Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon biography: age, education, family, songs, wife, net worth

Jose Chameleon is one of the best musicians Uganda has produced. His songs like “Valu Valu”, “Sweet Banana” and “Tubonge”, have been listened to across the continent and beyond. But how much do you know about Jose Chameleon? Here’s Jose Chameleon’s profile.

Jose Chameleon was born on 30 April 1979 in Kampala, Uganda. He comes from the central region of Mityana but was raised in the capital. His father is Gerald Mayanja and his mother is Prossy Mayanja.

Jose Chameleon is the fourth born of eight children. Some of his siblings are also in the music industry. Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel, Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso and the late Emmanuel Mayanja popularly known as AK 47. His other brother Henry Kasozi is the CEO of the Fling Fire Clothing line.

Jose Chameleon’s real name is Joseph Mayanja.

  • Birthday: 30 April 1979
  • Nationality: Ugandan
  • Star sign: Tauras
  • Birth place: Kampala, Uganda


Jose Chameleon’s education journey began at Nakasero Primary School. He then went to four different high schools – Mengo Senior Secondary School, Kawempe Muslim Secondary School, Katikamu SDA Secondary School and Progressive Secondary School in Kawempe. Details about Jose Chameleon’s university education remain unclear.


Jose Chameleon began his career in 1996. Before he got into making music, he was a deejay at the Missouri Night Club in Kampala. His time on the decks lasted for only four years.

In 2000, Jose Chameleon joined the famed Kenyan music production house and record label Ogopa Deejays. Along with Kenyan artist Redsan, who was also part of the label, Jose Chameleon released his first hit single “Bageya”. The song ruled the airwaves and put Chameleon on the map.

This was the onset of a longstanding and successful career. After the success of his single “Bageya”, he dropped his first album the same year. He titled it “Bageya”.

Over the years, Jose released other big hits like “Wale Wale”, “Tubonge”, “Valu Valu”, and “Dorotia”. “Valu Valu” earned Jose Chameleon a nomination at the Tanzania Music Awards. Other songs that won his awards include “Kipepeo”, “Bei Kali”, “Sivyo Ndivyo” and “Badilisha”.

Throughout his career, Jose Chameleon’s has demonstrated his versatility when it comes to the use of language. He sings in Luganda, English and Swahili. You’ll get this when you listen to his more than 15 albums.

Jose Chameleon latest album “I Am Joseph” which he promises will feature priceless music. The album, Chameleon says, is about his journey in the music industry. He has worked on it with producer Bugingo Hannington and award-winning songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki.

His other recent albums include Champion (2018) and Baliwa & Bolingo ya Nzambe released in 2020.

When it comes to live performances, Jose Chameleon owns the stage. In 2014, during his “Tubonge Concert”, he attracted over 40,000 fans at the Lugogo Cricket Oval Stadium in Kampala. It was the largest crowd that an East African artist had attracted at the time. The same happened in 2017 during his LEGEND Hit after Hit concert at the same venue.

Political career

Whenever celebrities engage in politics, many of you tend to scoff at them. What do they know? They should stick to whatever earned them fame in the first place. Right? That’s not Jose Chameleon.

Part of Jose Chameleon’s biography features his political exploits. In 2021, Jose Chameleon aged 43, vied unsuccessfully for the seat of the Lord Mayor of Kampala. He campaigned as an independent candidate after the Democratic Party and Robert Kyagulani’s National Unity Platform (NUP) snubbed him.

He lost the seat to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Erias Lukwago. Later on, Jose Chameleon rejoined the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Upon his return, he was gifted a brand new Range Rover Sport by the party. According to Chameleon, he never left NRM. He only joined FDC and NUP to work on “certain political projects” but was frustrated during his time at FDC and NUP.

Make no mistake, Jose Chameleon did not drop his music career to become a full-time politician. He said he wants to juggle both.


Jose Chameleone is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Leone Island Music Empire. His music record has been home to some of the biggest musicians like Weasel, Pallaso, the late AK 47, who are his brothers. Others are King Saha, Papa Cidy, Young Mulo and Melody.

Jose Chameleon launched his television station Leone Television in 2020.


Jose Chameleon is a family man. He is married to Daniella Atim. The pair exchanged vows in 2008 at St. James Catholic Church in Biina. Their reception took place at the lavish Serena Hotel in Kampala.

Jose Chameleon met his wife in 2003 through a mutual friend at the Alligator’s Bar in Kampala Garden City. Daniella is of mixed descent. Her father is Italian. According to Jose Chameleon, Daniella is from the Acholi tribe.

Jose Chameleon and Daniella Atim’s relationship has not been without challenges. To start with, Jose’s father opposed their relationship. He didn’t want him to marry a woman from the Acholi tribe as he preferred someone from their own Buganda tribe. However, Jose stood his ground and married Daniella.

In 2018, Daniella filed for divorce on grounds that Jose Chameleon was violent. However, she later withdrew the case and opted for an out of court settlement. The couple patched things up. They celebrated their 12th anniversary a year ago.

Jose Chameleon children

Jose Chameleon and Daniella have five children. Abba Marcus, Alba Shyne, Amma Christian, Alfa Joseph and Xarsa Amani. Jose Chameleon’s has another daughter, Ayla Onsea, from a relationship with a Belgium woman, Onsea Griet alias Dorotia.

