Rashid Abdalla’s and Lulu Hassan’s popular TV series by Jiffy Pictures

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan are the first Kenyan celebrity couples to anchor in the same news bulletin on TV. The talented news reporters collaborate in Citizen TV’s Nipashe Wikendi and other programs from time to time. For many years, the duo have provided captivating entertainment Swahili telenovelas for millions of viewers in Kenya and across the region.

Their production company, Jiffy Pictures, is feted as the best local entertainment campaign, producing programs for local TV stations and on-demand streaming programs, such as MultiChoice’s DStv and Showmax. The popularity of the duo and the success of most of their productions has seen many Kenyans interested to know what TV Series that Jiffy Pictures has produced over the years.

Below are TV programs watched by millions of Kenyans and East Africans produced by Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s Jiffy Pictures. You will be sure that the programs will always keep viewers anticipating for more:


Huba TV series

The introduction of the Maisha Magic Bongo has saved so many acting talents in East Africa. Many actors have had an opportunity to work in the channel, bringing high -quality entertainment to viewers with good TV series such as Huba. Huba is a Tanzanian drama that involves two families with a good relationship as each family wants to have leadership power. Huba won a prestigious award at the Promax awards in South Africa in 2019.  According to these families,


AZIZA has one wish, to become a famous singer. One night, her dream falls apart, she has to choose between her family and her struggle to accept the man she loves.
(c) Showmax

Aziza casts Sanaipei Tande as the lead actor in the role of Aziza. Aziza is a young girl from a humble background that wants to imrove her life but her parents are against her dreams of being a singer. Due to her parents’ hard stance, Aziza takes secret gigs at clubs. The show was aired on Citizen TV and ended in 2019.


Maria TV series

After Aziza finale on Citizen TV, Maria came to conquer the Kenyan airwaves yet again. It became one of the most watched television series in Kenya, featuring Yasmin Said as Maria. Maria is a young girl raised in the ghetto after loosing her parents. Due to the ensuing vulnerability, Maria was taken in by a rich man but she fell in love with the man’s son. The show was full of suspense and drama keeping Kenyans glued to their TV screens daily.


Zora TV series

When Maria ended Zora came to educate Kenyans on family problems that young families face. The story stars Zora (Sara Hassan) who was married to Fella (Robert Agengo) and they were blesed with a son, Simba. The story featured veteran actors such as Sara Hassan, Jackie Matubia, Bridget Shighadi, and Robert Agengo.


sultana show citizen tv

Sultan TV series is about a young girl that was born to a rich family but never lived the life. She was exchanged with another young boy whose mother died during his birth. The boy enjoys the benefits of being borne to a rich family while the girl faces struggles faced by typical poor families in Kenya. Despite all these misfortunes, Sultana, who is blind, faces life head on and refuses to put down by her situation. The girl is rejected and is forced to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.


Moyo TV series

Moyo is an interesting drama featuring a rich realtor, Shekuwe, who is married to an evil woman named Momo. Momo has a lot of secrets and their daughter Leila, an aspiring fashion designer who is a brat. The family’s fortune is threatened and to salvage it Shekuwe has to marry a very quiet girl who seems to be a pushover. Momo is unimpressed and promises to cause havoc for them.


Maza TV series

Leila, a wife and a mother to Maya and Badi disappears one day throwing her family into turmoil. They still nurture the hope that she would go back home one day but after 10 years, she is declared dead. Kate, her friend and the one responsible for her disappearances, takes Leila’s place leading to a lot of turmoil in the family.


Kovu TV series

Kovu is a Swahili word for scar. It is a drama series featuring the Hazes, a rich family who seem to have it all. However, the family is haunted by lies and secrets that threaten to tear the family apart. The mother hates her firstborn daughter, leaving viewers keen to learn the cause.



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