Nameless and wife Wahu

Throwback couples that were #goals

Anyone who existed during the days of Nameless and Amani’s ‘Ninanoki’ would understand that love was a different thing then, it wasn’t commanded by social media, and the standards weren’t peddled by those on top, rather love came from the heart, no likes attached.

These celebs always kept the tabloids talking about them, and though most of them did not work out in the long run, they still embodied couple goals through and through.

Marya and Colonel Moustapha

Colonel Mustapha and Marya had the tabloids on fire with their sweet romance. They had dated for several years even releasing ‘Hey Baby’ in the meanwhile before Moustapha proposed to the songstress and had their fans in a frenzy. Sadly, though, they had to part ways and the rumor was that Mustapha’s family would not accept Marya for her Christian denomination.

Years later, however, the two came forth with further allegations of domestic abuse and cheating in the relationship. Even then, Mustapha has never really been able to let go of her, often hinting at coming back for seconds.

Prezzo and Sheila Mwanyigha

Prezzo and Sheila, though brief, were an explosive couple that looked good on paper but even better on camera. Though they broke up, Prezzo has been to several interviews saying that he owed eternal gratitude for her for being there for him when everyone else was not. There are rumors that he has in fact never gotten over the beauty queen.

Frasha and his wife Meg

Frasha, the member of the superstar group P-Unit has always come across as the player of the trio but what always canceled it was his utter devotion to his wife Meg.

Now 18 years on, he is still just as in love with her as he was before, and we are all eating it up and with three lovely children to boot! How sweet!

Sanaipei and Manga

Sanaipei Tande and Manga’s relationship was one of the ages. A six-year love affair, the two were often seen together, unashamedly displaying their love and adoration for each other in pictures and videos in public for the world to see.

Though the two did not last, Sanaipei has never been able to get a grasp of another relationship since then, she said that she felt stunted in the relationship yet she craved growth, especially in her career.

The lass has never even looked for another relationship since then, save for a brief almost-were stint with musician Otile Brown.

Nameless and Wahu

These two are quite arguably the definition of soulmates! they have never been ashamed of being publicly intimate and to date, are still seen together almost all the time. The duo have two kids and are even incredible parents! talk about couple goals!