Female celebs who’ve been involved with politicians

It is and has never been wrong to follow your heart. This is because, as those before us put it rightly, “The heart wants what it wants”.

The problem comes in when a public figure gets in a relationship with another famous individual and all of a sudden everyone online wants to see how it goes.

Some will go to the extent of setting and subscribing to paid alerts, simply to know what’s happening with the two.

We have nothing against these people, which is why we are today giving you for FREE, a list of female Kenyan celebrities who were said to have been involved with prominent politicians in the country.

Joey Muthengi

The ex-Citizen TV anchor, a while back, while still working at the tv station, revealed the man who had captured a piece of her heart, she kept teasing about it but never revealed the name although she stated that it was indeed a Governor.

The rumor made rounds on social media and was used widely as a joke on the 10 over 10 show which she hosted at the time alongside his long-time colleague Willis Raburu who is now a singer and songwriter.

Sheila Mwanyigha

This is one media personality who found herself on the radar of one blogger Cyprian Nyakundi when he was at his best.

She was given sleepless nights as every now and then the blogger would accuse her of immorality stating that she was constantly exchanging sex for favors to politicians.

These favors include money and cars.

The accusations were never really backed by any evidence and it could have been hard for cyprian to prove these allegations since Sheila was arguably one of the most hardworking Kenyans at the time.

She was a morning show host and not long before she had been instrumental in hosting the Tusker Project fame.

Catherine Kasavuli (22 February 1962 – 29 December 2022)

The veteran journalist who worked at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is another who found herself in the middle of these kinds of conversations. She was a Kenyan journalist and news presenter. Kasavuli was the first female news anchor in Kenya

Kasavuli who had worked as a news anchor on television was rumored to have dated former Vice President of Kenya Moody Awori for a while.

These rumors were however not confirmed and as they say, there is only one way to find accurate answers in this kind of situation, be God.

Mary Kilobi

You probably won’t find many news anchors who are quite as fluent in the Swahili language as we know it.

Among the few who exist, is Mary Kilobi, a fine figure who appears on television almost on a daily basis, when the rumor first started making headlines that she was seeing a politician not many took it seriously.

Despite the fact that it did not seem like a topic of discussion, many were shocked when the Central Organisations of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli came out to publicly state that he had taken Kilobi as his wife.

The trade unionist has on multiple occasions gone on record to state that his age and stature do not allow him to go hiding around with girls as small boys do.

Her news sign of name currently is Mary Kilobi Atwoli and she works at the Standard Media Group.

Natalie Tewa

The controversial socialite and very learned media personality are also another who has found herself on the wrong side of this kind of talk.

She especially made headlines when it was rumored that she was seeing either Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed or Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho.

This came after a lady who was in the plane carrying the two to Dubai to visit Raila Odinga while he was sick came out to state that Natali was a guest invited by one of the two to the trip.

Kenyans on Twitter were also quick to identify a bag that appeared on a picture the two took while in the plane to be matching one that was on one of Instagram posts made a while before the day on Natalie’s page.

It was Edgar Obare, a controversial blogger, who attempted to make this exposee but it seems like the two politicians were ready-equipped to handle him as they quickly gave the bag to one of the hair hostesses to pose for a photo with.

Many Kenyans thought it was a poorly done coverup, but who knows, only time can truly tell.

Betty Kyallo

Of all popular people who could have been on this list, Betty was the most likely.

This is because one could easily describe her as the Kenyan Kardashian when it comes to dating.

For some reason, she almost always dates famous people and when they do break up, it becomes a subject for discussion among many Netizens.
She is said to have once dated Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, shortly after she separated from her ex-husband and investigative journalist turned news anchor Dennis Okari.

They too did not stay together long.