Rashid Abdalla’s and Lulu Hassan’s popular TV series by Jiffy Pictures

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan are the first Kenyan celebrity couples to anchor in the same news bulletin on TV. The talented news reporters collaborate in Citizen TV’s Nipashe Wikendi and other programs from time to time. For many years, the duo have provided captivating entertainment Swahili telenovelas for millions of viewers in Kenya and […]

What are the real names of Citizen TV’s “Sultana” series cast?

sultana show citizen tv

Citizen TV is the most popular TV station in Kenya, and for a reason. The media house is popular for its captivating shows that are curated to impress all age groups. In 2020, Maria TV show had every Kenyan glued to their TVs every day it aired and for those that missed it, well, there […]