Kenyan celebrities with big sex scandals


Over the years, our Kenyan superstars have had their fair share of scandals, at least a majority of them. Some of them, who you wouldn’t expect to be involved in such scandals, have shocked us by revealing themselves to be the worst of the worst.

Celebrities have been exposed for engaging in “forbidden” sexual practices over the years, with some even going so far as to cheat on their significant others. The following list highlights 5 of the biggest celebrity sex scandals that hit us.

5. Willy Paul

This one has now been revealed not once, but twice. It all started with Pendo, a socialite and “Nairobi Diaries” actress. Willy Paul denied any relationship with the socialite, and the situation almost became physical. Other scandals followed, including one involving Shakillah and a couple pregnant women.

4. DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid

Because it featured two of Kenya’s most popular GOSPEL artists, this was a major and very terrible controversy. The two musicians, who were thought to be role models in all things holy, surprised fans and family members when their sex scandal involving one lady went public. There was no disputing it as screenshots of chats admitting to the events were leaked. Later, the two expressed regret to their supporters.

3. DJ Mo

Dj Mo has had his fair share of scandals, and he continues to attract them. Blogger Edgar Obare exposed Dj Mo for having intimate relationships with multiple girls a few years ago, and even had screenshots of some of their interactions. Dj Mo’s marriage to gospel singer Size 8 was almost jeopardized as a result of this massive incident.

2. Jalang’o and the Boys’ Club

This is the most well-known of the scandals, and it cost Jalang’o his job as a result. According to blogger Edgar Obare, this group of guys had many relationships with multiple women as a group, despite the fact that most, if not all, of them have kids.

Jalang’o, however, came out to publicly clear the air and stated that he did not engage in any immoral activities as was alleged by the blogger and that the screenshots of chats that had been shared were just like any other group chat that boys would engage in.

He went on to say that the exposé affected his livelihood and he lost a lot of endorsement deals and money.

The radio presenter is married to Amina Chao and they have children together.

1. Dj Creme

This one was enormous. The majority of this was due to the fact that the DJ’s performance was videotaped. The largest sex scandal Kenya has ever seen began when a five-minute video of the deejay and a certain lady went viral.