Jose Chameleon’s health

In 2021, Jose Chameleon was admitted to Nakasero Hospital. Pictures of him being wheeled into an MRI machine made rounds on social media. His younger brother Pallaso said he was in critical condition and called for prayers for Jose. It is alleged that he is battling pancreas and liver disorder occasioned by excessive alcohol use.

However, his wife Daniella, who was in the United States downplayed the seriousness of Jose’s condition. She claimed that the musician suffered from Pylori, a stomach infection, and consistent treatment will clear it out.


Jose Chameleon children
Jose Chameleon

Jose Chameleon comes from a musical family. Three of Jose Chameleon brothers are in music – Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel, Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso and the late Emmanuel Mayanja also known as AK 47. Henry Kasozi is the CEO of the Fling Fire Clothing line.

Jose Chameleon’s sisters are Josephine Nakubeera and Juliet Nalwanga. The latter is his father’s eldest child and has a different mother. Juliet is no longer part of the family.

Juliet was disowned by her father Gerald Mayanja for not being the same as the other children. She did not go to school, does not pursue music and is not as financially sound as the other children.


Illuminati affiliation

Is there any wealthy celebrity that hasn’t been linked with the Illuminati? Jose Chameleon’s is one of the long lists of Ugandan musicians rumoured to be part of the Illuminati. His success raises eyebrows for some who think the source of his never-ending riches come from the secret society.

However, the “Valu Valu” singer refuted the allegations. He pointed out that he’s worked for his wealth and termed those spreading the rumours as “disillusioned”.

Violent Chameleon

In 2020, Jose Chameleon allegedly attacked one of Digy Baur Sabula Records producers after a slight misunderstanding. The owner of Digy Baur’s Sabula Records fired back at Jose. He said he has demons with which he uses to destroy his enemies.

Producer Digy Baur further alleged that his life was in danger. He sounded a warning that should he die after his altercation with Jose, Chameleon should be held responsible. He further questioned his integrity as at the time, he was running for the Lord Mayoral seat.

Human sacrifice

Apart from being linked with Illuminati, Jose Chameleon has been accused of human sacrifice. In 2013, the death of Robert Karamagi which happened at Jose Chameleon’s place fuelled speculation of the musician’s involvement in the death.

The late Robert allegedly torched himself for unknown reasons. As soon as investigations were opened, Jose Chameleon reported a case of trespass into his home. Details of the investigations were never made public.

Jose Chameleon has also been accused of sacrificing his younger brother, the late Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK 47. This came as rumours of his association with the Illuminati surfaced.

Jose Chameleon came out strongly and refuted the claims. He pointed to his religion as the reason why the reports were false. Further, he said that poor people blamed the wealthy for problems they have nothing to do with.

Net worth

Jose Chameleon is undoubtedly one of the richest musician’s in Uganda. He makes his money through music, business and endorsements. Jose Chameleon’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Jose Chameleon cars

Jose Chameleon has invested part of his wealth in acquiring new cars. His garage is dotted with cars like Bentley Continental GTC Convertible which is estimated to cost $220,000. A Cadillac Escalade 2004 worth approximately $60,000, a Range Rover Sport, a Rolls Royce that might have cost $130,000 and an Audi.

Jose Chameleon house

Jose Chameleon’s house demonstrates the amount of wealth the musician has acquired over the years. He is said to have bought a mansion worth about $200,000 for his wife in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jose Chameleon also has another house in Seguku. He has put his matrimonial home on sale. This does not come as a surprise as Jose Chameleon’s plan to move out can be traced back to 2013 when a young man Robert Karamangi died in his house. He was linked with his death.

Awards & Recognition

  • 2018: Legend Award at the Galaxy Zzina Music Awards
  • 2015: Song Writer of the Year at the All African Music Awards (AFRIMMA)
  • 2014: Artiste of the Year and Song of the Year at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards
  • 2014: Best Male Zouk Song, Song of the Year at HiPipo Music Awards
  • 2013: Best Male Zouk Song at the African Entertainment Awards
  • 2007: Best Ugandan Song at the Kisima Awards
  • 2006: Best Ugandan Song, Best Ugandan Music Video at Kisima Awards
  • 2006: Best Afrobeat Music/Group at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards
  • 2005: Best Afrobeat Music/Group, Best Single at the Pearl of Africa Music Awards
  • 2005: Best East African Album at the Tanzanian Music Awards
  • 2004: Best East African Album at the Tanzania Music Awards

Social media

Jose Chameleon Instagram: @JChameleon

Jose Chameleon Twitter: @JChameleon

Jose Chameleon Facebook: Jose Chameleon


How old is Jose Chameleon?

Jose Chameleon is 43 years old.

Who is Jose Chameleon?

Jose Chameleon is a singer and songwriter.

How many siblings does Jose Chameleon have?

Jose Chameleon has eight siblings

What is Jose Chameleon’s net worth?

Jose Chameleon’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million

How many children does Jose Chameleon have?

Jose Chameleon has six children. Five with his wife Daniella Atim – Abba Marcus, Alba Shyne, Amma Christian, Alfa Joseph and Xarsa Amani – and one with his ex-girlfriend Onsea Griet.