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Celebrity couples who make us believe in love

We love to see our fave celebrity couples as they show us their lives on social media, however being a celebrity is not the easiest thing at all. They are in the public with so many who look up to them and wish to emulate their lives.

Keeping a private life for these celebrities is not an easy thing to do. They have people watching their every move and you always have those that are ready to criticize their every move.

Let’s a take a look at some of Kenya’s celebrity couples who know how to define couple goals.

1. Nameless and Wahu

Nameless is married to fellow singer Wahu.

Wahu Kagwi and Nameless got married in 2004. They have been blessed with two girls, Tumiso Mathenge born in 2006 and Nyakio Mathenge, born in 2013.

These two do not shy away from showing how much they love each other on social media and they are the perfect definition of couple goals.

2. Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 is married to the well-known award-winning gospel producer, disk jockey and entrepreneur, Sammy Muraya Junior who is well-known by his stage name, DJ Mo.

They have been married since 2013, and they celebrated their 7th anniversary in 2020.

Dj Mo describes how when he met Size 8 through a friend they became good friends, and he soon became her mentor for the gospel singer.

“She’s an exceptional person, and I remember even when she sang secular music; she always had this immense desire to be born again. She kept telling me that she loved God so much and that she wanted someone to help bring her closer to God. I become that person!”

Size 8 and DJ Mo have two kids, a girl called Ladasha Belle Wambui born in 2015 and a boy, Sammy Muraya Junior born in 2019 who is named after his father.

Sadly, 2020 has seen the two separating after Size 8 caught DJ Mo cheating on her. Their marriage however, started to get rocky after Size 8 gave birth to their second child. Word emerged that the two might not be together after DJ Mo allegedly cheated on size 8 with a popular TV host Joyce Maina.

3. Bahati and Diana Marua

Despite what these two have gone through, they’ve always remained strong in their relationship. They had the opportunity of having a traditional wedding and Bahati and Diana are set to make the headlines when they have their white wedding.

Bahati, even surprised Diana with a home make over in celebration of Mother’s day in 2020.

Bahati and Diana already have a son together by the name of Morgan who already has a huge following on Instagram. He also seems to be following in his father footsteps as he’s quite the talented singer.

4. Bien and Chiki Kuruka

Many know Bien as that soulful guy from Sauti Sol, but he’s never been the one to share much about his private life. The two got married an invite-only ceremony in Lavington, Nairobi and it was highly anticipated event by the fans after its 2019 postponement.

These two will never stop gushing over each other and even when they are working out, well, they are still all over each other.

Bien and Chiki do not have kids as yet, but Bien is super pumped about being a father one day.

5. Njugush and Celestine

Not only are they just one of Kenya’s power couples, but Njungush and Celestine are also partners in business. They work together as the greatest comedians that Kenya has seen.

The two met at drama club in college. “She did not have talent, she was in the drama club so she could travel a lot,” Njugush said in an interview with the Star.

Both Njungush and Celestine have managed to keep their family intact. They have mastered the art of working together and having family time as well.

It’s a beautiful thing to see when there’s love all around and these celebrity power couples will definitely make you fall in love again.

Who else should be on the list?