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Kenyan celebs that’ve been shamed for being skinny

Let’s agree on one thing, body shaming as a whole is deplorable.

However, it’s crucial to note that there are levels to shaming. There’s colorism, there’s fat-shaming (which is the more common one), there are some undeniable social media standards set but one of these is skinny shaming, a less occurred but just as evil and debilitating form of shaming.

Here, we’ve listed a few of the celebrities who are reported to have been skinny-shamed, some persevered, some did not.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi

When Eric was still new to the industry very many came forth to discuss his lankiness.

It wasn’t the kind of matter that goes viral on social media but the talk was definitively around town and much of it got to him.

He had begun using his skinniness as part of his brand but it must have become too much to handle because he soon started working out and taking supplements to gain some weight. Sad.


Njugush stole our hearts when he got to The Real House helps Of Kawangware due to his hilarious weirdness and his natural nature around the camera. A big part of this was his skinny body and face that just made up for everything he was, and the people loved it.

However, as he got out of the show and started making a name for himself as a comedian, he started working out because the skinny shaming was too much in his comment section, it wasn’t easier when he brought his wife, who happens to be ‘thick’.

Now, you must admit he does look good according to society’s standards, but the skinny shaming was what started it all.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu is probably the one who got it worst of all, particularly because she was so curvaceous when she was thick.

Wema went on a health journey that cut her weight so badly, she looks like half of the woman she once was!

However, even though Wema has made it clear that she loves her new body, her fans can’t seem to accept it, and she continues to be body-shamed mercilessly.

Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike
Jacky Vike

Jacky was a star in the program Papa Shirandula which was the show she got her leap into fame.

However, the more famous she got the more she was bullied. She was even reported saying that she tried her best to gain weight, but it was impossible, which caused her much anguish due to the trolls camping in her DMs and comment sections.

She, however, has learned to love herself what who she is, and she is still killing it in the industry!