Best Kenyan movies to watch on Netflix in 2022

Netflix is one of the most successful streaming companies in the world. It currently offers all your favorite genres. With a complex recommendation matrix, I have always loved each movie or series that Netflix recommends. Therefore, you can always be sure to keep updated with the latest and trending movies if you have a Netflix account.

Netflix began as an intermediary between movie makers and their clients, but it has morphed to produce original content in a bid to stay competitive. With this move, Kenyans can now see original Kenyan  movies and series being showcased to the entire world. Kenyans can also pride in themselves when they see the people closer to them in action instead of the now-monotonous Hollywood movies.

This post presents some of the Netflix movies that you can enjoy in Kenya before 2022 ends. Well, even after 2022!

Morning After

Morning After Netflix Kenya

Not exactly what you’d call a movie but this short skit starring some of the best young acts in the film industry, Charlie Karumi, and Foi Wambui, will leave you embarrassed and cringing and is an easy #1 for me. It follows the ordeal of a young man as he endures the longest morning of his life upon discovering that his staunch Christian mother washed the clothes of his secret one-night stand.

Sincerely Daisy (2020)

Sincerely Daisy is a 2020 movie directed by Kenya’s Nick Mutuma. It takes viewers through a teenage girl’s life struggles with betrayal in friendship. Watching this movie will see you acknowledge how relatable it is to your life or someone you know.

The Captain of Nakara (2012)

Well, this one is a little old, 10 years old. It is a comedy movie following the life of an ex-convict who struggles to rejoin society while continuing his mischief and crime.

Poacher (2020)

This film is based on poaching problem that has grown rapidly in the past few decades.

40 Sticks (2021)

40 stick is a Kenyan-produced 90-minute movie that premiered on Netflix on November 20, 2021. It is an action-thriller movie featuring a criminal gang of four: Pablo (Robert Agengo), Biggie (Mwaura Bilal), Mustafa (Andreo Kamau), and Majuju (Xavier Ywaya).

Jus In Time

The comedy stars Sarah Hassan, Stycie Wawery, and Mawuli Gavor, excellent actors who do a great job bringing this story to life.

Queen Country (2022)

Queen County officially premiered exclusively on Netflix on Friday the 15th of July 2022. The Kenyan original series, Country Queen, is a star-studded affair with themes of family, betrayal, environmental conservation, and the squatter problem in Kenya.

Just in Time (2020)



Subira (2018)

Nairobi Half Life (2012)

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