Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika

Kenyan celebs Brown Mauzo has dated

Fredrick Kilonzo aka Brown Mauzo has gained a lot of clout in 2020 ever since his relationship with Vera Sidika.

The two who got together a few months after Vera’s separation with her ex Otile Brown gave many a lot to gossip about.

However, Vera is not the first famous lady to be bedded by Brown. Here is a list of top celebrities that Brown has grounded.

Vera Sidika

The two shocked many late last year when they revealed that they were an item.

But that wasn’t all, the couple surprised many with the news that they had secretly gotten married. And that was not all! Vera revealed a few months ago that she was pregnant with Brown’s child!

Most Kenyans were unsure how to take the revelation. Was the couple still playing an elaborate publicity stunt or was it really true?

Time as usual always reveals all and we have come to see that they indeed are together(although I do have my doubts about how long they will last!).

While things might be going swimmingly for the lovebirds, one of Brown’s baby mama’s came out from the woodwork on Friday, exposing him for being a deadbeat dad.

Vera on her part ignored the red flag issued by Brown’s first wife and spoke about the glow she was having during this pregnancy period.

She didn’t care about his past or what it could portend for her but I do care. Let’s take a look at some of the popular women that Brown has been linked with. This is a very short list if you exclude Vera. Let’s begin:


The first is Akothee. Brown and the mother of 5 were in a “scandal” a couple of years ago with a picture doing the rounds of the two kissing each other.

Brown for his part denied that they had anything going on saying that they were just friends and Akothee wanted his help to set up a “band”.

“I have been working with her when she wanted to start a band. So she picked me up as I had already done my first song ‘I Wish’ – that’s when she looked for me. We said first we will look for band instruments, we can make a business. When she finished with the band, she also wanted a studio, so we got to know each other better. We decided we could work together and so I started writing her first songs,” he said in an interview with the Standard last year.

Amber Ray

The second famous person that the light-skin singer was linked with was Amber Ray. Yes, the one and only Amber had been in an “entanglement” with Brown some years back.

Although the two initially denied anything was going on, Amber let the cat out of the bag during a Q and A session on her Instastories.

The fan had asked her, ​“It is just the other day that you and Brown Mauzo were calling each other Babe, what happened?”

She said: “Life happens. He is happy and I am happy.”