Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta net worth, wealth source, businesses & properties owned

Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the richest citizens in Kenya. His family has been linked to politics and different business interests in media, dairy farming, banking, insurance, land, and hospitality.

Uhuru Kenyatta is married to Margaret Gakua and he is approximately 1.85m tall. He was born in Nairoi Kenya on the 26th Octobe 1961. He is currently 62 years old.

Uhuru Kenyatta has been a Member of Parliament for Gatundu Constituency (2002-2013). He has also served as the Deputy Prime Minister in the Grand Coalition government. In 2013, he was elected as Kenya’s 4th President.

It is no surprise that Kenyans are interested in knowing Uhuru Kenyatta’s net worth because of his past roles in the Kenyan politics.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, who has three children (Jaba, Jomo, and Ngina), has a net worth of an estimated $530 million.

Uhuru Kenyatta business ventures

As noted earlier, Uhuru Kenyatta businesses are spread in the media industry, dairy, insurance & banking sectors, and land holdings.

Below is a detailed list of the properties that Uhuru Kenyatta owns:

Land holdings

The Kanyatta family is perhaps the largest land owner in Kenya, with vast racts of land in several different areas of the country. The exact size of the land is not known. After inheriting huge chunks of land from his father Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya, Uhuru has also acquired huge pieces of land in Kenya. Before leaving office, Uhuru Kenyatta bought a 1,000 acre ranch in Oloolmongi, Lolgorian district. He is believed to have retired to Narok County. The ranch is a great viewing place for the Great Wildebeest Migration.

In 1978, when Jomo Kenyatta died, the CIA made a report on the land holdings of the Kenyatta family.  The report stated:

(Jomo) Kenyatta himself owned only about a half-dozen properties covering roughly 4,000 hectares, mainly farms in the Rift Valley and in the district of Kiambu where he was born. His wife, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, however, owns at least 115,000 hectares including a 13,000 hectare ranch in the Kiambu district, two tea plantations at Matu and Mangu, and three sisal farms near the Tanzanian border. She also has considerable holdings in the resort areas around Mombasa and is involved in coffee plantations and in the Kenyan ruby mines.

Real estate property

Uhuru Kenyatta net worth is boosted by investments in real estate. While it is not known how much real estate the Kenyatta family owns, the Pandora Papers leak in 2021 revealed that one of the family’s companies bought a prime apartment in central London. The UK Land Registry valued the property at around $1.3 million. It is believed that Emma Ann Hardy, a British MP rents the property. Her spokesperson said that she has no knowledge of who owns the property.

Offshore accounts

The Uhuru Kenyatta family also has numerous offshore investments. The Pandora Papers revealed that the family owns companies with stocks and bonds valued at $30 million, which is about KES4.5 billion.  The Kenyatta family also has registered companies and foundations in Panama, a tax haven for the super rich.


Mediamax is the media holding of the Kenyatta family. Mediamax brands include K24, the People’s Daily, and Kamene FM. The company was founded by Rose Kimotho whose company defaulted a bank loan and she had to give up the property.

NCBA Group

NCBA is one of the companies owned by the Kenyatta family. NCBA is Kenya’s third largest bank by asset value and the Kenyatta family owns a 13.2% stake in the group. The family receives dividend payouts of more than KES625.5 million as per reports in the recent past. The Kenyatta family had stakes in the Commercial Bank of Africa, which merged with NIC Bank to form NCBA Group. The merger was completed via a share swap with NIC shareholders remaining with 47% while the CBA shareholders including the Kenyatta family owned 53% of the merged entity. This revenue highly boosts the Kenyatta family net worth.

Brookside Dairy Limited

Brookside Dairy has a 45% market share in the dairy products in Kenya. The company generates revenues in the billions of shillings. However, Danone acquired a 40% stake Brookside.

Heritage Group

The Heritage Group of Hotels is a chain of high end hotels in Kenya. Its assets include Voyager camp and beach resourt in Tsavo and Mombasa, Kipungani Explorer on Lamu island, Intrepids camps in Samburu and the Maasai Mara, Golf Hotel in Naivasha, The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Mara Explorer camp.

It is evident that the Uhuru Kenyatta net worth is an inspiration for many wealth enthusiasts as well as an envy for many.