Celebrities with the most entertaining love stories

There are certain celebrities that will just catch your eye with almost everything that they do, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships with their significant others. Whenever and whoever they date, we get entertained no matter the situation. Now here are some of those celebrities.

Rashid and Lulu Hassan

There is something about Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan that just makes you want to get married (if you are still single). These two always bring out the joy, that is the promise of marriage. They make it look so easy yet we all know it’s not.

And to top it all up, we see them together at work every day, and after that, they even entertain us on the TV programs they produce together like ‘Maria’ and ‘Zora’ on Citizen TV. This is the kind of relationship I want to have with my future hubby.

Amber Ray

At one point, I actually thought this socialite’s relationships were all for entertainment and stories. Looking at how fast all her relationships ended and how short they lasted, full of scandals and fights, makes you question a lot. Good thing is, she still keeps us entertained with the happenings in her romantic life.

Take for instance her latest relationship with Jamal, how fast it started and ended, and the humor that has surrounded it until now. Are you not entertained?

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika

These two just had to be here. They literally make it a point of entertaining us through their individual social media pages, every single day.

From posting their romantic private moments at home to their lavish escapades across the country, these two involve the public in almost everything they do together to the point that some fans had to complain that they are overwhelming people with all the posts. Vera Sidika however handled that fan pretty well. Read the story here.

Betty Kyallo

This public figure commands respect, however entertaining her love life may be. Betty Kyalo is currently dating radio presenter Nick Ndeda and everything seems to be going fine so far.

This comes after she had a very curious and entertaining affair with Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho according to popular Kenyan news website. The two made rounds on the internet for months, before Betty called it quits. Now it’s all about her and the new bae, Nick Ndeda.

Diamond Platnumz

Where do I even get started on this one? All his romantic relationships so far have been more than entertaining but unfortunately, most are not in a positive light. Let’s just say his relationships are more eye-opening and on-toes relationships.

Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz has proved to be risky when it comes to relationships. There is also an interesting story that unravels from all the women that have dated him, and surprisingly, the list keeps on adding up.

Whether it is having multiple partners, moving through relationships at an ungodly speed, or just simply doing amazing things with their partners, some of these celebrities never fail in keeping us interested in their personal lives because they actually share every part of it on the internet.

I however advise you not to try these acts at home, in your life. It won’t work, I tell you. Need I remind you that some of them are probably doing all this to remain relevant in their industries? Again, just my thoughts.