country courtesy of his funny jokes and YouTube channel, MC Jessy Junction.

MCA Tricky (1.6 million)

MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky gained popularity among Kenyans after stepping into Churchill Show with his unique style of comedy. MCA Tricky used his comedy to depict the kind of life the street children endure in the country.

Larry Madowo (1.2 million)

Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo is one of the most popular Kenyan journalists in the world. Before dawning the international media stations, Larry gained popularity in Kenya because of his tough interview questions as well as his show, The Trend that was aired on NTV.