Natasha Museveni Karugire

Natasha Museveni Karugire – Who is she? biography, husband, net worth

Natasha Museveni Karugire, affectionately known as Kukuru by her father, is one of the first daughters of Uganda. She is the second-born child and the firstborn daughter of President Yoweri Museveni and his wife, Janet Museveni.

Besides getting her celebrity status from being the daughter of the most powerful man in Uganda, Natasha has also made a name for herself away from her parents’ power and influence as a writer, fashion designer, consultant and film producer.

Here is everything you need to know about Natasha Museveni Karugire.

How old is Natasha Museveni Karugire?

Natasha Kainembabazi Museveni Karugire was born in 1976 in Tanzania, where her parents were refugees.

As of 2023, Natasha is 47 years old, although we think she can pass for a 30-year-old as, like her mother, she has an ageless look.

Natasha Museveni Karugire’s siblings

Natasha Museveni Karugire
Natasha Museveni Karugire

Natasha has three siblings, an older brother Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was born in 1974 and serves as the Commander of Special Forces of Uganda and two sisters- Patience and Diana.

Patience Rwabwogo, who is the third born in the family, is a pastor of the Covenant Nations Church, while the last born, Diana Kamuntu, is an actress.

Natasha Museveni Karugire and sisters
Natasha Museveni Karugire, mother, and sisters

Who is Natasha Museveni Karugire’s husband?

Natasha and husband
Edwin Karugire with his wife Natasha, credit: Instagram

Edwin Karugire is the lucky man who stole Natasha’s heart. Edwin Karugire is a super-rich Ugandan businessman and a lawyer.

The couple exchanged vows in 2000 in a classy event that was graced by some big names in Africa, including Aysha M. Al Gaddafi, the daughter of the former Libyan president- Muammar Gaddafi.

Natasha Museveni holding a child
Natasha Museveni holding a child, credit: Instagram

The Karugires are parents, but their children have been kept away from the limelight. In 2001, Natasha gave birth to their first child, a daughter. Nothing is known about the whereabouts of their other children.

Is Natasha Museveni educated?

The first daughter of Uganda is well-educated. She studied in different schools growing up, including the prestigious Nyeri Complex in Kenya, for two terms.

She went to the University of London, where she pursued a course in Fashion and Design.

What does Natasha Museveni do?

Natasha Museveni balances a lot of careers on her plate with such great elegance and grace.

Besides being a fashion designer and consultant, Natasha is also a film director. In 2018, she directed a biopic of Uganda’s Bush War called 27 Guns.

Natasha is also a writer; she published an autobiography called What’s in a name: Kainembabazi in 2011, in which she gives readers a peek into her life as a president’s daughter. She has another publication under her name called Nzima and Njunju: A Story of Two Friends.

In addition to her already long list of roles, Natasha also serves as the presidential assistant in charge of the household at State House, Entebbe.

Does Natasha Museveni live in Uganda?

Natasha Museveni mostly resides in Uganda, where she serves in the State House, Entebbe. It’s also where most of her family members live.

Is Natasha Museveni involved in Ugandan politics?

Natasha Museveni Karugire
Natasha Museveni with Yoweri Museveni during the 2021 campaigns

Natasha Museveni has a soft spot for her father, and she has been an active campaigner for his reelection.

She was part of Museveni’s campaign trail in the 2006 general elections and during the most recent 2021 general elections.

After exiting her father’s campaign trail in 2020, Yoweri Museveni expressed in a Tweet how he would miss (Kukuru) Natasha’s company in the campaign trail. Natasha Museveni was seen at her father’s side actively campaigning for him.

Natasha Museveni’s social media

Natasha Museveni is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has over 39.5k followers. She mostly uses the platform to share photos and videos of herself with her family and friends. Her Instagram handle is @natasha_museveni_karugire.