Richest female musicians in Uganda

Sheebah Karungi
Music sensation, Sheebah Karungi

Uganda has some of the finest talents in Africa, especially in the music industry, and our musicians are making a killing from their talent.

In no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda and their net worth.

Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba is one of the few rich female musicians in Uganda who attribute part of their wealth to their family.

The All About You hitmaker was born in a well-to-do family. Her father, Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, was the Honorary Consul of Pakistan in Uganda, a position that Angella served briefly after her father passed on in 2017. On the other hand, her mother is Gertrude Katatumba, founder of AFK Beauty Clinic Kabalagala.

Besides the family money, Angella is a hard-working woman. She is a musician, a businesswoman, and founder of an NGO called the Angella Katatumba Development Foundation, as well as the managing director of Hotel Diplomaté.

As of 2022, Angella Katatumba’s net worth is estimated at roughly USD 1 million, equivalent to UGX 3.5 billion. She is most definitely one of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

Fille Mutoni

The Obasinga hitmaker is another star who is among the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

According to Forbes, Fille Mutoni’s net worth is estimated at UGX 990 million. She has earned her millions through her music from royalties and live performances, and endorsements.

Zanie Brown

Another songbird securing her place on the list of 10 richest female musicians in Uganda is Zanie Brown.

The light-skinned beauty has accumulated a total net worth of around UGX 875 million over the years through her consistent hits, and multi-million endorsement deals with multinational companies like Darling Beauty Company.

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia Jazmine is one of the most followed musicians in Uganda on Instagram and amongst the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda as well.

The beautiful musician/fashionista represented Uganda in Coke Studio in 2016 and 2017 while she was still starting out as a solo musician.

She has received several awards like the Best Breakthrough Artist at the Uganda Entertainment Awards in 2015, and thanks to her popularity, she has landed on a number of lucrative deals with big brands, including Radiant cosmetics, Huawei, and Infinix brands.

Her music and side hustles have earned Lydia Jazmine a net worth of around UGX 716 million, and she keeps growing.

Judith Babirye

Representing the faith on this list of the 10 richest female musicians in Uganda is gospel artist, Judith Babirye.

Judith began singing at a very young age while still in high school, and in 2006, she released her debut song Beera Nange which was well-received and earned her a spot as one of the best gospel artists in Uganda.

Besides music, Babirye has also tried her hand in politics. Between 2016 to 2021, she served as a member of parliament for the Buikwe District constituency.

Her exploits in music and politics have earned her a net worth of around UGX 520 million.

Spice Diana

With a net worth of about UGX 500 million, Spice Diana is among the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

The young musician started her music career less than a decade ago, but she has made such a great impression so far, both in Uganda and beyond.

Besides her music, Spice Diana also makes money through endorsement deals for companies such as Chipper Cash, Itel, and TopKut Bar and Lounge. It also helps that Spice has a great manager who she often attributes to her success.

The star recently moved into a multi-million house that she had been constructing since 2019, and we can’t help being proud of her accomplishments.

Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera is another gospel musician who is doing really well.

The Katika hitmaker descended from a well-to-do family, and she might have inherited some of her wealth from her parents. However, she has also worked hard in her career and made some smart investments, especially in the real estate industry.

Her current net worth is estimated at UGX 440 million, and she is one of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

Leila Kayondo

Leila Kayondo began her solo music career in 2009 after leaving the hot girl group called Dream Gals.

Throughout her solo career, Leila has collaborated with some big names, including Jose Chameleone and Sheebah Karungi, to produce hits that were well received.

Besides her music, Leila Kayondo also dabbles as a businesswoman with a liking for fashion. Her hustles bring her net worth to around UGX 350 million, earning her a spot amongst the 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most celebrated female artists in East Africa.

She is an acclaimed musician with several awards to her name, an actress who has appeared in several films, a talent judge at East Africa’s biggest music competition- Tusker Project Fame, and a brand ambassador.

As of 2022, Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda, with a net worth of about UGX 292 million.

Sheebah Karungi

Queen Sheebah, as her fans popularly know her, is another Ugandan female musician who is quickly taking over the music industry.

Sheebah started her career as a dancer in the popular group- Obsessions in 2006 before embarking on her solo career as a musician in 2010. Her solo career has been marked with nothing but big wins- she has not only won the hearts of millions of fans, but she has also won some great awards.

Apart from music and dancing, Sheebah Karungi is also an actress; she starred in the critically acclaimed Disney movie- Queen Of Katwe in 2016.

Sheebah, who is also a businesswoman, has accumulated a net worth of around UGX 177 million, and she is one of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is a popular socialite, reality star, and businesswoman but what most people always forget is that she is a musician too.

Some of Zari’s popular hit songs from her singing days include her first song Oli wange, which she released in 2007; Jukila, and Kikoona, just to name a few. Her music earned her a Channel O nomination for Best East African video in 2008.

Although Zari has not produced new music in years, and she has accumulated most of her wealth from her businesses, she is still one of the richest female musicians in Uganda with a net worth of around $8 million which is roughly equivalent to UGX 28 billion.

We hope to see her return to the music industry someday.

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