Sheebah Karungi biography: age, relationships, net worth, career, education

Sheebah Karungi channelled her resentment against her father into the arts. She began dancing at 15, then got into music and since she released her hit single “Ice Cream”, Sheebah’s star has kept rising. Here’s is Sheebah Karungi’s biography. Brief biography and background history Sheebah Karungi is one of the most successful musicians in East […]

Richest female musicians in Uganda

Sheebah Karungi

Uganda has some of the finest talents in Africa, especially in the music industry, and our musicians are making a killing from their talent. In no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 richest female musicians in Uganda and their net worth. Angella Katatumba Angella Katatumba is one of the few rich […]

Uganda’s favourite celebs’ net worth

We always assume that fame and stardom come with wealth too, and although this is a misguided assumption, you really can’t blame us- what else should we think given the extravagant lifestyles that these celebs always portray? That aside, a good majority of our favourite celebs are doing well and making big money, today, we’ll […]