Chicken farming in Kenya

Chicken farming in Kenya is part of the poultry farming which is the raising of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese for the production of meat and eggs.

The most common poultry in Kenya is chicken, which is the most common delicacy on important social occasions and festivities.

Categories of chicken farming in Kenya

The keeping of chicken farming is categorized into three, depending on the number of birds kept.

  1. 1 – 1000 birds: small scale chicken farmers
  2. 1001 – 10,000 birds: medium scale chicken farmers
  3. 10,000+ birds: large scale chicken farmers

Is chicken farming profitable in Kenya?

You may be wondering how profitable is chicken farming in Kenya. It is indeed very lucrative to keep chicken in Kenya. The demand for chicken meat and eggs keeps rising every day and the supply is not even enough, forcing the Kenyan government to import from neighboring countries such as Uganda.

Done correctly, chicken farming is very profitable in Kenya.

Which breeds of chicken are kept in Kenya?

If you are interested in getting started with chicken farming in Kenya, the kind of breeds kept in Kenya may interest you. Some of the most common commercial chicken breeds kept in Kenya are:

  1. Broilers
  2. Layers
  3. Improved Indigenous breeds  (Improved Kienyeji chicken) such as KARI, Kenbro, Sasso Kuroilers
  4. Pure Indigenous chicken / Village chicken

KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken

KARI Improved kienyeji chicken is a dual purpose chicken that is reared for both meat and eggs. In Kenya, KARI Improved kienyeji chicken is reared by individual smallholder farmers and is preferred due to its HIGH DISEASE RESISTANCE, low feed consumption and high egg production. The bird also matures early at only four and a half months of age. The main company that deals with this breed is HOMERANGE POULTRY KENYA. This company supplies day old chicks, poultry feed specifically formulated for this breed of chicken, and also meat locally.


Broilers are reared for meat. In Kenya, broilers are raised both by corporations and individuals. Large scale companies include Isinya Poultry and Brade Gate Poultry Industries. These companies supply meat locally as well as to other countries.


Layer chicken farming in Kenya are chicken breeds kept mainly for their eggs. Most of the layer breeds in Kenya are exotic. Examples of layer chicken breeds in Kenya are ISA Brown, Hy-line, Lohmann, Leghorns, and Shavers.

Kenbro Chicken

Kenbro belongs to Kenchick. Kenbro chickens can be reared both for eggs and meat. These chickens are fed for six months before they start laying. Their egg production is lower than that of layers. Those reared for eggs take longer to mature than those reared for meat.

Need inspiration? Who is the richest chicken farmer in Kenya?

There are many rich poultry farmers in Kenya. Among them is the current Kenyan president. Willian Ruto keeps over 200,000 chicken for eggs in his home county. He once said that he makes over KES 1.5 million selling eggs daily.

Chicken farming in Kenya is one of the many businesses you can start as a farmer.