Nameless and wife Wahu

Kenyan celebs who have hustled their way up

Our celebrities mean the most to us. After all, they basically set the standards for everything we do on their socials, don’t they?

Sometimes, however, a celebrity doesn’t necessarily get ‘old’, their style does, their art does, the novelty ends. We care about them still, but the flashiness is over, and their art doesn’t speak to us anymore instead of looking up at them with admiration, we look back at them with a hint of nostalgia.

Even though that doesn’t necessarily mean that is a bad thing, you must admit many of them don’t actually want that to happen! Here, we’ve made a small list of celebrities that have managed to stay on the airwaves and stick to our minds no matter how much time and how many art forms have passed!


We have watched Avril from her days of Chokoza, seen her get engaged and broken up with, twice, watched her grieve her father’s death, watched her build a family, watched her stay on-trend; basically grow n from a young girl trying to maneuver the entertainment world into a woman who is ready for any and everything, that has built her coin and is a wonderful mother to her child, all the while building her cion and become a well-earning celebrity, something that many musicians in Kenya don’t tend to do, and we are all glad it happened!

Abel Mutua

Ever since his days in Tahidi High, Abel has become one of the wealthiest producers and directors in town, all the while forging friendships that have stuck and taken him to the greatest heights in the industry, which only few could achieve.

He still maintains his status as a comedian, but he makes sure to add everything does as a director in the country, working his behind off. Kudos!

Nameless and Wahu

They have moved the hottest and the most trendy couple to exist in these Kenya to the industry matriarch and patriarch the people still love to admire and hope to emulate their relationship, which was clearly forged in fire.

They have not only grown financially and industry-wise but Nameless and Wahu also have a loving family that gave us the benefit of watching Tumiso grow and er brother as well. They are definitely the definition of the Kenyan dream when it comes to living a good life!

Size 8

Size 8 is one of the celebrities that understand the meaning of hustling hard and working to have a good life so much so that she has turned into a social media mogul in Kenya, something that now looking back, seems was destined to be since the get-go.

Ever since her secular days, she has gotten married, turned to another successful gospel music career, and had two wonderful babies and is said to be driving a top of the range luxury car and lives in a mansion. If that’s isn’t life then we don’t know what is!

Sio ati mwanaume ni effort, binadamu ni effort. Hustle ujiinue.